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Oh the joys of remodeling. Whether you’re doing the work yourself, with friends and/or family or your blessed with a sub or contractor, remodeling can be overwhelming, frustrating and scary. The very first time I did a bathroom remodel after I got married I was so excited. I purchased some paint and started painting the trim in a small bathroom a dark burgundy color. I think I just dated myself, yes; this was the early 90’s. I slapped the paint on the trim because I knew I was planning to put wallpaper up and it would hide the color on the walls. I had been working all day just painting the trim color and cabinets when my hubby came home and had a look of horror on his face. I was shocked when he questioned my talent. Oh, the tears started and I was hurt. But after I stopped reacting I realized that he didn’t know about the wallpaper. Needless to say after it was all completed he was so proud of our beautiful bathroom that whenever people would come to visit he had to give them a tour of the newly remodeling guest bath.

If you see something that is alarming or not exactly the way you imagined it don’t jump to conclusions. Most jobs turn out pretty much as you imagined or better. Whenever, work is under construction, it looks like a mess and can make you feel anxious. Take a deep breath and ask some questions just to make sure. Whoever is doing the work won’t mind questions as long as you don’t doubt their talent. Remember a room won’t feel like home until the last accessory goes in.

Don’t doubt yourself. Most people start doubting what they have picked out early in the remodel. I always say finish the job. It’s hard to imagine what the room will look like when everything is a mess and there are no pictures on the wall or window treatments. Colors change once the room is completely finished.

Refrain from perfection. This is one area where I see people get robbed of the joy of decorating. I love when a plan works out perfect but I don’t recall ever doing a design job where at least one challenge didn’t arise. Make plans now for something to happen that you did not anticipate. If nothing happens then you will be overjoyed. If something does occur then you won’t lose your excitement because you were anticipating it.

Well this is just a few tips on decorating psychology. I hope your project turns out beautifully both physically and mentally. Oh, and don’t forget to show your gratitude to those who are helping or working for you. It means a lot to them.