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Curtains for corner windows are coveted items. We'd love to share with you some great options that are easy to install. Since we've piqued your interest, come check out some choices and see what will work best in your home.

It might be easy to settle on curtains for corner windows, but sometimes it isn't as easy to hang those curtains up. We'd like to give you a few tips today on which rods are best to purchase or what other options are out there.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Curtains for Corner Windows

Unskinny Boppy

Curtains for Corner Window by Unskinny Boppy with shortened corner curtain rods

These windows are amazing in Beth's home. Wanting to dress up these windows with curtains doesn't look like it was an easy task to accomplish though.

Beth's curtain rods are shortened and the curtains themselves continue from one rod to the next where they meet in the corner. This is a great trick to hide where you've met the rods in the corner.

Christiansburg Indoor Outdoor Single Curtain Rod

Curtains for corner windows with a Christiansburg single rod with hooks that can be installed in the ceiling from Wayfair

Purchasing curtain rods with hooks that can be hung from the ceiling, allows you to meet the rods in the corner without bulky brackets getting in the way. These rods from Wayfair can be purchased in a couple of different colors and would look perfect in a farmhouse.

Wildflower Home

It looks like Marynn used a corner curtain rod with an elbow joint at the corner. These are a one piece rod that all you need to do is install the brackets and then add on the rod with curtains.

The touch of wooden roman blinds with her white curtains is beautiful! It allows the sun to come through or be blocked out. If heat comes in the windows when the blinds are open, but you love the look, consider putting in a ceiling fan. We have some perfect options in our post 10 Affordable Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Fans.

Lyndhurst Corner Window Single Curtain Rod & Hardware Set

Curtains for Corner Windows with Lyndhurst corner window rod and hardware from Wayfair

There is a great solution to decorate your corner windows with what's called a telescoping corner rod. These curtain rods attach with a corner ball connector that allows for close to a 360° of rotation.

Twelve on Main

Curtains for Corner Windows by Twelve on Main with How to Hang Curtains For Less with These Easy Tips!

Sara has some great tips in her post How to Hang Curtains For Less with These Easy Tips. She shows how you can use the curtains rods you already have at home and install them for your corner windows.

Curtain Rod Connector

Curtains for Corner Windows with Curtains Rod Connector by Wayfair

These are adjustable rod connector that is perfect for rods you might already have. They pivot from a straight angle to a 90° angle.

Many color options so that they can easily disappear into the rod.

Repurpose And Upcycle

Curtains for Corner Windows by Repurpose and Upcycle with corner curtain rods with a  curtain rod connector

Lindsey show's you a DIY trick on hanging curtains in a corner without breaking the bank. The secret is found at your local hardware store.

We don't want to give away anymore clues, so go hop over to her blog post, Transforming a Room with Corner Curtains and a Corner Curtain Rod Hack, to read more.

Inspired Spaces by Laura

Curtains for Corner Windows by Inspired Spaces by Laura with a great bay window option

Laura designed this bay area for a client of hers. When it came to hanging the sheer drapes she used a hidden ceiling mount rod. It literally is melting into the ceiling.

Decopolitan Bay Window Rod Set

Curtains for Corner Windows with Dacopolitan Bay window rod set from Amazon

It's nice when you can find a curtain rod that disappears into the wall. Right now, white is a trending color to paint farmhouse walls.

This bay window rod comes in white and will vanish in a second.

Royal Design Studio Stencils

Curtains for Corner Windows by Royal Design Studio Stencils with Stencil Tutorial: DIY Designer Curtains for Less

Now that you know these gorgeous curtains can be hung in the corner on several different rod options, it's time to pick out curtains. Don't forget when choosing the number of panels that you need that the corner panel can be shared on both rods.

We have a few tips on buying curtains in our post Curtains That Keep The Cold Out.


Hanging curtains for corner windows now seems a little less stressful. Hopefully, you feel like you have several options and are ready to conquer adding some décor on and around your windows.

Happy Decorating!


Tuesday 4th of June 2019

I was always happy with what you designed for my corner windows!