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5 Effortless Valentine Room Ideas to Make your Valentine Feel Special

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means it's time to romance your special someone or show your family your love with a few decorations and/or sweet intentions. But don't worry—finding the right decorations doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five effortless Valentine room ideas to make your Valentine feel extra special this year. And spoiler alert many are vintage valentine decorating ideas too.

Valentine room ideas

In our home, I love to do subtle touches of Valentine's decor in all the main living spaces. It is fun to add Valentine colored ribbon to wreaths and baskets, hang Valentine printable art, and decorate with fresh and faux flowers. It's a great way to celebrate the season of love.

Each year I change it up a little, and this year I have vintage Valentine decor on my mind with a beautiful warm rosy accent color. So here are the five Valentine room ideas and vintage valentine decorating ideas that I hope will inspire you to do a little decorating too.

Valentine Room Ideas FAQs:

How to decorate your room for Valentine's Day?

I'm going to introduce you to five great and inexpensive ways to decorate for Valentine's Day including:

  1. Create a Colorful Room with Red or Pink Accent Colors
  2. Fill the Room with fresh or faux Flowers
  3. Light it Up with Candles and String Lights
  4. Add Valentine Art with Printables
  5. Decorate with Valentine Garlands or Banners

How can I make my room romantic for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a romantic day to share with your significant other. Most of these simple ways add the perfect romantic touches for creating a romantic setting for Valentine's Day. Fresh flowers, candles, and fairy lights will make any room feel magical and romantic.

Create a Colorful Room with Red and Pink Accent Colors

One of the simplest ways to transform a room into a Valentine's space is simply adding touches of red or pink. In our kitchen rocking chair room, I achieved this with a warm rosy pink velvet ribbon and pink flowers.

Add a velvet ribbon a wreath for Valentine decorations

On this little pom pom wreath I made during the winter, I removed the light gray blue ribbon and added this dark pink ribbon to the wreath. Repeat the ribbon through the room and your house. This is truly a easy way of adding I love you colors to your decor.

Fill the Room with Fresh or Faux Flowers

Valentine room ideas with flowers

Here is another place I used the ribbon. This bunny rabbit gets dressed up each holiday or season with a coordinating ribbon, and then I add something to his basket that also represents the holiday.

Hamilton is his name, so I placed artificial matching peonies in his basket after giving him a new tie. It adds the perfect pop of color for Valentine's.

You don't need fancy floral arrangements to decorate for Valentine's. Like the ribbon, sprinkle more flowers through your house as I did here in our kitchen.

Red roses are typical for Valentine's but aren't the only pretty red or pink fresh flowers you can use. Because the azaleas have started blooming early, I snipped some for this adorable handmade strainer my daughter made in college.

Flower decoration on a stove in a kitchen for Valentine room ideas

You don't have to only use flowers you can also use leaves that are rosy colored.

Rosy colored branches as a valentine decoration

While on my morning walk, I discovered a tree with these gorgeous branches full of rosy leaves. Bonus points! Free flowers. I returned with my sheers, cut off about ten branches, and placed them in a big basket on our dining table.

Set a pitcher of water inside so the branches have water to drink to make them last longer.

Light It Up with Candles and String Lights

Valentine room ideas using candles

Let's go back to Hamilton and the kitchen rocking chair room because it is time to talk about probably the most Valentinish decoration of all, which is candles.

If you have any battery-powered or real candles, nestle them into your Valentine's decorations as I did here on the end table.

Valentine candle decorating ideas

Decorating with candles for Valentine's day makes this holiday decorating idea so easy and is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere. Here is another example of using a candle to decorate for Valentine's day.

I love using this old jar candle and it is a great example of a vintage valentine decorating ideas.

I placed an old thrifted cutting board on my range and then set a jar candle next to my flower arrangement. You can use a scented candle or unscented and enjoy the smell of your fresh flowers.

Add Valentine Art with Printables

I have been a fan of changing our decorations with printables, so much so that I created my own Etsy printable wall art shop. For the kitchen area, I used this rose botanical set. I picked out my two favorites and used an office stapler to attach them to three paint paddles with the handle cut off.

I forgot to mention I painted the wood pieces with antique gold rub n buff before I attached the prints and then last attached a piece of twine to the top so it would hang in my kitchen area.

It gives my wall decor the perfect updated vintage look.

Valentine printable art rose botanicals

Adding holiday wall art with my Etsy shop printables is easy and cheap. What better way to celebrate each holiday season?

You're sure to find Valentine's Day inspiration with these Etsy shop printables.

Victorian Cupid printable pastel colors

Here is another printable I used on our fireplace mantel. This cupid definitely brings the valentine's spirit. Sorry for the photo quality, but I grabbed a shot from a video on a rainy day, and that is why it is so grainy.

I printed this cupid victorian printable, scaling it to a smaller size in the print settings, and then placed it over another piece of art in this mini ornate frame.

You can see me putting all the decorations for Valentine's together in this Vintage Valentine YouTube video and the cute Victorian cupid printable.

Decorate with Valentine Garlands and Banners

And last is one of my oldest decorations for Valentine's day — this doily heart garland is a favorite vintage valentine craft.

Vintage valentine craft - Heart doily garland for Valentines day

A long time ago, I did a post on how to make a doily heart garland. This easy Valentine's garland is so cheap and easy that even the kids can do it.

Consider hanging this Valentine's Day decoration on your hutch as I did in my dining room, or bring a little love to the living room by hanging it on your fireplace mantel when decorating with the garland. The options are endless.

And – another good idea – you can layer other garlands with it like this felt ball garland or a pom pom garland. I have directions on how to make a pom pom garland too.

It's so fun, it brightens the entire room.


With these five effortless Valentine room ideas, you can easily make this Valentine's Day a special day to remember. From incorporating subtle accents and colors to adding beautiful ribbons, your Valentine will feel the love and sweet appreciation in these special rooms. You're sure to find the best way to decorate your own home from these Valentine's Day ideas.

If your still looking for more valentine's day decorations ideas or DIY ideas, try this article:

Do you have any great ideas for Valentine's Day decor? I'd love to hear them in the comments.

Now that you've got the perfect Valentine's Day room ideas, what are you waiting for? Make your Valentine or family feel special today. Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Decorating!