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Planning a Disney cruise is so much fun but can be overwhelming. Follow along as I share my experience on planning our first cruise along with tips and tricks to make it much easier for your first trip.

Planning a cruise disney cruise ship

Planning a Disney cruise can be a challenge!

My family has been three times now and that first cruise was a great deal of homework.  I read just about every post I could find on Pinterest and even created a Pinterest Cruise board that you are welcome to use.

But instead of reading all those posts follow along as I share how I planned our first successful Disney cruise.


Planning a cruise disney cruise ship


First, I went to their website, Disney Cruise, and entered in different ports and locations. I had no flexibility on the dates because we had to plan our cruise for the week of Spring Break. This first step gave me a good idea of how much it cost.

I finally decided that my budget would cover us for a 3-night cruise. But I didn't stop there.

Next, I googled Disney cruise deals and it brought me to a special offers page.  Make sure you are still on the Disney Cruise Line website.  This is the best place I have found to find a deal.

Planning a cruise disney cruise ship


Now, remember me telling you earlier about Pinterest.  Well, it was my best friend when planning a Disney cruise for the first time.  So, I went to  Pinterest and started searching.

Search for keywords like “Disney cruise deals”, “first time Disney cruise”  and just “Disney cruise”. I found a lot of people who were Disney cruise experts–mainly travel agents. But I also found some great blogs from ordinary Disney lovin' people.  But read on before you get lost in the Pinterest black hole.  haha!

Planning a cruise pinterest


Next, I kept an eye on the Disney cruise deals on the Disney Cruise Line website. I would check back every other day or so. I figured I could be flexible and even wait until the week before the cruise to purchase something. Then a Florida resident offer came up.

I live in Florida and this is where I finally found our deal but it was the week before spring break. Remember me talking about being flexible? Well, here's an example.

If you want the best deals you have to be flexible!  Instead of a 3-night cruise, I am getting a 7-night cruise for almost the same price! (I would recommend starting with a shorter cruise if you haven't cruised before, just to make sure your comfortable being on the water for a trip of that length.)


Then I called Disney Cruise Lines.  I asked a million questions.  Everything from where is the best available room with a window, too when's the earliest time I can board.

My list of questions came from reading other bloggers who have gone on Disney cruises. After I got answers to my questions I booked the cruise.

Oh, by the way, if you're still not 100 percent certain about the plan, they can put a hold on your room for 24 hours. That will give you some additional time to think.


Lastly, because I live in Florida and booked a cruise under a Florida resident deal, I had to send proof of residency within 48 hours. This is really important because you could lose your rate if you do not complete this step on time.


So, to wrap up planning a Disney cruise let me suggest creating a file folder with all your documents from paperwork by Disney to birth certificates and passports.  Make sure to bring this file with you in your carry on bag.  Oh, and pack some necessities in that carry on because it may take awhile before your luggage gets to your room.  We like to pack a bathing suit too.  Here is a checklist of the steps I use to plan our cruise.

  • Search Disney Cruise Line website
  • Pinterest
  • Be flexible
  • Phone Disney Cruise Line
  • Fill out Florida resident paperwork (if you live in Florida)
  • Make a file for all your documents and place it in your carry on
Planning a Disney cruise with bike ride at Castaway cay
Bike ride at Castaway Cay


There are so many positive things to say about Disney cruises but here is a list of some of our favorites.

  • Broadway-style shows
  • New release movie theatre
  • Disney Movies by the pool (it's called Funnel Vision)
  • Castaway Cay (especially renting the bikes and resting in the hammocks)
  • Fireworks after dinner one evening
  • Disney characters all over the ship
  • Food and dining
  • Stingray excursion at Castaway Cay

Happy Traveling!

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