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These 10 modern dutch door ideas are to a farmhouse like chickens are to a farm. Check out all these designs from half dutch door to double dutch door to interior and exterior too.

Modern Dutch Door Ideas

Dutch doors were first invented with a useful purpose, to let fresh air in and keep critters out. Today, they are for that, but also because they look so gosh darn cute.

Modern Dutch Door Ideas

Have you been longing for a dutch door in your home? We recently turned an old door into a dutch door and we have direction on how to make a DIY exterior dutch door. We have some perfect modern dutch door ideas for you to consider.

Grey Modern Dutch Door by Studio McGee

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Studio McGee with a grey front door and flower market planters

The McGee's designed this “classical coastal entryway.” It's so inviting.

The hardware and the flower market canisters have a modern look and yet there is a farmhouse feel with a dutch door.

Blue Green Modern Half Door by House of Turquoise

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by HOuse of Turquoise with a light turquoise dutch door framed in by crossed windows

This light turquoise dutch door is framed in gorgeously.

It's a great farmhouse dutch door. Not only do the windows let in light, but being able to open the top portion of the door allows summer to flow in.

Black Farm Style Dutch Door by Courtney Giles Interiors

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Courtney Giles Interiors with a black door and black hardware

When looking for some modern dutch door ideas this one on Courtney's Instagram page stuck out to us.

The fact that the black door causes the black hardware to disappear, allows this door to be simply stunning.

Vintage Green Half Door by Big Family Little Farmhouse

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Big Family Little Farmhouse with a green door leading into the pantry from the kitchen

Jenny's farmhouse has a dutch door that leads from the kitch into her magnificently organized pantry. It's the perfect interior dutch door.

The character that is brought to the kitchen by the addition of this door is striking.

Black Exterior Dutch Door by House Becomes Home

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by House Becomes Home with a black door to the outdoors

A farmhouse dutch door can lead from indoors to outdoors or from one room to another. Either way they are stunning.

You can even hang a wreath or basket with some cotton snuggled in it like Jordan does on her door.

Double Dutch Door by Rasmusen Painting & Design

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Rasmusen Painting and Design with a double dutch door

This double dutch door is beautiful painted in Azures by Benjamin Moore.

If you're looking for inspiration on what color to paint your front door, check out our post Colors For Your Modern Front Doors That Will Grab Attention. You'll be left with a multitude of colors to choose from.

Interior Half Door by This Temporary Home

Brooke, over at This Temporary Home blog, writes mostly about book recommendations, but she gave us a peek at her half dutch door recently on her Instagram page.

This door appears to be able to tell some stories itself. Stories about who has turned the handle to move from the living room into the kitchen. A vintage piece, like a dutch door, can add the perfect personality to a farmhouse room.

Antique Wooden Dutch Door by Ocean Walker 1

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Ocean Walker 1 with an antique wooden door

This dutch door is over 130 years old. It was stripped to show the natural wood and is simply breathtaking.

DIY Dutch Door by We Dabble

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by We Dabble with a wood door that leads into the kitchen

With so many vintage and antique pieces in Valerie and Mario's kitchen, having a dutch door that continues the look is a must.

The sun pours in from the half open door and gives such amazing energy to the room.

Kitchen Dutch Door by Dayme Walther

Modern Dutch Door Ideas by Dayme Walther with an elegant door off the kitchen

What's icing on the cake of a white kitchen? A dutch door that leads out of it of course!

So much beauty and mystery looks to be held beyond that door.

DIY Dutch Door from Old Door

Modern Dutch Door Ideas

This is currently the dutch door we're adoring! It's part of the makeover we did in our laundry room. Come check out the post, Best Small Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget, to see our transformation.


Modern dutch door ideas will not go out of style anytime soon. So, if you've been contemplating adding one to your farmhouse, do it! You don't be sorry you did.

Happy Decorating!

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