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Tips and tricks from an interior designer on how to accessorize your home like a pro. These easy to follow steps will work with any decorating style. If you want a designer look then you are in the right place.

How to Accessorize your Home like a Pro

Accessorizing seems to be the one area that people struggle with the most. Some people never even make it out of the store because they analyze every single thing they pick up and eventually just give up.

I'm here to tell you that IT CAN BE REAL SIMPLE!  You can do it with some help. Follow my steps on how to accessorize your home like a pro and before you know it your home will look feel warm and cozy with style.

How to Accessorize your Home like a Pro

To make this easy I am going to talk about accessorizing a bookcase so follow along as I walk you through the step to dress up a bookcase. These tips can be used on any surface like end tables and more.

With all home decor projects, I recommend getting organized so let's get started.

Step 1: Organize and Planning

Let's begin at home in the room you are ready to accessorize.  Look around and make an outline of each table or mantle that you want accessories for.

Step 2: Research for Ideas

Let's go to Pinterest and search for bookcase or accessories.  Then create a board called “decorating accessories” and start pinning items that you like on it.  

I have a board called home interiors with lots of inspiration too. You're welcome to go search there for ideas.

Now, go back and select the bookcase accessories you love the most and write down the items you need to shop for to achieve that look. Then do the same for each table, ottoman, or coffee table in your room.  Now you have a basic list to begin your shopping.

Another tip is to look at how accessories are arranged. See what you gravitate towards. For example do you seem to pin larger accessories or smaller items in grouping of three. This will help you even more when you start shopping.

Step 3: Shopping

Now it's time to go shopping!   If you have a friend who has a good eye for accessorizing ask them to come along and treat them to some Starbucks as a thank you.  

Make sure you have access to the Pinterest pictures you are trying to recreate so that when you find pieces in the store you can refer to your pin to make sure the size and item match up.

Consider putting your images in your photos on your phone just in case you do not have service.

Look for all kinds of sizes and a variety of items. Also, purchase more than you think you will need. It is always good to have a little extra to play with when you get home than not enough.

Where are the best places to buy accessories for your home?

These are the top go to places to buy accessories for home decorating.

Step 4: Accessorize

The fun continues when you get back home!  Unwrap your accessories, turn on some fun music that motivates your creative spirit, and start placing items in their place.

Again refer back to your notes where you planned a large bowl on one shelf and a set of three smaller accessories on another shelf next to some books.

Start with a blank slate. In other words clean off the shelves, table or room so you start fresh with nothing.

Accessorizing tips for bookcases

Next start placing the larger items on the shelf first. I like to alernate sides or place something in the middle.

Easy tips on how to accessorize a bookcase using a variety of items.

Now start filling in between. Stand back and look at things often to get a feel or how the accessories are looking.

How to accessorize in groupings

Before you know it you will be all finished and it will be time to clean up.

Step 5: Clean up

Now that you are finished, clean up everything, find your favorite beverage, sit back, and admire your work. You now have designer accessories and you did it by yourself!  



I hope you have found this to be helpful. I have more information on how to decorate a bookcase along with lots of photos. And did I mention that this how-to accessorize page is filled with so many wonderful ideas from other talented designs?

Here is the final pictures of the shelves and a few more accessory ideas to get your creative juices going.

Accessorized bookcases on each side of a fireplace

Here is an idea for a coffee table or ottoman accessory ensemble using cotton decor.

Farmhouse cotton accessories on a coffee table

Happy Decorating!

Or save this Pinterest pin for later.

How to Accessorize your Home like a Pro


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