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With families spending more time at home nowadays I thought some easy and fun family Valentine dinner ideas will bring joy into our homes. Whether you have kids at home or not this Valentine's Day tablescape is perfect for two or more.

Family Valentine dinner ideas

How Do You Host a Valentine's Day Dinner?

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity and a good reason to bring your family together and celebrate your love for one another. Forget the crowded restaurant and make a special Valentine's Day dinner at home.

To host your family Valentine's Day dinner, you'll want to set the mood with a Valentine's Day-inspired tablescape, a fun activity, a tasty menu, and a Valentine-themed dessert.

We're going to dive into all these steps and you'll learn a great way to host a dinner that's fun for the entire family!

These family Valentine dinner ideas will bring a smile to everyone's face. You will find a scrumptious fancy cupcake place setting idea, a gingerbread village Valentine centerpiece idea and along the runner is a fun activity for the whole family plus menu ideas.

This Valentine's Day tablescape can be easily transformed into a romantic dinner table for two, or if you have a large family, you can simply add more chairs and make the runner longer.

Whether it's a date night or a family night, get ready for a Valentine's Day dinner to remember, and it will take less time to create than you think.

So let's jump into the steps on how to make Valentine's dinner table for the family.


Before you start planning the menu for your Valentine's day dinner let's talk about the table. This is my favorite part! Here is what you will need.

What Do I Need to Host a Valentine's Day Dinner?

Shop Supplies:

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Because this table is for families that means it needs to be kid-friendly. Both fun and easy to clean up.

Kid Friendly Valentine's Table Runner

So for the tablecloth, consider a roll of white paper. It's a great option and a favorite thing of mine for dinners with kids. Simply slide it down the center of the table and let it hang over generously down each side.

Valentine kid friendly table runner idea using paper and seersucker

Next, pick up some seersucker from the fabric store and run it down the center of the table. I purchased one yard and cut it in half then gathered one side from the center to the ends and then the same on the other side.

Family Valentine tablescape runner ideas

As you can see the seersucker runner only hangs over about 10″ on the sides.

This is one of the easiest ways to start your tablescape and cleaning up requires minimal effort.

Valentine's Centerpiece

Next, let's create an inexpensive centerpiece that you can use as a decoration in your home too. Begin by painting a charger from the Dollar Tree with white chalk paint or acrylic paint and place it in the center.

Valentine centerpiece idea for the whole family

Then pick up a round cake pan and paint the outside then turn it upside down on the charger.

Valentine's day centerpiece idea for the family dinner table

Next place Valentine's wooden gingerbread village in the center around the edge. Here are directions on how to make Valentine's wooden gingerbread houses.

They are very easy to make using a 2 x 4 piece of wood and paint.

Gingerbread village Valentine centerpiece for the family table

Now grab battery powered mini lights and put the battery pack right in the middle and then start working the light around the outside of the village using tape to keep it down.

How to make a centerpiece for Valentine's day for the family using gingerbread houses

Finally, add some Easter grass around the village. I used the grass from my girl's Easter baskets. Any color grass would be pretty.

Easy Valentine gingerbread house centerpiece

Valentine's Place Settings

The place setting is a more personal centerpiece for each person. I love to create place-setting decorations where each guest or family member gets a keepsake.

This year I found adorable cupcake stands and went on the search for a show-stopping cupcake. After asking friends on my Instagram for recommendations in my area I was lead to Les Cheris bakery.


Wait until we finish this place setting so you can see this delectable little treasure.

Begin by placing a charger or larger plate. I used Coton Colors ruffled buffalo check plate from my Christmas tree centerpiece post.

An idea to save a few dollars is to purchase more Dollar Tree chargers and paint a buffalo check on them.

Valentine dinner place setting using buffalo check red and white ruffle plates by Coton Colors

Next, add a paper or linen napkin and a white plate on top. These white plates came from Dollar Tree. You cannot beat Dollar Tree on these plates.

Valentine table setting with red and white buffalo check dinner plate and white plate stacked

Now place the cupcake stands on each plate just off-center because we are going to make heart doily envelopes now to sit next to the cupcake stand.

Cupcake stand by Target on a Valentine tablescape for the family

How to Make Heart Doily Envelopes

You will be so surprised at how easy it is to make envelopes from heart doilies. Simply take the largest heart doily and follow the lines and arrows on this photo.

How to make envelopes from heart doilies

You simply fold the sides in first. Then the top-down and using a glue stick run glue from top to bottom and fold it over.

Actually, I fold it over first and score the edges then run the glue inside and fold it back over.

Then I lay something heavy on it like a book and give it about 10 minutes to dry real good. After that, I fold the top down and score the edge again then place it on the plate next to the cupcake stand.

Homemade heart doily envelope

Now back to the place setting.

Place your silverware then your glass or cups. This all depends on who is sitting at your table.

If you want to make a kid-friendly fancy Valentine table then I would consider clear disposable cups.

Family Valentine's day table setting

Valentine's Dinner Family Activity

I love incorporating activities with tablescapes and this one will give everyone an opportunity to spread some kindness and is a part of the table runner.

Simply run twine down the center of the table and add painted clothespins about three inches apart. You will need to slide the twine under the centerpiece or you can add it before you start building the centerpiece.

Next paint the tips of clothespins using Valentine colors. It's not necessary, but makes it feel extra special. I used different shades of muted pinks and muted yellow.

Valentine's day table runner with twine and clothespins

Last, add the medium and small size doilies to each clothespin. Doesn't this look pretty?

Family Valentine's day tablescape with heart doilies and clothespin table runner

Now after dinner, each person can write a love note, word of encouragement, thank you, or whatever is on their heart to anyone they want on the doily and put it in the envelope to give to someone special.

Your family members will have a wonderful time with this fun activity. It's a perfect way to celebrate a day of love.

valentine's day table decorations ideas

Valentine's Cupcake Place Setting Centerpiece

This table was calling for a cupcake that would steal the show.

It has to be a larger cupcake at 4″, and even though it is smaller than a cake, it needs a fancy cake appearance like a wedding cake.

I was so happy when I found Les Cheris bakery! They have sweet treats for everyone.

Their cakes are amazing, and the best part is that they can accommodate gluten and dairy-free.

Talk about a win-win! Their Valentine's Day desserts were no exception, this is the good stuff.

They came up with these sweet treasures and it was the icing on the cake if you know what I mean. These are next level sweet treats.

Valentine's day cupcake by Les Cherie place setting centerpiece on a family Valentine tablescape

If you are in the Tallahassee area this you can find more about them on the Les Cheris website.

If you are not in this area let me recommend making or purchasing a 4″ cupcake and adding cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries to the top.

The main thing is to jazz up your cupcake with details.

valentine day dinner for family

This cupcake has a heart shaped macaron, chocolate covered strawberry with edible gold foil, pink icing rose, red starts and dusted with glitter.

Once you have your cupcakes place them on the cupcake stand just before dinner is about to be served or if you have toddlers you can bring out the cupcakes after dinner.

The cupcake stand is the best way to show off your beautiful cupcakes.

valentine dinner ideas for kids

Aren't they the most beautiful cupcakes you have ever seen?!! They'll make a great time even more special.

Now guess what? We are all finished with this family Valentine's day dinner tablescape. I hope you enjoyed these great ideas. Let's talk about the menu for your special dinner.

Family dinner Valentine's Menu Ideas

Looking for Valentine’s Day dinner ideas? It's a special occasion so you'll want a special meal with fun recipes everyone will love.

Cooking is not my best subject but my friend Mel has you covered when it comes to the menu. Her recipes always become my favorite recipes.

She has loads of dinner ideas on her website Adventures of Mel, and a strawberry cupcake on Flour on My Fingers.

You're sure to find a Valentine’s dinner ideas to create a fun meal even your picky eaters will enjoy.

She is a great place to start when planning your menu. And you may find delicious recipes to create yummy meals all year long.

Now that you have a family dinner table idea and a Valentine menu here are more photos of the family Valentine table decorations.

family valentine dinner ideas in pink, red and white

Little details is what makes tablescapes so special.

Les Cherie beautiful large cupcake with light pink icing rose, red stars, chocolate covered strawberry with gold foil and pink heart shape macaroon dusted with glitter.  Gluten and dairy free

The best part about this family Valentine table is layering. Layer the cupcake stand and cupcake.

family valentines dinner and table decorations

Layer dishes with dinner napkin in between and layer the centerpiece. This table is a kids Valentine dream.

valentines day dinner ideas for family


I hope you have enjoyed these family Valentine dinner ideas. It has been so fun creating it for you.

family friendly dinner ideas

That's all there is to creating a fun Valentine's dinner for family. Now all you have to do is enjoy dinner, family, and dessert.

Oh, and don't forget to remind everyone to write their doily love notes. For us, it was the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day.

Heart doily envelope as a place setting on family friendly dinner table ideas

If you are looking for decorations for Valentine I have loads more like this super easy to make doily heart garland. All ages can make this garland and it looks so cute hanging on mantles, hutches, or mirrors.

You can also check out my post 5 Effortless Valentine Room Ideas to Make your Valentine Feel Special.

Looking for more family Valentine dinner ideas or Valentine's Day decor fun ideas? Check out these posts:

Is there something you like to do with your family on Valentine's Day to make it a special day? Or meal ideas? I'd love to hear your creative ideas in the comments. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Decorating!


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Sunday 31st of January 2021

Linda, this is one of the prettiest Valentine’s tables I have seen. The cupcake stand is such a great idea and the cupcakes are beautiful!!

Linda McDonald

Sunday 31st of January 2021

Your comment made my day! Thank you so much, Sherry!


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