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Decorating a Home with Love Using DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Valentine's Day, the holiday that puts love at the forefront, traditionally bursts with reds, pinks, and hearts. Yet, what if your Valentine's decor could speak volumes about your love in a more personal way? DIY Valentines Day decor may be just what you need.

In this blog post, join me on an adventure as we explore meaningful and simple homemade Valentine decorations that go beyond the conventional. Let's infuse your home with the warmth of love this Valentine's Day with DIY Valentines Day decor.

DIY Valentine decor ideas (kitchen sitting room decorated for Valentines day with paper printable garlands, printable art, flowers and more.

You don't need to break the bank or spend hours creating Valentine's Day decorations. Inspiration may be close by, offering you a plethora of Valentine decoration ideas for home.

These homemade Valentine decorations for adults make great Valentine decoration ideas for office, too.  Don't you love when decorating for holidays like these simple Valentine decorations ideas become so versatile that you can decorate with them anywhere?   

February 14th can sneak up on you after all the work of taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, so these easy DIY Valentine's Day decorations are also perfect if you're decorating at the last minute.

Let's delve into some items you can repurpose, transform, or craft for heartfelt holiday decorations.

Handmade Valentine Decorations

Let's jump right in with DIY Valentines Day decor inspiration.

Printable Valentine Art

Printable Valentine's Vintage Museum Art

Changing up your art for Valentine's Day doesn't have to be pricey. You can transform an existing print for under $10. Printable Valentine art is the easiest way to decorate your home quickly and beautifully.

Head over to Etsy for printable art or explore public domain options.

I printed a beautiful vintage still life after search public domain art and effortlessly revamped a piece in our kitchen sitting room, proving that creating an artful Valentine's ambiance can be easy on the pocket.

Printable Valentine Kitchen Art

Another inexpensive idea is keeping a homemade clipboard in your kitchen to change out art through the seasons and holidays.

This spot in my kitchen traditionally fashions one of my cottage-style grain sack designs, so this Valentine's day I thought it would be fun to create a flower farm design.

Here is a listing in my Etsy shop where you can buy all the designs to change out through the year. What a simple and easy way to decorate for holidays.

Love Story Bible Verse Valentine Free Printable Art

For the mantel Valentine's Day decoration, I repurposed a thrifted vintage frame with a love quote. As a gift to you, I've created a free printable called “Love Story,” featuring a Corinthian 13: 4-6 verse. It will look as lovely in your living room as it does in mine.

Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive access to this heartfelt piece and find many more free printables including Valentine pieces.

DIY Valentine Garland Decorations

DIY Paper Book Page Garland

Is there anything sweeter than a handmade heart? Garlands add charm to decorations, and a 3D book page floral garland is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Crafted from printable designs, this versatile banner is a great addition that can adorn your space from February through April.

Hang it horizontally or vertically—whether over hooks, hutch, or fireplace mantel, it radiates love. This printable paper heart shape garland is available for download in our Etsy shop here. Step by step directions are included along with all the pages to print.

Valentine Letter and Number Pennant Banner

Another Etsy find, a letter and number pennant banner in warm rose colors, adorned our kitchen sitting room. Create your message and drape it elegantly.

We opted for “XOXO,” adding a touch of love to our dish-filled hutch in classic red and white.

This paper Valentine's banner is also available in our Etsy shop here. Simply download, print and craft your own custom banner.

DIY Doily Heart Garland

My all-time favorite thing of the DIY Valentine’s Day decorations is the vintage doily heart garland, simple to make yet radiating nostalgic joy. Perfect for various surfaces like dressers, hutches, and fireplace mantels, this charming vintage garland of hearts adds a touch of love to any room.

Here are directions on how to make a doily heart garland. It's an easy project that will bring the Valentine spirit to any room.

DIY Heart Letter & Number Garland Printable

For a personalized touch, consider crafting a heart letter and number garland. I opted for an Italian “Amore” theme, adding a hint of wildflowers.

Hanging vertically on our bookcase, this heart decoration DIY banner is an easy and delightful addition to your Valentine's Day decorations. Vertical hanging is a great idea if you're dealing with a small space.

To shop this paper heart letter and number garland simply head over to our Etsy shop here.

Decorating with Valentine Dishes

Here's another cute idea – consider displaying dishes in shades of red or pink, or those adorned with hearts, around your home.

Pink, Red or Valentine Dish Decorations

Last year during Christmas, I proudly showcased red and white Currier & Ives dishes gifted by my daughters.

To our surprise these dishes are finding their way into other holidays like Valentine's day.

From hutches to coffee tables, the possibilities are endless if you have dishes that fill fit the Valentines aesthetic.

Valentine Vintage Candy Dish

No Valentine's decoration is complete without a candy dish filled with heart-shaped delights. This year, I repurposed a thrifted cookie mold shaped like a heart, creating a sweet focal point in the entryway. Right inside the front door, the candy hearts are a sweet treat for visitors.

Decorating with Valentine Homemade Flower Arrangements

Beyond hearts, flowers play a vital role in Valentine's Day décor. Craft your flower arrangements to add a personal touch to your home.

DIY Rose Bouquet

You don't need to be a florist to create a charming rose arrangement. Here's a good idea. With a small bowl and a bunch of roses from the grocery store, arrange them in a layered fashion for a perfect Valentine's Day centerpiece. This looks amazing in your kitchen, dining table, or coffee table and roses come in many different colors to match your decor or style.

How Do You Make a Table Look Romantic?

Flowers are a great way to make your table more romantic. You don't need a big, expensive arrangement. You can make a romantic table with some simple flowers thoughtfully arranged.

Easy Valentines Floral Centerpiece

Another idea is to arrange tiny flowers in glass jars on a tray. It's a simple decoration with big impact.

Collect glass jars with narrow mouths, cut wildflowers or small flowers, and create a simple yet elegant centerpiece on the dining room table for your table or romantic dinner.

Babies Breath Flower Arrangement

Another easy-to-find and arrange flower is babies breath. Found at most grocery stores, it is an easy decoration and simple to make.

Use any glass or jar you have and cut sprigs of babies breath as long as you want to make a wildflower-looking arrangement of all white.

There are other ideas you can use babies breath to decorate your home like making a flower arrangement for your chandelier, as we did for our Southern bridal shower.

Greenery Valentine Decorations

Consider using greenery and ribbon as an alternative for a touch of Valentine's Day charm.

In our home, I collected greenery cuttings, bundled them with warm pink velvet bows, and displayed them on candle sconces in the entryway.

This simple yet effective decoration gives guests a glimpse of our Valentine-decorated home.

Candle Decorations for Valentine's Day

Candles can infuse your home with a romantic Valentine's ambiance. Utilize candlesticks, both traditional and battery-powered, to create a warm and charming atmosphere. Let's check out some of my favorite DIY Valentines Day decor ideas using candles.

Candles on the Fireplace

The fireplace is an ideal canvas for romantic decorations. I adorned mine with a mix of battery-powered and traditional candles in brass candlesticks. The soft glow brings a simple yet enchanting Valentine's touch to the mantel.

DIY Valentine Candle Dough Bowl

For an easy yet impactful centerpiece, gather heart-shaped bowls and place tea lights inside, arranging them in a trencher dough bowl. Illuminate your space with this charming, simple DIY project.

Valentine Ribbon and Bow Decorations

Finally, consider adding ribbon and bows for that extra touch of Valentine charm. Ribbon adds a little extra to your Valentine DIY decorations.

Ribbon Garland on Mantel

To enhance our mantel, I incorporated a neutral Valentine decoration with bows and ribbon draped around the front. This delicate touch ties the decorations together seamlessly.

Pink Velvet Ribbon Bows

Don't forget the details! The greenery in the entryway comes alive with the addition of pink velvet ribbon bows.

Remember, great designs are in the details, so after creating larger arrangements, sprinkle in touches like these bows for an extra layer of charm.

How Can I Decorate My House for Valentine's Day?

In previous years, I used ribbon as a unifying element in my Valentine home tours. This year, however, four key elements tied everything together: flowers, garlands and banners, ribbon, and candles.

diy valentines day decor

With prices of everything going up, looking at homemade decorations will make you smile.  So look at lower-cost resources like Dollar Tree, Etsy, Hobby Lobby, grocery store flowers, or the great outdoors for your Valentine's Day crafts.


I hope you love these DIY Valentines Day decor ideas as much as I enjoyed decorating with them.

When adorning your home for Valentine's Day, select items that truly evoke the season of love. Let your decorations tell a story and speak volumes about the cherished moments you share with those you love.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day décor idea? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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