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Growing up in the South was sweet and pun intended. Overall, I felt that most people treated me kindly especially my family. But over the years I have learned that Southern people have some of the best Southern Sayings and can deliver them right at the most opportune time.


For example, soon after I married my husband we were riding down the road and an awful smell seeped into the car and out from this quite man who was enjoying the view came the words, ” That smells like kharn!” I started laughing and asked what the heck is kharn? He proceeded to share that is a foul rotten smell.

Well, that was a new one to me. Being from the south, I thought I heard it all, but this man delivers a new one about every year.

Southern Sayings

But more on a serious note, there are lots of words, sayings, and the beautiful Southern accents are not heard of in other parts of the country. I have found while visiting out of the South that I can deliver one of those “ordinary” words or phrases like “Lordy Bee” and I get crickets. If you know what I mean! One time I was visiting family in Maine and discovered while shopping that some people were listening to me talk. My sister-in-law said they commented on how they liked to hear my accent. That's funny! I didn't know I had an accent, but I could tell they did.

So what interesting southern sayings have you heard in your lifetime?