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Designer Picks Spring Decor from Pottery Barn 2024

In todays blog post we are sharing top designer picks from the Pottery Barn spring collection. After visiting the store, seeing with our own eyes and touching all the items we are here to give you the best review of the spring decor Pottery Barn 2024.

Spring decor Pottery Barn 2024

Recently my daughters and I went shopping at Pottery Barn to see the new spring decor and I have to say the designers did not disappoint for the new season. Color and classic with hints of vintage are the themes this year. I could go on and on, but here are our top picks from the Pottery Barn spring collection.

Spring Decor Pottery Barn 2024

For over 70 years, Pottery Barn has made decorating your home so much easier. Beginning in New York, this now popular chain store is located throughout the United States and has an online catalog full of decor.

Each season, Pottery Barn delivers new decorations based on trends and what customers and clients are asking for. In the past year, people have been requesting more color, according to one sales associate at Pottery Barn, and PB has delivered timeless, more vibrant but muted color schemes. Fun decorations with bunnies, including Peter Rabbit. Florals that bloom with vibrant colors and so much more. Spring is the perfect time for a new start and Pottery Barn will help bring that feeling to your home.

After many years of using Pottery Barn decor in clients' houses, this is an easy go-to brand when decorating. So, let's take a look at the best spring decor at Pottery Barn from this interior designer's point of view.

Shopping Tips

  • Items Sell Fast: The more popular items sell out quickly, so if you see something you like, go ahead and grab it.
  • Ship, Pick up & Store Shop: Everything in-store you can also find online, and they have store pick up, so shop online, pay for it, and pick up at the store. The associates tell me they have a lot more options online than they can offer in-store. For example, they do not keep a lot of rugs in stock. However, they do have sample rugs for a $20 deposit. When you return the sample you get the $20 returned.
  • Read Reviews: It helps to read other people's thoughts when shopping online. I have made many purchases based on reviews.
  • Transitional Design: Pottery Barn made transitional style trendy, making most of their pieces designer-friendly.
  • Categories: This post is set up in categories, so you can quickly drop down to what you are looking for. Click the table of contents to see the categories.


Pottery Barn is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship, and their home furnishings offerings are no exception.

Table Top and Bar

Pottery Barn's tableware and bar collections cater to a variety of tastes, allowing you to create a spring dining table that's both beautiful and functional.


Pottery Barn offers a wide range of bedding to make your bedroom cozy and inviting.

Pillows and Throws

Throw pillows and blankets from Pottery Barn are not only soft and comforting but also beautifully designed to complement your decor.


Personalize your home with unique spring decor that reflects your style and personality. Pottery Barn's options are as varied as your individuality. You're sure to the find right piece for every room in your home.


Pottery Barn's selection of bathroom accessories will create a soothing environment.


Crafted with care, Pottery Barn rugs will pull your room together and stand the test of busy families in real homes. From the living room to the bedroom, Pottery Barn has a rug for every room in your home.


Lighting fixtures add warmth and atmosphere to your living spaces. Pottery Barn's indoor and outdoor lighting selection will create an inviting environment.

Mirrors & Art

With Pottery Barn's spring mirrors and art, you can create a captivating focal point in your home.

Outdoor & Garden

With the warm weather on the way, you'll want to spend quality time outside. Pottery Barn's Outdoor and Garden collection will make your patio everyone's favorite place.

Faux Plants, Flowers & Wreaths

Pottery Barn offers an exquisite range of spring faux plants, flowers and wreaths, meticulously designed to welcome your guests with charm and elegance.

What Design Style is Pottery Barn?

According to the Home Design Institute, Pottery Barn's design style is classic Americana. Their furniture and home decor are typically very traditional and feature a lot of dark wood tones and plaid fabrics.

However, they also mix in modern and contemporary pieces to keep their look fresh and offer beautiful decor during the holiday season.

Is Pottery Barn considered High-end?

Pottery Barn is known for its upscale furniture and designs that offer high quality with a fresh look. The prices lean towards the high-end, but you can find plenty of affordable pieces, many of which you'll see in our picks.


Pottery Barn's transitional style is such an excellent resource for home decor. Check out the YouTube video to join me on a tour of the Pottery Barn spring collection.

We loved so many things from the spring collection that it was hard not to pick them all. However, I did come home with one item that I particularly loved.


I usually do not gravitate to yellows, but the Brook Pillow pattern and the touch of muted yellow inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try on our sofa for spring. Who knows, this pillow may be my inspiration piece.

Pottery Barn spring pillow decoration

I asked a sales associate at our local store what items were selling the most – those popular in the spring collection. She said bedding was trending at their store, especially this Greenwood Percale and Nola Songbird Percale. The bunny decor is popular this time of year too such as Terracotta Bunny Sculptures.

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There are so many fantastic new items to choose from that will be a beautiful addition to your spring home decor. What is your favorite piece from the spring decor Pottery Barn collection? Please share in the comments.

Happy Decorating!