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Floral Baby Shower Theme: Ideas from Our Party

Planning a baby shower is an exciting journey, and a floral baby shower theme can make it unforgettable. Picture vibrant blooms, whimsical decorations, and natural elegance.

In this post, we'll share inspiration and ideas from a party we hosted using a floral garden theme. The theme covered everything from entryway decorations to creative table settings. Get ready to create a beautiful and memorable event for the mom-to-be!

Floral baby shower theme

Helping my daughter set up this floral baby shower for her brother and sister-in-law was an absolute joy! The decorations turned out so beautifully that I couldn’t resist sharing all the details of her design and giving a tour of the event.

The baby shower was held at a community center, which is a great place to hold an event but can be challenging to make warm and cozy for a party. Let's see what Hannah did to give this large room a baby shower vibe.

Floral Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers aren't just about teddy bears and ballet princesses anymore. Cottagecore or boho baby showers are all the rage these days. To get started on the shower theme, Hannah created a Pinterest board full of inspiration. Using Pinterest's new collage feature, she used the inspiration pins to create a Baby Shower Mood Board. This came in super handy when picking out all the decor, tableware, and florals.

Isn't this collage so stinking cute?

We love the vibe it portrays!

I'm thinking cottage core, English garden. Can you sense it, too?

Hannah is totally obsessed with the new Pinterest collage feature. I have yet to try it, but I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

After developing the floral-themed baby shower, she moved onto the invitation-planning stage.

Floral Baby Shower Invitations

If I could describe the invitation in one word, it would be cottagecore.

There are light colors, a gingham background, a floral wreath, and adorable ducks at the bottom that create a charming garden cottage vibe.

As much as I would like to show you the “Baby in Bloom” invitation, it has personal information so I cannot include it. But it uses the same floral frame, background, and fonts as the welcome sign, which you will see soon.

With the invitation ready, let’s start our floral baby shower tour with the entryway decorations at the door.

Floral Baby Shower Tour

Entryway Decorations: Making a Blooming First Impression

First, guests were welcomed with a custom-made sign that used the same elements as the invitation in a pastel color scheme.

Welcome sign for Floral baby shower theme

Hannah took the invitation, changed the wording inside, and then printed it at Walgreens. Next, she decoupaged it onto the foamboard and framed it in this vintage frame. If you're interested in learning more about decoupage, check out my post How to Decoupage: The Art of Achieving a Classic Painted Look.

Welcome sign for Floral baby shower theme

Not only did the invitation give guests a hint of what type of party this would be, but the welcome sign also set the stage for what would happen inside.

After placing the welcome sign on the easel and tying it with a bow at the top, we added lots of garden plants, petunias, strawberry plants, and even an indoor plant.

Entryway decor for a Floral baby shower theme

This sign was challenging to photograph because it was so bright outside, but isn't the old tiny wheel barrel adorable?

flowers and plant decorations for entryway to a floral baby shower

It's always a good idea to vary heights. To do so, we used a wooden crate and then topped it off with a watering can full of flowers, giving the entryway even more charm. It added a sweet boho cottagecore touch.

Most of our flower arrangements came from flowers from grocery stores, and the potted flowering plants come from nurseries and hardware stores such as Home Depot. The old wheelbarrow and watering can are vintage, but here is a cute wheelbarrow and watering can you can shop for online.

This floral baby shower theme grabs guests' attention and lures them inside the community center's door side door.

If our baby shower had been held in the evening, we would have also considered adding lanterns and string lights.

Present and Card Table: A Special Spot for Gifts

When entering the room, it is good to have a place for people to put gifts and cards, so just inside the door was a table decorated for the event.

Trellis wall with clothesline of baby clothes over a present table at a Floral baby shower

We covered all the tables in white plastic tablecloths for easy clean-up and set this greenery trellis on the wall behind the table to highlight the present area.

Hannah came up with the idea of stringing baby clothes on a line. All these little outfits are gifts for the baby girl. I thought it was so clever to use onesies as a decor item.

To top off the design is a large gingham bow at the top. Do you see it? Look at the photo above.

Trellis wall with clothesline of baby clothes over a present table at a Floral baby shower

The table was covered with gifts, and more were on the floor. We also placed a clear card box on the table that Hannah used at her wedding. When it was time to open presents, we sat two chairs next to the table for easy access.

Next, let's look at the buffet where the decorations continue.

Food Table: A Feast for the Eyes and Taste Buds

Family members brought various delicious and beautiful foods to make up this floral-themed menu. Hannah created a design for the buffet, so let's look at a few favorites.

Floral baby shower cake

I know dessert is usually saved for last, but let's start here because this dessert table was my favorite part.

The mother-to-be wanted cupcakes and a cake, and Publix delivered with this design Hannah found online. Isn't it adorable? Instead of tall dessert stands, we used a tiered tray and a rustic crate to create visual interest with different heights and textures.

This cake fits the floral theme perfectly, with Baby in Bloom written on top and surrounded by flowers that look just like daisies!

Floral baby shower cupcakes

The challenge was getting the colors right, and Publix nailed it once again. Their bakery is truly wonderful!

Next up are the most delicious vanilla flavor cupcakes, made by their family friend Kate, with toppers crafted by Hannah. She used the same graphics from the sign and invitations, featuring matching flowers and baby animals to create a cohesive design throughout the space.

Floral baby shower cupcakes

This was our first time making toppers, and we found that printing them on photo paper at Walgreens and using hot glue was the most effective method.

We simply cut the design and folded it, inserting a toothpick inside and using hot glue to hold it together. It worked like a charm!

Make the Practical, Beautiful

When planning your buffet, you need to serve utensils and dishes. We used terracotta pots to hold our light green utensils, and I love the choice of green and white gingham for the paper plates and napkins. Mason jars would also work great to house your utensils.

Floral baby shower cupcakes

We found the cups, plates, plastic silverware, and napkins all in a set on Amazon, and these adorable “hello sweet baby” gold scallop napkins on Amazon too.

Floral baby shower tableware

Another family member arrives with chocolate candy pops. We displayed them in a wood dough bowl to hold these delicious treats.

Floral baby shower chocolate pops

This party was not short on delicious and beautiful sweets!

On the other end of the buffet was a smorgasbord of fruit and vegetables, croissants with chicken salad inside, chocolate-covered strawberries, and so much more.

Floral baby shower buffet

At the end was a galvanized tub packed to the brim with small water bottles wrapped in another design by Hannah. Again, pulling together the cottage core theme and baby animals here made this design so fun and adorable! Did you notice the matching bows throughout the setup, too?

Floral baby shower water bottles

Getting the paper just right was a challenge for us because the color of our original print was faded and on regular paper. So we went with plan B, paying a little extra and having them printed on photo paper at Walgreens.

It was worth the splurge to print it at Walgreens because the design didn't bleed when wet and the color was crisp and clear.

We cut out the paper strips, removed the original paper from the bottle, wrapped the new design, and taped it together with clear tape.

Carrott Garland: Whimsical Touch

Last, we added a gingham carrot garland over the buffet table. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of it, but you can see it in the photo above of the food.

However, we have made one for you to print in our Etsy shop.

Pastel orange check carrot garland printable DIY party decoration

This gingham carrot printable craft is easy to make and will look adorable for a baby shower, birthday party, garden party, Easter, or any event. Tap HERE to check it out.

Gingham carrot garland printable craft party decoration

Table Decorations: Adding Floral Theme Touches

We set up tables for this party for all the guests and then kept the design simple.

Each round table received a white tablecloth, one brass candlestick holder with a battery-powered candle, a glass vase for fresh flowers in lavender and pink, a small clear cup with a battery-powered tea light from Dollar Tree and a cute graphic of the original garden floral theme.

Floral baby shower table centerpiece

Again, we leaned on grocery store flowers to add to the table.

Balloon Wreaths: Fun and Festive Decor

The mother-to-be wanted a balloon arch or wreath. Hannah worked with this talented artist for the right colors to combine the design. Look how adorable these wreaths turned out! I love the addition of yellow, pink and blue flowers.

Floral baby shower balloon wall

Floral Baby Shower Photo Wall

These wreaths made the perfect photo wall. We snagged a few photos of the expectant parents.

Floral baby shower photo wall

Party Game Wall Sign: Adding Fun to the Festivities

The most fun baby showers have a few games, but for this party, we decided on a game wall for one of the events. This game is called Guess the Baby Bump. Again, Hannah added elements from the original invitation to make this game poster.

Floral baby shower game

Each guest comes and writes what they think is the mother-to-be's belly size. The winner gets a prize. Here is a photo of Hannah and Jasmine measuring her belly.

Floral baby shower game

You can see the game on the wall behind them as Hannah measures Jasmine's baby bump. This was so much fun!

Well, we have come to the end of our baby shower tour. Here are a few last tidbits that will help you if you decide to throw a floral theme baby shower.


This was such a fun-loving party. Having it at the community center gave us lots of room for guests, and no one had to prepare their house for the event.

Here are a few final tips for a floral theme party. Incorporating greenery, flowers, and baby animals made it all so cute, and using the quote “Baby in Bloom” fit perfectly. If you're creating a garden theme, you can also consider incorporating a butterfly motif or bumblebees.

Flowers are easy to gather and bring much color and life to any space. Shop at your grocery store for fresh flowers or your local nursery for potted flowering plants. The more flowers the merrier. Some baby shower favorite flowers include white roses, carnations, hydrangeas, baby's breath, sunflowers, and peonies. Eucalyptus and succulents can add a lovely green touch.

When planning for this theme, think of a garden or landscape. Clay pots and a clothesline with baby clothes are just a few things that remind us of the outdoors. Collect items that remind you of gardening or your backyard.

For more party decorating ideas check out these blog posts:

I hope you have enjoyed touring our floral baby shower. Are you considering throwing a floral baby shower? If so, please share in the comments. We would love to hear your story.

Happy Decorating!


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