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Here you will find the ultimate college dorm checklist for guys and girl college students all in one spot. This college dorm list will have everything you need for move in day whether you are a freshman or not.

Best college dorm checklist of all checklists

College Dorm Checklist

Moving to college is fun and exciting but there are many items you will need and this college dorm checklist will help you make your move easier into student housing. Let's start with decorating your dorm room and create a shopping list and college packing list.

Decorating Dorm Tips

For a few design tips start by selecting an inspiration piece like a rug, art, or comforter set. Then build your room design around those colors. Another great inspiration piece is searching for dorm room ideas on Pinterest or check out our chic girls dorm room decor ideas, girly girl college dorm decor ideas or guys dorm room ideas.

Now that you have your inspiration piece let's begin going down the college checklist and picking out items. As you shop online put the items you are considering in your cart. You can print this list when you go to the store or you can order it all online to make your life even easier.

Organizational and Necessity Room Needs

Storage is very important when you live in a small space and is imperative on the dorm room essentials list. Every inch counts so being creative with storing all your stuff will help. When you plan for storage don't forget a place or important documents.

College dorm checklist clock

Here is a college dorm list of storage items and necessities.

Dorm Organization Room Needs

Room needs from organization to practical tools. These essentials will style you space too.

Since I am recommending a diffuser for your dorm I want to share with you the best essential oils. The three main companies I have tried and find their oils to be quality are Rocky Mountain oil, Arbonne, and Young Living.

All three are very good quality but the best lavender essential oil I have found is by Arbonne. Here is where you can find more information about Arbonne essential oils and purchase them.

Also, I have a lamp on the list but I want to share a few tidbits on lamps. Because space is limited consider a desk lamp that does more than light up the room. You will find lamps with outlets on them and USB ports for your cell phone.

Linens and Laundry Needs

We have talked about practical items that are fun to select but the real fun is beginning. It is time to pick out bedding, towels, and much more.

College dorm checklist with linens.

Your bed is the second largest item in your room except for the walls so pick out something that makes a statement. You can go for a minimalist look like white and a thin stripe or one big solid color with textures throw pillows.

Now let's dive into linens and laundry from this college dorm checklist.

Dorm Linens and Laundry Needs

Bedding, laundry and much more

Desk Area

Once you are at college you will need a place to study. A place to get organized and if it looks nice you will love to be there. Your desk area is important. There are many college essentials you can fit onto your desk during the school year.

College dorm checklist for your desk area and more.

So add some style to your desk. Pick out things that work with your style and make your study life more comfortable. This college dorm checklist is simply here to guide you so use the posts listed above for ideas on adding style to your desk.

Dorm Desk Essentials

Design your desk in a way that makes you want to spend time there.

Kitchenette Area

Living the dorm life means you most likely will not have a kitchen in your room. To create a small kitchenette space with a mini fridge, microwave or air fryer, and storage for a few snacks and maybe breakfast foods.

College dorm checklist including items for preparing food.

This area is great for late-night snacks or mornings when you need to grab some breakfast and go. Many of these items on your college dorm room checklist will make your dorm life more comfy and cozy.

Dorm Kitchenette and Household Essential


I am so excited for you that you're getting to move away to college or move away for the first time as a college freshman. This college dorm essentials list has everything you will need except your clothes and toiletries.

College dorm checklist

If you are moving into an apartment this list will help you make an apartment move too but you may have a few extras you will need like other small appliances, furniture, and more

Good luck on your move and feel free to share any items in the comments that we may have missed on this college dorm checklist. This is a great place for us to learn from each other.

College dorm checklist

Since this post we have added this statement piece to this room and thought you'd like to see it.

Happy Decorating!

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Friday 21st of June 2019

It's difficult to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you're talking about! Thanks

Linda McDonald

Saturday 22nd of June 2019

Thank you! I lived in a dorm when I was in college and now I have two college age daughters who don't live in a dorm but they have friends who do. Luckily I have been about to talk to them to get some more current advice. However, I am surprised that a lot has not changed except for technology. :)