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How to Make a Vintage Doily Heart Garland

This delicate doily heart garland will get admiring glances hanging in your home. The detailed vintage style complements any Valentine decor from farmhouse to modern.  Follow these step by step instructions to create this easy dollar store paper Valentine garland.

Valentine day doily heart garland

Valentine's day is an easy holiday to decorate for with so many wonderful heart garland ideas to choose from but the easy homemade decor, such as paper doily garlands, is one of my favorites.

In fact, I have a post with some precious ideas from other bloggers that's all about homemade Valentine's day garland ideas.

I promise you will be inspired.  So let's get on to making this doily heart garland.

Vintage Doily Heart Garland

Before get started I wanted to give you an update on this blog post. I created this doily heart garland many years ago and it is a Valentine decoration that I use every year. It is so easy to make that kids can even do it.

To begin let's collect a few items you will need to create your Valentine's Day garlands.

Valentine day doily heart garland supplies



Determine where you want your doily garland to hang.  I love to layer garlands like this felt garland and pom pom yarn garland I made.

Simply drape your measuring tape where you want the garland to hang and then add about 5 more inches to the measurement.

Valentine day doily heart garland measuring


Next, layout your tape on a table.

Valentine doily heart garland measuring tape

And then lay out the twine next to the tape.

Then cut the twine according to the measurement and lay the twine down on the table.

Valentine day doily heart garland DIY

Heart Paper Doilies

Now pull apart the paper doilies and start laying them out under the twine.

Put as many doilies as you want under the twine.

There is no right or wrong amount.  It is really up to you on how many heart doilies you want hanging under the twine.

Valentine day doily heart garland

Thread Twine into Heart Doilies

Continue your project by threading the twine on top of one side and then under on the other side.

Valentine day doily heart garland threading twine

You may find that your doily hearts have a different design than mine but that is okay.

Simply find a hole on one side and thread behind and up through a similar hole on the other side.

Valentine day doily heart garland threading twine

It will look like this when you are finished threading.

Valentine day doily heart garland threading twine

How to Hang your Doily Heart Garland

It is time to hang your garland.

Create a loop and tie it off on one side.

Hang your garland by using a tiny nail or command strip.

Valentine day doily heart garland hanging garland

Then twist the twine around the other nail or command strip into the length you think is just right.

Valentine day doily heart garland hanging white garland

Next, slide the hearts into the position you like.

You may need to adjust the height of the garland a little which is why I only twist the twine around the nail.  This allows me flexibility until I have it just right.

Valentine day doily heart garland shifting hearts

Once you have determined the height then either tie off the twine or if it seems secure just twisted you can keep it in that position.

Where to hang your paper heart garland

There are so many fun places you can hang this heart garland.

My favorite is on my hutch but you can hang then on fireplaces, windows, art, mirrors, the back of benches, footboard on beds and the list goes on.

Valentine day doily heart garland on a hutch

Also, consider adding other garlands with your doily heart garland like a pom-pom garland. I show you how to make a pom pom garland in another post.

Isn't it amazing how something so simple and cheap can add a little Valentine's day love into your decor?


With so many wonderful vintage Valentine decorations in the store, it is sometimes challenging to find something unique for your own home.

Valentine day doily heart garland in color white

And if you are nostalgic and love vintage then this doily heart garland has your name written all over it.

Vintage Valentine day doily heart garland

Now that you know how to make a heart garland you will find that you have some doilies leftover.

One way to use them is on a Valentine's day dinner table decoration.  There are loads of photos in this post show you how to use all your remaining heart doilies.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you want more Valentine's day decor ideas try our Valentine's day tiered tray and our other Valentine's banner idea.

Happy Decorating!

How to Make a Vintage Doily Heart Garland

How to Make a Vintage Doily Heart Garland

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

Easy steps on how to make a doily heart garland.


  • Small heart doilies
  • Twine


    1. Measure where you want the garland to go and write down the length

2. Lay your measuring tape out on a tableValentine doily heart garland measuring tape

3. Lay your twine next to the measuring tape

4. Cut the twine at the dimension you wrote downValentine day doily heart garland DIY

5. Lay the cut twine out on the table

6. Pull apart the small doily hearts

7. Lay the hearts down next to the twine however apart from that you like.

8. Thread the twine behind one of the hearts in the upper right corner

9. Run the twine behind the doily heart and thread the twine up through a hole in the opposite corner

10.Repeat this step for all the hearts

11. Hang your garland with a small nail or command strip

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