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45 Ideas to Decorate Your House with Flowers

As an interior designer, after many years of decorating houses for clients and my own home, there are certain items you always incorporate, and fresh or faux flowers are top of the list. So, in this blog post, I am sharing all my best ideas to decorate your house with flowers.

It doesn't matter if you're working with a lavish or modest budget; flowers are your go-to secret weapon for instantly brightening your living space and adding that perfect mood and charm. It's not just about throwing flowers in a vase; there's an art to it for home decoration you'll love.

Let's dive into some pro tips on strategically decorating your house with flowers and decorating rooms with flowers. By the time you finish reading this post, you will be equipped with what you need to add floral arrangements to your home decor and even a few party floral decor. Whether you prefer real flowers or artificial, you're sure to find ideas you love.

45 Tips for Decorating with Flowers

Whether you are considering decorating with fresh flowers or artificial flowers, these tips will equip you with the most beautiful room decor flowers.

One Color Arrangements

Probably one of the easiest ways to add flowers to your decor is simply arranging one type of flower and color to a vase or wrapped with a bow and placed anywhere.

diy valentines day decor

Opposites Colors

Here is a great idea. Harnessing the visual impact of complementary colors can dramatically enhance the vibrancy of your floral arrangements.

Consider pairing different flowers in opposing hues on the color wheel—think rich purples with sunny yellows or deep blues against warm oranges—you create a striking contrast that captivates and refreshes any room.

This approach not only highlights the beauty of each individual flower but also brings a lively burst of energy to your decor, making for an unforgettable statement in your home.

Thanksgiving table runner ideas

Get the details on how I created this and other beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes in my post: Ultimate Guide for Thanksgiving Table Runner Ideas.

Single Flower Arrangements

Embracing minimalism can yield stunning visual impact, particularly with single flower arrangements.

This approach focuses on the singular beauty of one flower type, creating a bold, yet understated aesthetic. Ideal for contemporary spaces or to add a focal point in a minimalist setting, these arrangements highlight the unique shape, color, and texture of the chosen bloom.

Placing a solitary flower in a simple, elegant vase can instantly elevate a room's atmosphere, offering a serene and sophisticated touch.

Chalk painted basket

I added these glass vases with a single flower in a basket I painted with chalk paint. You can see more photos of this single flower arrangement in my post: How to Paint Wicker Baskets: A Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Choose the Right Vase

Selecting the perfect vase is crucial for showcasing your flowers to their best advantage. It's important to consider the vase's proportions relative to the flowers it will hold.

Tall, slender blooms demand a vase with height to support and emphasize their elegant stems, while short, lush arrangements look stunning in a broad, rounded vessel.

The material and color of the vase also play a significant role in complementing the flowers, with options ranging from transparent glass that allows stems to be part of the display, to colored ceramic that contrasts or harmonizes with the blooms.

Southern Bridal Shower Decorations

We created this beautiful arrangement for a bridal shower using delicate white milk glass vases. You can learn more about it in my post: Southern Bridal Shower Ideas and Traditions from the South.

Use a Basket as a Vase

Transform your floral displays by using the texture of the charmingly rustic appeal of baskets.

By lining a basket with a discreet plastic liner or nestling a vase inside, you create a perfect container for an array of flowers and greenery. This technique infuses a cozy, laid-back vibe into your decor, ideal for both casual and elegantly casual settings.

Baskets contribute texture and an inviting warmth and offer a creative twist on traditional floral arrangements, making them a delightful focal point in any room.

Wicker basket centerpiece with charcuterie board under it

Consider Color Palette (coordinate flowers with room decor)

Achieving a seamless integration of your floral decor with the existing hues in your room ensures a harmonious ambiance. Opt for blooms that either subtly mirror or thoughtfully contrast the prevailing colors of your interiors.

My home's color scheme has a lot of white and light colors that create an open airy feeling. Clear vases and light colored flowers are a perfect complement.

For instance, a space adorned in rich, earthy tones could be complemented by arrangements of deep reds and oranges, creating an atmosphere that feels coordinated and naturally inviting.

This thoughtful selection process enhances the overall aesthetic and fosters a sense of continuity and balance within your living environment.

Mix and Match Flowers

Experimentation is vital when combining different flower species in a single arrangement. This playful strategy invites a wealth of textures, sizes, and hues to coexist, crafting an arrangement that captivates with its layered complexity.

Dare to pair delicate pastels with bold, vibrant tones, or juxtapose large statement blooms against a backdrop of dainty filler flowers. Each unique combination unlocks a new visual narrative, offering an endless array of possibilities to explore.

This creative freedom enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space and allows for a personalized expression that is truly your own.

Valentine table decoration centerpiece

I created this beautiful centerpiece with pink blooms and white flowers in a vase I built. You can learn how to make one in my post: A Farmhouse Flower Vase DIY that will Bring Smiles.

Vary Flower Height and Size

By skillfully varying the height and size of the elements within your floral displays, you can craft arrangements that are visually compelling and full of interest.

Start with your tallest flowers to establish a focal point, then surround them with mid-sized blooms before filling in gaps with smaller, delicate pieces.

This layered approach not only adds depth and dimension but also allows each flower to be appreciated in its own right, creating a more impactful and engaging arrangement that captures the eye and elevates the space.

how to make a candle from an orange

This lovely centerpiece made with a variety of gorgeous flowers was created for a Mother's Day Brunch. Learn how I did it in my post: Mother’s Day Table Setting Idea That Is Perfect for Brunch.

Add Greenery

Incorporating green elements into your arrangements enhances the lushness and introduces an array of textures that can make each display more captivating.

Utilize ferns, eucalyptus, or ivy to frame your colorful blossoms, giving them a fuller appearance and a vibrant backdrop. This added layer of greenery enriches the visual depth of your arrangements and complements the flowers, allowing their colors to stand out more prominently.

Whether tucked between blooms or draped elegantly around them, greenery is the perfect accent that brings vitality and dimension to your floral decor.

Shiplap peel and stick wallpaper

Petal Decor

Adding a layer of whimsy to your decor, individual petals can be artistically scattered around floral arrangements or along pathways and surfaces, creating an enchanting, fairy-tale effect.

This subtle yet impactful technique infuses spaces with a soft, romantic ambiance, perfect for elevating everyday moments or special occasions.

Sprinkle petals in unexpected places for a magical touch that invites curiosity and delight, transforming ordinary settings into scenes of serene beauty.

This DIY Dollar Store Spring Tablescape uses sweet little chamomile flowers in small handpainted clay pots, and we sprinkled flower heads along the runner.

Small Arrangements

Petite arrangements offer a delicate touch, perfect for personalizing smaller spaces or as subtle accents throughout your home.

Small little arrangements make the best gifts and look so pretty tucked into nooks and crannies such as bookcases or place with other medium size arrangements.

Large Arrangement

Conversely, grand arrangements serve as captivating centerpieces, drawing the eye and setting the tone in larger areas.

This simple lavender centerpiece is a cosmos and lavender bouquet I made from flowers we picked from a lavender farm in Georgia.

I love how these bright colors welcome the spring season. Find more great ideas on decorating with lavender in my post: Decorating with Lavender Flowers: Creating Serene and Elegant Spaces.

Enhance your Garlands

Garlands can elevate your home's aesthetic with their continuous flow of beauty, weaving together flowers and greenery into a harmonious strand.

Perfect for adorning mantels, draping over doorways, or accenting tables, these versatile decorations introduce a dynamic element to your decor.

Incorporating garlands into your home brings a touch of nature indoors and adds a layer of sophistication and charm. With the flexibility to use fresh, dried, or faux materials, creating garlands that complement your existing floral arrangements and interior style is effortlessly achievable, making them a timeless addition to any space.

Blue Christmas decoration ideas with a Victorian theme

I found a beautiful bell garland with a lovely gold patina at Kirkland's a few years ago. I'm adding them to the mistletoe garland by layering it over, keeping the string from the bells close to the “branch” of the garland.

Imagine adding white flowers to this garland. It would be another element to brighten up its design.

Learn more about it in my post: Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas with Hints of Vintage Victorian.

Dried Floral Arrangements

Dried floral arrangements bring a unique charm to any space, marrying the grace of flowers with an enduring presence.

These timeless pieces offer an intriguing blend of textures and hues, softened by the drying process to create a warm, vintage ambiance.

Dried flowers can beautifully accentuate any room, ideal for those seeking decor requiring minimal upkeep, offering a sophisticated and lasting alternative to their fresh counterparts. Their longevity and ease of care make them a favored choice for adding a touch of nature's elegance that continues to inspire and delight long after traditional blooms have faded.

Wheat wreath DIY

I made this simple wheat wreath that's perfect for the fall. You can learn how to make one in my post: The Easiest Wheat Wreath DIY in 4 Simple Steps.

Flower and Fruit Vignette

Incorporating blooms and fruit into your decor offers a lively and inventive approach to brighten any area.

Consider using seasonal flowers and fruits to create a beautiful vignette. This method is especially fitting for kitchen counters or dining tables, where the blend of elements can spark conversation and appreciation for the simple beauties of daily life.

DIY Fall Decor

I created this cozy centerpiece in a dough bowl with olive branches, hydrangeas, and mini pumpkins. You can get the details in my post: How to Easily Create a Fall DIY Dough Bowl Floral Arrangement.

Garden Fresh Flowers

Garden picks can elevate your home with natural beauty and simplicity. Creativity in arrangement and presentation turns these accessible blooms into stunning displays. Highlighting the natural charm of these flowers, often overlooked for more exotic varieties, allows for a refreshingly honest and down-to-earth decor aesthetic.

I cut these flowers from my front yard crepe myrtles and arranged them in a pitcher on my favorite wooden table runner. It brightens the whole room.

Grocery Store Fresh Flowers

I find some of the most beautiful flowers at grocery stores. Their easy availability makes floral decorating an accessible art form for everyone, encouraging daily infusion of nature’s splendor into our living spaces without the need for extravagant spending.

diy valentines day decor

I love getting fresh bouquets from Trader Joe's. They always have a great selection of lovely flowers. Check out my Comprehensive Guide to Trader Joe's Flowers for all the best tips and tricks.

Wildflower Arrangements

Incorporating wildflower arrangements into your home decor can infuse it with the effortless beauty of nature. These blooms, sourced from fields or your own backyard, add a spontaneous and vibrant element to any setting. Their unstructured form and eclectic mix of colors and shapes capture the wild essence of nature, bringing a sense of freedom and whimsy indoors.

Wildflowers are perfect for a casual vase display or, as part of a larger, mixed arrangement, remind us of the unrefined beauty that exists just outside our doors.

Wild flowers for an ice cream social party

These wildflowers in an enamel pitcher were the perfect touch for our ice cream social because they were picked from a field nearby. Check out my post: Best Ice Cream Social Ideas That Bring Pure Delight to get the details.

Fresh and Faux Flower Arrangements

Merging fresh and faux flowers in one arrangement merges the beauty of nature with the convenience of artificial blooms. This approach allows for a dynamic display that maintains its allure over time.

Fresh flowers bring immediate vibrancy and a natural scent, while faux flowers add a lasting element that requires no care. It’s a creative solution for those who appreciate the freshness of live flowers but also desire the longevity and ease of maintenance that faux flowers offer.

Experiment with different combinations to achieve a balance that suits your decor and lifestyle perfectly.

Nursery Flowers

Venturing into your local nursery opens up a world of floral diversity, offering access to distinctive blooms that can set your arrangements apart. This exploration not only broadens your decorative palette but also introduces you to new species that may become favorites.

Nurseries are treasure troves of inspiration, where the colors, textures, and forms of less common flowers await discovery. Incorporating these finds into your home decor ideas can infuse your arrangements with a unique touch, reflecting a keen eye for beauty and a penchant for personal expression.

Cheap fall decorations for a front porch

Nursery flowers nestled in a galvanized pot were a lovely and inexpensive addition to my porch for the fall season. Learn more in my post: Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget.

Artificial Flower Arrangements

Embracing artificial flower arrangements offers a blend of practicality and beauty that enhances your home’s decor. These faux blooms, with their realistic appearance and texture, allow for a hassle-free approach to maintaining a vibrant aesthetic.

Ideal for any room, they provide a lasting freshness and an evergreen bloom without needing sunlight or water. Artificial arrangements give you the freedom to experiment with a variety of styles and colors, ensuring your decor remains stunning at all times, regardless of the season.

Spring flowers used as a decorations

Even a small space, like a basket, can be used to display the charm of flowers. Stems of faux flowers in a basket bring spring to life.

25 Decorating Rooms with Flower Ideas

Now, let's shift our attention to how to decorate rooms with flowers. With the knowledge of all the different ways you can arrange flowers, here is inspiration and creative ideas on styling flowers in rooms.

Entryway Flowers

Make a statement in your entryway with the simple addition of flowers to create an inviting atmosphere right from the door.

Choose flowers like the aromatic lavender or sweet-scented jasmine to engage the senses, ensuring a memorable entrance.

The color and style of the blooms should complement your entryway’s decor, seamlessly integrating with the overall look and feel of your home. This is your opportunity to set the mood for visitors, making a bold or subtle statement with your floral choices.


Mirrors are begging to be adorned with flowers and wreaths. Hanging a wreath on a mirror instantly adds texture and a unique decoration. This idea can be used in any room.

Chalk painted mirror frame

Hanging a wreath on a mirror is perfect for sharing your seasonal spirit. And it's easier than you think! Check out my post: 3 Step by Step Instructions How to Hang a Wreath on a Mirror.

Entry Table

A tastefully arranged bouquet on a hall table or a collection of potted plants can transform this space into a vibrant welcome area.

Entryway rug

Entryway Chair

Have you ever considered adding a chair to your foyers? If not, this is a great way to incorporate a new element. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers from outside and you instantly livened up your entryway.

Try styling your favorite wooden chair with a bright flower arrangement. You can learn how to get this look at my post: How to Paint with Milk Paint.


Don't forget the flowers if you have a bench in your entryway. A few favorites are hanging baskets on the handles and a bundle of flowers tied with a bow and set on the bench in front of pillows.

A hanging basket of fresh flowers on our entryway bench is the perfect Valentine's Day welcome.

Living Room Flowers

In the living room, where stories are shared and laughter echoes, introducing floral arrangements can significantly enhance the ambiance. Incorporating seasonal blooms adds a dynamic element, allowing the decor to evolve with the seasons. The strategic placement and choice of flowers can transform the living room into a vibrant hub of home life, embodying the essence of floral decor.

Coffee Table

Positioning eye-catching flowers, such as elegant orchids or bold dahlias, on side tables or in the center of the room brings a burst of life to the space.

Old books inside of basket tray

Go for the layers! I layered books inside a basket, topped with delicate glass vases and a unique vase of bright flowers. It creates visual interest and adds a pop of color. Get more great ideas in my post: 9 Easy Fall Basket Decorating Ideas for Every Room.

Fireplace Mantel

Being the heart of the home, remember your fireplace mantel is a great place to bring flowers into your decor.

Hanging basket on end of fireplace mantel filled with spring flowers of dogwood

A small nail lets me hang a basket of bright flower stems on the mantel to welcome spring. Get more great ideas on decorating for spring in my post: Decorating a Mantel for Spring that is Easy and Inspiring.

Artificial flowers can offer a practical yet stunning alternative for those seeking beauty without the upkeep.

Decorate a mantel with spring flowers

I simply tied stems together at the base and placed them in the center of the fireplace mantle then added a bow. Pro tip: I used a nail, or you can use a command hook to keep the stems in place so close to the edge of the mantel shelf.

Side Table

Side tables are perfect for a burst of flowers or those tiny bouquets.

Spring farmhouse decor idea on an end table

Here, we have a tall French enamel water pitcher holding some spring flowers from Target.  Then you come down a layer and find three accessories making up more layers, including filler flowers from Trader Joe's. Get more spring farmhouse decor ideas in my post: Add Spring Farmhouse Decor to Your Home With These Easy Ideas.


If you have bookcases that are not full of books, then consider adding decorations. Florals are a perfect addition.

White painted basket used as decoration on a bookcase

Adding greenery and flowers to your bookcase brings a bit of the outside in for a cozy feeling.

Dining Room Flowers

Elevate your dining experience by integrating floral arrangements that speak to the heart of shared meals and moments. Incorporating flowers in the dining room beautifies the space and adds a personal touch that enhances the overall dining atmosphere.


Are you surprised I added chandeliers to this list? Don't be because adding flowers to chandeliers is so easy and makes a unique and big statement during holiday dinners or seasonal decor.

Perfect for spring, baby showers, parties or weddings try this DIY floral chandelier using fresh flowers. We created one for a dreamy Enchanted Garden Bridal Shower. Learn how to create a beautiful hanging flower arrangement for a special occasion on your light fixture in this post: DIY Hanging Floral Chandelier Using Fresh Flowers.

Table Centerpiece

A carefully selected centerpiece can be the focal point of your dining room table, bringing elegance and charm. Opt for soft peonies or classic roses nestled in a low vase for unobstructed views and effortless conversation.

Decorating a dough bowl for spring with wisteria

Here's an example of how pretty fresh flowers flow from a dough bowl. I used wild wisteria flowers, but you can also use faux greenery or flowers for a long-lasting centerpiece.

Get more great ideas on decorating with dough bowls, including lots of ways to use flowers in your dough bowl in my post: 25+ Ideas for Effortless Decorating with Dough Bowls.


Our hutch gets facelifts all the time. It is a fun place to change our decor. If you have a hutch, consider changing out flowers or garlands from our printable Etsy shop.

diy valentines day decor

I love decorating my hutch seasonally, and these baby's breath flowers in a delicate crystal vase were perfect for Valentine's Day. Actually, this crystal vase is a jam jar. See how using everyday items makes the pretty vases.

Decorate Cakes with Flowers

You can also decorate cakes with flowers (throwing this in for when you have parties). I recently made a small gluten and dairy-free cake for my daughter's bridal shower. To dress it up the cake I added flowers and fruit.

I hope to write a whole post on this topic in the future.

Kitchen Flowers

In the bustling heart of your home, incorporating flowers adds a charming touch amidst culinary creations.

Small pots of aromatic herbs beautify the space and are practical for cooking, marrying form and function.

Consider hanging planters adorned with trailing blossoms such as petunias or fuchsias to introduce layers and colors that animate the kitchen atmosphere, making it a more joyful place to gather and create meals.

Range Top Flowers

Here is another area you probably hadn't thought of but your range top is perfect for fresh flowers from your garden or grocery store.

diy valentines day decor

Simply add a cutting board to the top and your favorite vase or bowl. With a small bowl and a bunch of roses from the grocery store, you can arrange roses in a layered fashion for a perfect Valentine's Day centerpiece. This is a great way to brighten up your kitchen.

Hanging Florals on Hooks

Our kitchen has a small sitting room with a row of hooks that are fun to decorate. The possibilities are endless on a row of hooks regarding flowers, but here are a few of my favorites. You can make a dried flower hanger and add flowers from outdoors or herbs to dry.

Here are directions on how to make a dried flower hanger. You can also add a basket and fill it with flowers.

Spring flowers used as a decorations

These are artificial flowers by Hearth & Hand at Target, but you can place fresh flowers too in the basket like babies' breath, which dries really pretty – no need for water.

Window Sill

Brighten your windowsill with cheerful daisies or vibrant pansies, which bathe happily in sunlight.

Here is another example where I used my farmhouse homemade vase holder. Other ideas are a collection of clear jars with single flowers or a window box filled with florals.

Basket on Cabinet

If you have a cabinet side that look empty consider adding a hanging basket full of dried flowers.

Decorating baskets with lavender can add a beautiful rustic and natural beauty to any space. Baskets filled with lavender are another versatile decoration element.

And speaking of hanging baskets I particularly love to thrift Longaburger baskets. Many come with a hanging hook for walls and cabinets and a liner if you want to add real flowers.

Bedroom Flowers

Enhance your bedroom's serenity by incorporating flowers that emit calming scents and display soothing colors.

Consider the gentle aroma of jasmine or the subtle elegance of white roses or peonies to foster a serene sleeping environment. Select blooms that align with your bedroom’s décor to seamlessly integrate this natural tranquility into your private sanctuary, promoting peaceful slumber amidst the beauty of floral arrangements.


Placing these flowers in delicate vases on the bedside table or window sills not only adds to the room's aesthetic but also contributes to a more restful and relaxing atmosphere.

Roses and eucalyptus in a glass pitcher are the perfect addition to a beautiful, feminine bedroom. I love using old glassware as vases. You can find them at thrift stores all the time.

Basket Flower Arrangements

If you don't have much room on table tops in your bedroom consider adding a basket full of flowers.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray on a shiplap accent wall

Adding a bunch of chamomile to a basket is the perfect way to welcome guests.

Bathroom Flowers

Incorporate the rejuvenating essence of flowers into your bathroom to create a space that mirrors a spa's tranquility and freshness. Hardy plants like bamboo or aloe vera are a good idea in less lit areas, thriving on minimal care while purifying the air. You can also use artificial plants and still enjoy the beauty of greenery.


Consider placing small vases on cabinets or shelves. These natural elements can transform an ordinary bathroom into a refreshing retreat, where every moment spent feels like a soothing escape, surrounded by the beauty and subtle fragrances of nature's finest creations.

Guest bathroom paint color

These natural elements can transform an ordinary bathroom into a refreshing retreat, where every moment spent feels like a soothing escape, surrounded by the beauty and subtle fragrances of nature's finest creations.

Laundry Room

Add floral touches to transform your laundry room from merely functional to delightfully decorative. Small bouquets can instantly uplift the space, making daily chores more enjoyable.

Opt for simple, low-maintenance arrangements to infuse a sense of joy and freshness. Flowers' subtle, natural scent can also gently fragrance the area, offering a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere.

Introduce these blooms on shelves or in nooks to seamlessly blend functionality with natural beauty, elevating the overall aesthetic of even the most utilitarian spaces.

Wall Hooks

If your laundry room is small like me then look to the walls for space to add flowers.

Adding bright and happy flowers in a hanging basket perfectly accompanies the Dutch door we created in our laundry room. See how we did it, and how you can too, in my post: DIY Exterior Dutch Door on a Budget.

Porch Flowers

Embrace the charm of a garden-inspired porch to make a lasting impression. Adorn your outdoor entry with various hanging baskets brimming with vibrant, cascading flowering plants.

Strategically placed potted plants of varying sizes craft a dynamic and welcoming approach. Opting for blooms that attract wildlife such as butterflies or hummingbirds adds a delightful natural interaction.

This thoughtful integration not only elevates the curb appeal but also signifies a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoor sanctuary.

Bucket of Flowers

Traditionally, people place potted plants on their porches, but have you ever considered flowers in water?

Farmhouse small front porch Valentine decor ideas

Small porches need to show as much negative space as possible, this vintage french bistro chair did the trick. It is thin and holds up great to weather. Mixing the different shades and colors can add depth to your arrangement of roses in a galvanized bucket.

Container Garden

Gardens in containers are very traditional on porches in America, and this is a great place to incorporate flowers.

Container gardening is easier than you think. Let me walk you through it in my two-part series, starting with Container Flower Gardening for Beginners: Selecting Plants.

Wall Box

Hanging baskets or wire boxes allow you to add flowers to the falls of your porch.


With a smaller porch, hanging a planter is a great way to save space while celebrating the seasons by changing out the flowers. This iron wall box makes changing the flowers easy because I do not actually plant them. Looking closely, you might see the plant containers hidden behind the lining.

decorate house with flowers

See all the ways I incorporate flowers on my front porch in my post: Decorating a Front Porch for Spring in a Vintage Aesthetic.

Wreath Florals

Another way to add flowers to a small or large porch is with wreaths.

decorate house with flowers

A wreath is a great way to celebrate each season and make your guests feel welcome. See how I easily hang wreaths on my front door in my post: How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon on a Front Door.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy these creative ways to decorate your house with flowers. Incorporating flowers into your home decor can instantly brighten your living space and add charm.

There are endless ways to decorate your house with flowers. Each room in your home is an opportunity to brighten your day and make guests feel welcome.

Have a special occasion coming up? Check out how we decorated for a floral-themed baby shower here: Floral Baby Shower Theme: Ideas from Our Party.

Do you have a go-to flower decorating tip? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

Happy Decorating!