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2024 Paint Color of the Year: A Palette of Possibilities for Your Home

Ditch the resolutions, grab a paintbrush! The 2024 paint color of the year is here to make your walls (and your mood) sing. From peachy coziness to cosmic escapes, this palette promises an emotional kaleidoscope for your home. Let's dive in and find your perfect shade for a transformative 2024!

What are all the paint colors of the year colors 2024

As an interior designer for over 25 years, I can’t help but get giddy around this time. I'm sure it's the same throughout the design community. These annual trends aren't just paint swatches; they're windows into the future, whispered promises of the moods and emotions we'll crave in the coming year. So, grab your paintbrush, because 2024's color forecast is bursting with possibilities!

2024 Paint Colors of the Year

Before we get lost in the rainbow of paint options for the new year, let's stop and admire the reigning queen of color: Pantone's Color of the Year. Think of it like the trendsetter, the “it” shade that hints at the mood and vibe we'll all be craving in the months ahead from the color authority.

It's not just a pretty hue, it's a peek into the crystal ball of design both interior, exterior and fashion, giving us a taste of the colors that will soon be popping up everywhere.

So, understanding this special color and its story can actually help us navigate the whole sea of options!

What is the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year?

Pantone's Peach Fuzz: Vibrant and Soft Dusty Orange

Forget the stark whites and the cool grays, 2024 is all about embracing warmth and connection. That's where Pantone's 13-1023 Peach Fuzz comes in, a delicate dance between pink and orange that radiates sunshine in every brushstroke. It's not just a color, it's a feeling: a soft hug for your walls, inviting you to create havens of comfort and connection in any room.

2024 Pantone color of the year peach fuzz painted on a wall in a house

If you love the cheery pinkish-orange hue of this color, you will need to go look at brands like Sherwin Williams or Behr. Ask the associates to match the color or if they already have a formula for Pantones color of the year 2024. You're sure to see this cheery color gain popularity this year. Now let's dive into the color of the year by brand.

What colors will trend in 2024?

2024 brings us a unique array of color trends. Lighter hues, like the classic shade of creamy white and muted pastels, bring an open and bright feeling to your rooms. Darker colors like soft blacks and deep blues provide a cozy sensibility. No matter your individual style, whether you are looking for a warm neutral or something brighter or bolder, you will surely find something you love. And you'll definitely be seeing these colors popping up on social media.

Benjamin Moore's 2024 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore's Blue Nova: Cosmic Blue

Imagine a room where Blue Nova washes over you in calming waves, anxieties dissolving like stars twinkling out. This color isn't about making a splash, it's about whispering secrets of the universe, transforming any space into a sanctuary of quiet contemplation. So close your eyes, breathe deep, and let Blue Nova paint your 2024 with the tranquility of a thousand twilight stars.

2024 Benjamin Moore paint color of the year Blue Nova on a wall

Behr's 2024 Color of the Year

Behr's Cracked Pepper: Earthy Black

Forget the pristine blank canvas of 2023 that I used in my butler's pantry, Behr's 2024 color paints a dramatic new chapter with Cracked Pepper, a soft black imbued with the warmth of earth. This latest color trend is a big switch, but in a world that feels shaky, this cozy, earthy shade hits the spot. This Behr paint is like the welcoming embrace of a warm blanket – comfy and reassuring, with modern elegance.

Behr 2024 paint color of the year cracked pepper

Sherwin Williams' 2024 Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams' Upward: Cozy Blue

All the brands paint color forecast this year may be all over the place but they all shout the same cozy whisper: comfort and peace. Take Sherwin-Williams' Upward – it's not your grandma's baby blue. This friendly sky-after-rain shade lifts your spirits like a gentle hug.

2024 Sherwin Williams Upward paint color of the year

Paint your interior spaces like your living room Upward and watch worries evaporate. Bonus? Create a vast blue sky by applying this light blue on a porch ceiling – haint blue with a modern twist, keeping good vibes in and blues out.

Glidden's 2024 Color of the Year

Glidden's Limitless: Vibrant Yellow

Glidden has a special color of the year, and it's a bright and lively yellow called “Limitless.” In these challenging times, who couldn't use a bit of sunshine? Glidden's got you covered. Just add this sunny color to any room, space, or furniture for the perfect backdrop to bring a cheerful vibe to brighten your day.

2024 Glidden paint color of the year limitless on kitchen cabinets

Valspar's 2024 Color of the Year

Valspar's Renew Blue: Calming Soft Sky Hue

Renew Blue from Valspar is a unique blend of boldness and calmness seamlessly combined. If you're a color enthusiast and enjoy cool shades, this is perfect for you. And hey, speaking of babies, it would be the most adorable choice for a playroom color.

2024 Valspar paint color of the year renew blue painting in a bathroom

Minwax's 2024 Color of the Year

Minwax's Bay Blue: Deep Moody Blue

Notice a recurring color theme? Blue is stealing the spotlight, and if you're a fan of blue, you're in for a treat. Minwax Bay Blue adds a touch of moodiness with its deeper tone, featuring hints of green. Imagine this as an accent color in a cozy half bath or painted on a door—dramatic and playful.

2024 Minwax stain color of the year bay blue

HGTV's 2024 Color of the Year

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Persimmon: Neutral Clay Hue

HGTV's paint color of the year, Persimmon, initially surprised me, but when I reflected on the past few years, it struck me that this clay-like shade has been consistently making appearances. Given the current trend toward beige tones, it makes sense why they opted for this hue.

2024 HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams paint color of the year Persimmon

Dutch Boy's 2024 Color of the Year

Dutch Boy Paint Ironside: Dramatic Deep Olive

We're circling back to a rich, dark, and moody green with Dutch Boy's Ironside. A notable takeaway from 2023 is people embracing more adventurous color choices in home design, particularly leaning towards darker shades.

2024 Dutch boy paint color of the year ironside painted on a shiplap wall

This deep, dark olive tone brings drama and a touch of the natural world. If you're a fan of dark and earthy neutrals, Ironside is the perfect fit. Imagine applying this color to accent walls, half baths, rooms with ample natural light, man caves, and theatre rooms for a bold and atmospheric touch.

Lick Paint's 2024 Color of the Year

Lick Paint Colors of the Year: Calm and Soothing Hues

I'm introducing a new paint company to my list, Lick Paint, as I plan to give them a try this year. While exploring their various paint colors of the year (they have more than one in their forecast), I noticed a consistent theme among them—soothing, calm, and peaceful vibes. Take a moment to explore all their colors of the year; among my favorites are White 05 and Blue 03.

Lick paint off white color
Lick paint beige color

Final Thoughts on the 2024 Color of the Year

As we wrap up our journey through the mesmerizing world of 2024 paint colors, it's evident that this year's palette is nothing short of a kaleidoscope. It offers a spectrum of emotions and inspirations to complement every design style. From the invigorating brightness of yellows to moody warm blacks, there's a shade for every personality corner of your home.

These colors aren't just pigments on a wall; they're invitations to create spaces that resonate with your soul. The hues speak volumes—inspiring creativity, instilling a sense of peace, and wrapping you in a cozy embrace. These colors will surely breathe new life into your home.

Are You Ready to Paint?

I'm curious to know, my color enthusiasts – which color of the year has captured your heart? What exciting paint projects do you have in mind for 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let's embark on this paint-filled journey together. I can't wait to see what's new next year.

Once you've incorporated your new favorite color of 2024 into your home, you can easily and inexpensively decorate with beautiful printable art like you'll find at our Etsy store.

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Happy Decorating!