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Comprehensive Guide to Trader Joe’s Flowers

Today, we are discussing everything related to Trader Joe's flowers. After a decade of using their flowers for home decor and entertaining, I thought it was time to write a comprehensive guide to assist you with shopping for flowers at Trader Joe's, along with floral arranging tips.

diy valentines day decor

If you're anything like me, you know that a house truly becomes a home when it's filled with the vibrant colors and sweet fragrances of fresh flowers. I'm not just an interior designer but a homemaker who believes every corner of our abode deserves a touch of nature's beauty.

And guess what? Trader Joe's is my secret weapon for bringing affordable elegance into my home! I always find a great selection of my favorite flowers at Trader Joe’s stores.

Join me on this blooming journey as I spill the petals on what Trader Joe's offers for everyday decor, entertaining, and even special occasions. Whether arranging bouquets for your living room, planning a dinner party, or diving into the DIY party decor world, Trader Joe's Flowers has got you covered.

So, let's dive into the world of affordable floral finesse and turn every room into a blossoming haven!

Trader Joe's Flowers – What to Buy and What to Skip

Trader Joe's is more than just a grocery store. From the moment you step into the floral department at Trader Joe's, you'll find yourself surrounded by a wide array of flower types.

For those seeking a traditional bouquet, The flower section of Trader Joe's stocks an assortment of roses and lilies that are sure to impress.

Opt for their wildflower selections for a more rustic, carefree look. With the arrival of spring, Trader Joe's also stocks delightful tulip bunches to give your space a fresh, seasonal touch.

However, there are a few items that you may want to bypass. While the dyed flowers may initially catch your eye with their vibrant hues, they often don't have the same longevity as their natural counterparts.

Despite their fun, eye-catching colors, these flowers may not last as long, and the dye can sometimes detract from the natural beauty of the blooms. So, while it may be tempting to go for the most colorful option, remember that sometimes, less is more when it comes to floral arrangements.

Focal Flowers

In the world of floral design, focal flowers play the lead role. These blooms immediately capture the eye and set the tone for the whole arrangement. At Trader Joe's, you'll find a variety of focal flowers that can serve as the centerpiece of any bouquet or floral display.

  • Roses – a classic focal flower known for elegance and rich symbolism
  • Lilies – convey a sense of refined beauty
  • Sunflowers – for a vibrant, cheerful vibe
  • Hydrangeas – have lush, billowing blooms
  • Peonies – there's always a high demand for Trader Joe's gorgeous peonies, so get there early for the best selection
  • Ranunculus – symbolize charm and attraction and are highly popular
Valentine table decorations centerpiece of pink and white roses

These standout blooms are perfect for those moments when you want your floral arrangement to make an impact. Whether it's a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or a special surprise, these flowers have the size and presence to grab attention and express your sentiments in a big way.

Filler Flowers

While focal flowers may steal the show in an arrangement, the filler flowers truly bring the composition to life. These smaller blooms provide essential depth and texture, enriching the overall aesthetic of your floral ensemble.

Trader Joe's offers a range of filler flowers that can beautifully complement your choice of focal flowers.

  • Baby's breath – delicate, cloud-like clusters
  • Daisies – add a touch of whimsy to your arrangements
  • Waxflowers – star-shaped blooms and rich, aromatic foliage

Pro tip – You can use filler flowers to make beautiful, delicate arrangements like I did here on our hutch. Filler flowers arranged by themselves make easy and beautiful arrangements.

diy valentines day decor

A small glass vase with baby's breath was perfect for my Valentine's Day decor. You can see more great Valentine's Day decor ideas in this post: Decorating a Home with Love Using DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas.

Wax flowers are another great filler flower. Its tiny delicate buds of color offer a whole new texture to your floral arrangement.

So, don't overlook these smaller blooms next time you're at Trader Joe's. Whether you're creating a bouquet from scratch or enhancing a pre-made arrangement, filler flowers can make all the difference in achieving the desired look and feel.


Beyond the vibrant blooms that Trader Joe's sells, don't forget about the powerful impact of greenery in your floral arrangements.

Greenery serves a dual purpose: it acts as a backdrop that allows your flowers to shine and adds its own texture and color to the overall design. Trader Joe's features a solid variety of greenery that complements their extensive flower selection.

You'll often find bouquets at Trader Joe's that already incorporate greenery elements, like wispy ferns, sturdy ruscus, or the silver-tinged leaves of eucalyptus.

These elements help accentuate the flowers' colors and add an additional layer of visual interest to the bouquet.

For those looking to create their own arrangements, Trader Joe's also sells separate bunches of greenery that you can mix and match to your heart's content.

  • Ferns – add a delicate, feathery touch
  • Eucalyptus (Silver Dollar and Baby Blue) – brings a bold, architectural element
  • Ruscus – an evergreen perennial with deep green leaves
  • Potted herbs – can be displayed for a beautiful, fragrant, and useful display
  • Myrtle – small glossy leaf adding a touch of fragrance.
  • Boxwood – Small densely packed leaf that adds a delicate touch to any bouquet
  • Lemon Leaf (Salal) – Vibrant green leaf with a glossy texture

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY indoor herb garden at my post: Dollar Tree DIY Indoor Herb Garden Decoration. I used Trader Joe's herbs to create this kitchen container garden.

how to build a indoor herb garden Dollar Tree project

Seasonal Flowers

Trader Joe's excels at incorporating the beauty of each season into its floral selection. As the year progresses, the variety and offerings in their floral department transform to reflect the changing seasons, providing customers with a plethora of fresh and appropriate options throughout the year.

Buying in-season flowers is key to long-lasting flowers but keep in mind that the specific availability of seasonal flowers may vary depending on your location and the time of year.

It's a good idea to check with your local Trader Joe's store or visit their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their current floral offerings.

Remember, the beauty of Trader Joe's floral department is not only the variety but also the seasonal relevance of their offerings. As the seasons change, so do their flowers, allowing you to embrace each new season with a fresh, appropriate bouquet.


Popular spring flowers at Trader Joe's include:

  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Iris
  • Lilacs
  • Hydrangea
  • Ranunculus
  • Hyacinths
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Peonies (later in the spring)

Their bright colors and delicate petals bring an essence of rebirth and renewal that perfectly captures the spirit of spring.

A favorite is Ranunculus! Here is where I used flowers from our garden along with Trader Joe's Ranunculus for an early spring project.

Get more great Spring porch decorating ideas in my post: 5 Spring Decorating Ideas for a Small Front Porch.

Ranunculus is such a beautiful flower and is similar in appearance to the peonies, except they love cooler weather. The beauty of these flowers is well worth the $6.99 price tag.

Gerbera Daisies are show-stopper flowers. They look beautiful as a stand alone stem or gathered into a bouquet.

Hydrangeas make a big statement and can easily fill a large vase or dough bowl. We are using them in our bridal shower decor.

Trader Joe's has you covered if you are not fortunate enough to grow hydrangeas. These flowers come in white, blue, pink, and green and are $5.99, which is cheap for a large bouquet.

Irises are great if you are looking for flowers for a tall vase. The long stems look amazing, styled in a tall cylinder vase and sitting on tables.


As temperatures rise in the summer, popular flowers include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Zinnias
  • Petunias
  • Peonies
  • Dahlias
  • Lilies
  • Gerber Daisies

There is an abundance of flowers in the summer, both potted and cut flowers. Zinnias and petunias are most popular in the potted plant section, but you will find the other flowers mentioned in the cut stem department.

Let's look at a few from my recent Trader Joe's shopping trip.

Sunflowers are another show stopper like hydrangeas and even more so. They are the quintessential focal flower in that their bright yellow color and large faces capture all the attention.

Cluster a set of only sunflowers in a tall vase or tuck them into an arrangement. They has summer written all over them.

Whenever I plan to do some container gardening, I love to check Trader Joe's potted plants first. Here is where I used petunias in a planter on my front porch.

Fresh flowers are a great addition to your summer front porch. Get more front porch ideas at my post: Beautiful Front Porch Flower Ideas to Enhance Your Curb Appeal.


As the leaves start to fall in autumn, check out these popular flowers for your fall celebrations:

  • Chrysanthemum
  • Goldenrod
  • Aster
  • Dahlias
  • Helenium
  • Carnations
  • Dried Wheat

Carnations look pretty year-round, but in the fall, they make a great flower for decorating. Something about them reminds me of a chrysanthemum but less fall-inspiring.

Chrysanthemums are present at my Trader Joe's from fall through winter. These are the perfect fall decorating flowers because of their autumn colors.

I love when the dried wheat shows up in the store. There are so many fun way to use dried wheat in your decor, table decorations or using crafting.

Here is where I used Trader Joe's dried wheat as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Hat on the back of a chair for guest to wear at outdoor dinner party

And again to make a wreath for our front door. Here is how to make a wreath with wheat.

fall wreath diy

Eucalyptus leaves made the perfect centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner. You can read about it here: Outdoor Thanksgiving Table Decor that Gives a Cozy Feeling of Hygge.

hygge thanksgiving table


During the winter holiday season, the floral department at Trader Joe's becomes a festive wonderland filled with classic Christmas flowers like:

  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas rose
  • Winter jasmine
  • Conifers
  • Evergreens

When winter arrives, Trader Joe's takes a shift in their flowers and greenery, pulling out all the traditional Christmas greenery. You will find the store wreaths and garlands, and the store smells like a Christmas tree farm.

Pine Cone Swag

You can purchase a bundle of branches like these and make them into an easy door decoration as I did in this blog post on how to make a pine cone wreath swag.

Another idea is to hang their fresh green wreaths on your mirrors and add a bow then drape their garland over your mantel. I used two garlands to get a fuller look, which lasted a long time.

You can learn see more great fresh flower and greenery ideas for Christmas in my post: Little Women Christmas Home Tour with Burgundy, Gold, and Velvet Elegance!

Year Around Flowers and Greenery

Now that we have covered all the season some flowers are year around. Here are a few I find at my Trader Joe's and use throughout the year.

  • Roses
  • Mixed Bouquets
  • Carnations
  • Chamomile (off and on throughout the year)
  • Babies Breath

Throughout the year, you will find all these flowers which make beautiful arrangements. Babies' breath is a favorite because it lasts a long time, and you can dry it to keep it forever.

Roses you will find year around and in an assortment of colors. Roses are perfect for decorating any time of year, but my favorite is Valentine's Day.

Chamomile is one of my favorite flowers to use in decor. You might have noticed it in the photo at the beginning of this post. I see different varieties of chamomile flowers throughout the year.

Sometimes, they look like the shape of a mum, while others remind me of a daisy. I love the ones that look like daisies.

Here is where I used chamomile in a basket to decorate our guest bedroom. You can see more photos in this antique vintage bedroom decor post.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray on a shiplap accent wall

Pricing Information

One of the standout qualities of Trader Joe's flowers is their cost-effectiveness. The price range varies depending on the location and time of the year. Still, generally, a bouquet's starting price is as low as $3.99, with most flower arrangements priced under $10.

This competitive pricing is particularly beneficial for those who wish to brighten their space frequently with fresh flowers without breaking the bank.

Whether you're looking for a bouquet to give as a gift or flowers to decorate your home, Trader Joe's offers an affordable solution without compromising the quality of the blooms. Their pricing policy makes fresh flowers accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.

Which Flowers to Avoid for Pets

While the beauty and freshness of Trader Joe's flowers can be an appealing addition to any household, it's essential to consider the well-being of your pets when selecting flowers. Specific blooms can be hazardous and, in some cases, extremely toxic to your furry friends.

The following flowers are poisonous to pets:

  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Oleanders
  • Amaryllis 
  • Chrysanthemum
  • English Ivy 
  • Peace Lily
  • Pothos

Please note – this list is not comprehensive, so be sure to check with a reliable source or consult a veterinarian if the plants and flowers in your home are safe for your pets.

Trader Joe's offers a plethora of pet-safe alternatives, such as:

  • Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Zinnias
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Snapdragons
  • Hyacinth
  • Orchids

Three Reasons to Choose Trader Joe's for Flowers

The first compelling reason to opt for Trader Joe's flowers is the assurance of freshness. Thanks to their fast turnover rate and sourcing from quality growers, you can be confident that your chosen bouquet will stay vibrant and beautiful for an extended period.

Next, the accessible price point of Trader Joe's flowers is a definite draw. Unlike many florists that charge high rates for their bouquets, Trader Joe's makes it possible to regularly adorn your home with fresh blooms without straining your budget.

Finally, the diverse range of flowers available at Trader Joe's makes it a one-stop shop for all your floral needs. Whether you seek classic roses for a romantic surprise, whimsical daisies for a birthday bouquet or vibrant sunflowers to brighten up your living space, Trader Joe's has you covered.


The budget-friendly nature of Trader Joe's flower offerings is one of its most appealing features. While shopping for a bouquet of fresh blooms can often lead to a hefty bill at the flower shop, that's not the case at Trader Joe's.

The grocery chain is known for its reasonable prices, ranging from $3.99 to $15.99 across all departments, and the floral section is no exception.

From classic roses to exotic orchids, you can find a wide array of fresh and beautiful flowers at surprisingly modest prices. This particularly benefits those who love fresh flowers' ambiance but hesitate due to budget constraints.

Retro vintage antique aesthetic bedroom

Some chamomile in a basket bag is the perfect addition to your Antique Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom.

At Trader Joe's, you have the liberty to indulge in fresh blooms often without worrying about overspending. The pricing also encourages customers to explore and experiment with different flower types, arrangements, and color palettes without fearing a steep price tag.

Furthermore, competitive pricing doesn't mean a compromise in quality. Trader Joe's is committed to sourcing from quality growers and ensuring the freshness of their blooms, providing you with fantastic value for your money.

Long-lasting Quality

Trader Joe's commitment to quality is a cornerstone of their appeal, particularly when it comes to their floral department. They meticulously source their blooms from top-notch growers, ensuring customers receive only the best.

Be sure to use the plant food to get an even longer life span from your beautiful flowers.

Diverse Selection

Equally appealing is the vast assortment available. From classic roses to exotic tropical flowers, Trader Joe's choices cater to various tastes and occasions.

Seeking something romantic? Opt for their luxurious lilies or elegant roses. Looking to create a rustic, wildflower bouquet? Explore their seasonal selection for inspiration.

The diversity extends to various accessories, such as greenery and filler flowers, allowing you to customize your arrangements to the last detail.

Trader Joes Flowers for Home Decor or Events

When our house needs something fresh, I look to flowers to brighten things up. Honestly, I begin by looking outside to see if anything in my garden is blooming first. If there is nothing there or Trader Joe's has something seasonal I cannot find in my yard, I head to the store.

If you made it this far in this blog post, head over to decorating with Trader Joe's Flowers to get ideas for adding beautiful flowers to your home decor.

Trader Joe's Flowers for Entertaining

Trader Joe's flowers are helpful when entertaining guests for parties, events, birthdays, and weddings. They're perfect for holiday dinners like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and the best part is that Trader Joe's focuses on traditional holiday plants.

Let's look at how I have used Trader Joe's flowers and greenery to dress up our home when entertaining.

Table Centerpiece

During the month of love, February, you will find that flowers as a centerpiece can make a table much more special.

Here is where I made a wood frame flower holder to hold Trader Joe's beautiful mini roses and chrysanthemums.

Valentine table decorations centerpiece

Another alternative to this centerpiece is to collect the Martinelli jars and place them in a dough bowl, as I mentioned before.

Since we are on the subject of using dough bowls as a base, consider using a charcuterie board.

Wicker basket centerpiece with charcuterie board under it

I placed a basket in the center of a large charcuterie board for this event. I placed a small bucket in the basket and filled it with Trader Joe's, focal, and filler flowers and greenery.

Once the arrangement was complete, I placed sweet treats on the charcuterie board. Layering pieces with flowers as the centerpiece brings character and style to your table for a party.

Tips for Picking and Transporting your Trader Joe's Flowers

  • Trader Joe's restocks their floral selection every morning, so the best time to get there is early morning for a larger selection.
  • Consider asking for a wine box to transport your flowers home, or if you have a lot of flowers, you can ask for a bucket. Ask when you get to the cash register so they have time to get the bucket for you.
  • In a hurry? Some Trader Joe's, you can order flowers ahead of time, but you will need to check your store because not all stores will let you order ahead.

Trader Joe's Flower for DIY Wedding Bouquets

We are planning a wedding in our house and decided to turn to Trader Joe's for all the table flower decorations.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of flowers at an affordable price, but they also provide a unique selection that can perfectly fit your wedding theme.

This is one of my favorite ideas for a wedding or baby shower. All you need is baby's breath and a chandelier. Learn how to create this lovely display in my post Decorate a Chandelier with Flowers for a Party or Home Decor.

Trader Joe's as a Source for DIY Wedding Flowers

The lovely blooms at Trader Joe's won't break your wedding budget, and their quality rivals that of a professional florist, making Trader Joe's a fantastic choice for DIY wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

The diverse variety ensures you find flowers that reflect your wedding style and color palette. Trader Joe's is a treasure trove for those seeking to create unique, budget-friendly floral arrangements for their special day.

Cost Advantages of Purchasing Flowers at Trader Joe's for Your Wedding

Opting for Trader Joe's flowers for your DIY wedding bouquets comes with considerable financial benefits. Traditional florists often have a high mark-up.

In contrast, Trader Joe's is well known for their reasonable pricing, allowing you to acquire stunning flowers without incurring a hefty cost. Their economical prices enable you to create bountiful arrangements and even more extravagant centerpieces without compromising your budget.

Plus, with the money saved, you can allocate more towards other wedding aspects like the venue, catering, or your honeymoon. Whether you're seeking to host an extravagant affair or a small, intimate ceremony, Trader Joe's flowers provide an affordable solution for your floral needs, proving that beautiful wedding bouquets don't have to come with a high price tag.

In-store Ordering Information for Wedding Planning

Planning for your big day involves many details, including ensuring the freshness of your flowers. While Trader Joe's does not offer an online flower ordering option, making an in-store visit a few days before your wedding guarantees that your blooms are fresh and vibrant.

To familiarize yourself with the rotation of flowers and their availability, we suggest visiting your local Trader Joe's on multiple occasions before your special day.

Remember, Trader Joe's is a beloved source of inexpensive, high-quality flowers, so try to get to the store early in the day for the best selection. This way, you'll be sure to find the perfect blooms to bring your DIY wedding bouquets to life.


I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide to Trader Joe's flowers. The flowers at Trader Joe's are always fresh and affordable. Be sure to get there early in the morning for the best flowers, filler, and greenery selection.

There are so many options for decorating with Trader Joe's flowers. They can be used around the house and the porch as centerpieces for weddings and bouquets, showers, birthday parties, or as gifts. The options are endless.

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Did you know you can make a flower shopping list on the Trader Joe's website? Give it a try! Do you shop for flowers at Trader Joe's? I'd love to hear your best tips for how you decorate with them in the comments!

Happy Decorating!