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What is your interior decor style? Many people have told me that they don't know their interior decor style? After years of decorating, I have discovered that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What one person thinks is so beautiful another may find tacky. Focus on what makes you feel special and content in your home.  This is the beginning of finding your interior decor style.



Here are a few tips to find your style. People find they are one exact style or eclectic. There are no wrong answers when finding who you are. What is right is finding what makes you happy.

To begin start with some magazines or Pinterest.  If you are more fond of decorating magazines, I have a post featuring the 10 favorite home decor magazines. Curious if your favorite is on the list?

Also, feel free to use my Pinterest page to search for ideas.  I have many interior design boards to choose from.

Find some time to have fun and rip pages out or re-pin what you love. Don't think about what others think or how much it cost just have fun. And make notes on the pages you liked.

I can't tell you how many times I went back and couldn't remember why I chose that page.  Here are a few pictures I pulled of ideas I loved.

Decor Style

Relaxed! Love the blue curtains and white bed! Photo courtesy: BHG

Decor Style

Relaxed and Casual! Love the wicker chairs! Photo courtesy: BHG

Decor Style

Relaxed! Love the rug and white bed! Photo courtesy: awinndesign

Decor Style

Casual! Love the table, chairs and window seat! Photo courtesy:


Now look for common elements in your pictures. Look at colors, style, patterns. What are you gravitating to the most? Do you see it? There is always a common thread. Write down what those common threads are. Are you a less is more person or lots of stuff person.  Do you gravitate more towards relaxing, energized or a nostalgic! The photos above reflect a relaxed, casual, less is more look with blue, white and cream.
Now write on the top of a paper–your name and the word style. Under that start listing all the things that made you feel special. Now you have a list of your style. A great beginning to start a decorating project.

Happy Decorating!