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Small White Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Let's talk about how to decorate a small bath into a white farmhouse bathroom style. We transformed this narrow plain space into a bright happy modern small farmhouse bathroom.

White farmhouse bathroom renovation

Believe it or not, bathrooms are fun to redesign and this white farmhouse bathroom is one of my favorites. This small space belongs to my niece. While visiting we spontaneously decided to redecorate the hall bathroom.

There were a few things that needed fixing in this bath so before we could put pretty farm decor on the wall we had to pick out a paint color and solve a few problems like a mirror.

White Farmhouse Bathroom

Whenever I start redesigning or decorating any room I start with an inspiration piece. That might be a photo from Pinterest, a piece of art, or a rug. For this bathroom, my niece showed me photos of white bathrooms on Pinterest. We talked about what she likes and what she could live with.

Before we knew it she wanted a brighter bathroom with a white theme but keep the warm wood tones of the vanity. Her focus was modern farmhouse-style bathrooms. Now that we know the style we had to fix a few problems like the mirror and light.

Corner Vanity Mirror DIY

Smaller bathrooms can instantly look larger if you add a large mirror. For this corner, a wrap-around mirror would be perfect. This is such a good idea for any tiny bath.

Next, let's talk about how to make a corner vanity bathroom mirror. To begin we needed to build out the corner so there would be a center mirror because when someone stands in front of the sink they need to see into a mirror instead of a crease made from where the vanity mirrors would come together.

Corner bathroom vanity mirror DIY

Basically, we cut pieces of wood into triangles and screwed them into the wall behind it.

Small farmhouse white bathroom vanity mirror

Next, we glued all the mirrors to the wall and the triangle blocks in the corner. Lucky for us we had a white chair rail for a backsplash so the mirrors sat on the trim and we used mirror clips on the top while the glue was drying. We removed the clips after the glue dried.

Now that we solved the mirror problem let's paint the small bathroom a popular choice called Sherwin Wiliams alabaster white.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster White Bathroom

Probably the easiest decision we have made yet is the paint color. A white color scheme will liven up the small farmhouse space. For our project, we painted everything. The trim, walls, doors, and all the trim are alabaster white.

Small white farmhouse bathroom

The easiest paint projects are when everything is the same color. Not nearly as much cutting in with the paint to get a straight line.

Consider a light color when figuring out your color scheme for your bathroom. A lighter color makes a small room feel larger and for the bathroom, the white color makes preparing makeup and dressing much better.

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Our next problem to solve is the lack of storage. Since all she has is the vanity we needed somewhere to store towels and toilet paper. She needed more storage space.

When you walk into the bathroom there is the perfect spot for a small cabinet that is easy access. We found this adorable distressed white piece of furniture. Having a piece of furniture that sits off the floor, meaning it has feet, allows light to travel under it and makes it feel less cluttered.

Not only is the cabinet solving our organizing problem but it is a classic look when you are coming down the hall. And a great focal point for the bath.

White farmstyle bathroom remodel

Inside the cabinet are some of our bathroom necessities — stacked towels, a fabric basket to hold the toilet paper, and a metal basket to hold hairbrushes, and hair bands. Great ideas for storage are baskets because it keeps things more organized. You can use wicker baskets and clear plastic too.

Bathroom storage idea

The next problem we had was the light so let's look at how we went from one light on one of the walls to a central pendant.

Corner Mirror Bathroom Light

So many times when we look at a bathroom we think our lighting has to be on the wall. But don't forget you can drop lighting down from the ceiling or go with recessed light.

Originally in this bathroom, we had a wall-mounted light on one of the walls. It looks off-balance and once we added the angle for the mirror we knew we couldn't go back with the wall mount light. So, we opted for a pendant light.

Schoolhouse style light in a white farm style bath

If you have a corner mirror this is the best solution for lighting. It is very simple. Take a pendant light kit then add your favorite globe to it. We went with a white schoolhouse globe.

The vintage white glass is perfect for putting on makeup. It filters light beautifully and fans a smooth glow of lighting without shadows. Keep this in mind when choosing bathroom lighting because it makes for the best light to put on makeup.

Black Matte Bath Vanity Faucet

Next on our agenda is a new faucet and to make this a more modern farmhouse look we went with black. Black fixtures polish the look of any space. The matte black finish was just what the wood vanity and white countertop needed. It has a nice contrast to the vanity area. To repeat the black look we went with new black hardware.

Modern farmhouse white bathroom

Two knobs to replace the ones already there and a pull on the panel at the top that looks like a drawer. Adding that one pull gave the cabinet more pizzazz.

Now that our major problems are solved let's begin decorating this white farmhouse bathroom.

How to Decorate a Small Farmhouse White Bathroom

The fun part is decorating this adorable little farmhouse bathroom. Let's start with a shower curtain.

Buffalo Check Shower Curtain

If there is one thing that adds farmhouse charm it is buffalo check. Since we already had the nice grey rugs we decided to find a buffalo check shower curtain. To the internet, we went to find the exact shower curtain for our bathroom.

Buffalo check farmhouse style shower curtain

Modern Farmhouse Style Towel Bar

Since we have children using this bathroom and it is the guest bathroom a row of hooks would be the most functional. Plus here is another decoration that has farmhouse written all over it.

White farmhouse bathroom DIY

We put the hooks low enough for the little girls to be able to hang their towels. And since it is low we needed to add a decoration above it. So let's talk about wall art for tiny white farmhouse bathrooms.

Cozy Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Art

Choosing wall art for a small white bathroom is easy. Because the walls are white there are endless options for art. My niece loves greenery so we found this cute “forever grateful” piece of art for over the farmhouse cabinet. It adds nice visual interest to the powder room.

White farm style bathroom art

Next, we looked for something to go over the towel hooks. And we thought a wreath would be cute but instead of just a lambs ear wreath, we added this tobacco basket to give it more texture and color.

Farmhouse white bathroom wall decorations

Look for art that fits the farmhouse look. You can purchase vintage items at flea markets or shop at stores like Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby to name a few. Also, consider art that is no wider than your piece of furniture or towel bar.

Last, we added farmhouse decor to the cabinet, behind the toilet, and in the vanity area. Greenery will warm up any space. If you don't have a green thumb go with artificial plants. Other items to look for that fits the farmhouse look are lanterns, crocks, and wooden decorations like candle holders to name a few.

Farmhouse style bath remodel

During this project, my niece fell in love with Rae Dunn so we added liquid soap to her decorations. It fit in perfectly!

White farmhouse bathroom Rae Dunn

Guess what? We have finished redesigning this bathroom.


Decorating a small white farmhouse bathroom is actually pretty easy. The hardest part is if you have bigger projects like our mirror and light. So if you don't have any bigger projects then this project will be a breeze.

A tiny bathroom can easily be brightened up with white paint colors. Remember light colors always make a space feel more open and larger.

Also, remember if you purchase any furniture to make sure it has feet so light can travel under it. This will help it not feel crowded.

And last, be minimal on your decorations. I like to use larger pieces like our “grateful” sign and a few faux plants here and there.

Here is how the mirror turned out. The only way I could get a good shot was holding my camera right in the middle. LOL

White farm house bath room

I hope this tutorial has been helpful and good luck with decorating your little bathroom. For more white modern farmhouse bathroom ideas try these small bathroom ideas or these small farmhouse bathroom ideas.

Happy Decorating!