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Walmart Home Decor Must-Haves for Spring Summer 2024

This year, Walmart's home decor game is on point, outshining many competitors. In today's email, I'll take you on a tour of the best Walmart home decor, including My Texas House decorations, Better Homes & Garden, and more. Let's get started.

Best Walmart home decor 2024

For my whole design career, I have found little things here and there at Walmart to use when decorating homes. In fact, recently, I leaned on Walmart to style my daughter's Harry Potter room makeover.

One of my design approaches to decorating a home was to look for high-end decorations and fill in with cheap Walmart decor to save money.

But now I am here to share that Walmart's new approach to bringing in high-end-looking decorations at a budget decorating price was so smart.

So, let's divide this into categories similar to my best of Hearth and Hand, Studio McGee, and Pottery Barn posts.

Best Walmart Home Decor Finds

Similar to my other brand-specific posts, you will see my recommendations for decor in categories. Still, this time, keep an eye on a few brands, such as My Texas House and Better Homes and Gardens, which have the most charming decorations for your home.

No matter what you're looking for, living room, dining room, guest room decor, wall decor, picture frames, coffee tables, and more, you'll find something to match your decor style at the everyday low prices you expect from Walmart.

Who is My Texas House?

When I first noticed this name on decorations at Walmart, my first thought was, “Is this a blogger or designer?” So I went to Google and looked it up.

Erin Vogelphol is My Texas House. She began her career as a teacher, but after building three houses in a span of four years, she is now a lifestyle blogger with a line of decor at Walmart.

If you love modern cottage farmhouse decor, then you will adore her decorations at Walmart.

Who is Better Homes & Garden?

Better Homes & Garden began as a fruit, garden and home decor magazine in the 1920s and soon changed to Home and Garden. Now, it is still a leading magazine and offers a line of products.

Let's look at my top designer recommendations for home decor from Walmart, and remember to look for these designer names.

Top Walmart Spring Decor Finds for 2024

To begin our journey, let's look at furniture. Walmart is truly bringing a nice aesthetic to its furniture. You will love a few of my top picks.


Walmart's website offers many more high-end-looking furniture selections, so be sure to check them out here.


Pillows can add texture, color, and design to a room when decorating, but throw pillows can cost a lot of money, depending on where you shop. Walmart pillows are reasonable, and with these new designers collaborating with Walmart now, the designs are top-notch.

Here are some of my top picks, but there are many more to choose from online and in stores.

Honestly, it was so hard to narrow this down to a small collection. Keep an eye on My Texas House pillows because she is bringing such a fresh design to Walmart stores.

Decor Accessories

When decorating your house, accessories and decorations add a great deal of character. Think candles, trays, frames, and vases.

Look for similar styles when shopping, but don't be afraid to add something unique or a pop of color.

Faux Plants, Flowers and Wreaths

Greenery brings life to home decor and a cozy feeling similar to textures in fabrics. Walmart's faux plants are more realistic than ever.

I share many more in my YouTube video here. You will have fun shopping with me in Florida and my daughters in Georgia.

Kitchen Items

Remember to bring color, design, and charm into your kitchen with decorations. Look for functional as well as simply decorative pieces.

Dish towels, dishes, cutting boards stacked against the wall, olive oil containers, and more add functional charm to your kitchen. Walmart has so many great designs right now that it is a shopper's paradise if you are looking for a new design or buying a housewarming gift.


Rugs can be expensive, so I couldn't wait to share a few favorites in this category. Think about layering some of these rugs with the doormats in the outdoor section.


I love how the right lighting can change the look of a room. The ambient glow alone can create a cozy feeling in your home, but a beautifully designed lamp plays a part in your decor story.

Adding a beautiful table lamp is a great way to give any room a polished, chic finish and Walmart has many fantastic designs.

Mirrors & Art

Mirrors and art can be costly, but Walmarts new designs won't break the bank. Keep an eye out for some Anthropologie dupes in this section.

Outdoor & Garden

With spring and summer on us, we are spending more time outdoors. I love the Better Homes & Gardens outdoor furniture collection, and the rug I just bought for our guest bathroom is actually an outdoor rug, which is great because it is white.

Styling Your Walmart Decor

I purchased the My Texas House Irongate area rug and an oblong floral embroidered cotton decorative pillow for my guest room. Here's how they look.

The area rug was a perfect fit under the bed. Even though it is listed as an outdoor rug online, it is soft like an indoor rug, making it a great indoor/outdoor rug.

In fact, because it is white/white I like that it is designed for the outdoors because that will make cleaning it even easier.

I layered it over a padded rug mat, giving our guests a soft landing when they stand up in the morning.

The floral embroidered cotton decorative pillow perfectly complements the bedding and decor. I love how it has a cottagecore design. It provides the finishing touch I've been looking for.


As you can see, Walmart has stepped up its game in the home decor department, offering high-quality and stylish options at budget-friendly prices.

With brands like My Texas House and Better Homes & Gardens included in their offerings, there are plenty of charming decorations to elevate your home's look.

Keep an eye out for these designer names next time you shop for home decor at Walmart. You may even find your favorite pieces on clearance if you're lucky.

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Happy Decorating!