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Here you will find how to make a candle from an orange. This is an easy step by step video that is fun to watch and you can create your own orange candle while watching it. All you need are a few tools to get started.

Candle from an orange using a tea light and decorating a table with the orange candles

A couple of years ago I decided to create a Mother's day table design after creating a candle from an orange. This little orange candle project was contagious because my sister and I ended up creating a beautiful outdoor tablescape in her back yard.

How to create a candle from an orange for a beautiful tablescape outdoor party.  Table with light blue table cloth, white chairs, crystal and china, tropical floral arrangement centerpiece and candle oranges made with tea light.

After releasing ideas for a Mother's Day brunch, I noticed that many readers wanted to know how to make an orange candle. So, that is why this post has been created.

How to Make a Candle from an Orange

Remember me saying you only need a few things to create an orange candle? Well, here is a list of items you will need. You most likely will have them in your kitchen.

Gather your supplies and then come back here to watch the video where we will create a candle from an orange together.

Step 1: Flatten the Orange

The first step is simple. Place your orange right side up on the cutting board and press down with the palm of your hand. I do this several times until I feel like the orange is flat enough on the bottom so it will not roll around.

Step 2: Tea Light

Now sit the tea light on the top of the orange centered over where the stem is located. Once you have it in place hold your knife straight up and down and cut into the orange.

Simply move the knife in an up and down motion. You are basically scoring a shallow hole right up against the tea light. Continue this all the way around the light.

Step 3: Cut Hole

Next, remove the tea light and start cutting at a diagonal towards the center. Think of the shape of a diamond in a diamond ring. That is the shape you are cutting under the top of the candle.

Turn the orange around as you cut until you have cut all the way around. Once you are finished you should be able to pull the top off of the orange.

Step 4: Cut More

Once you have removed the top of the orange sit your tea light into the hole. If it does not go down into the hole easily then remove it and scoop out some more orange from the inside.

You can use a spoon or a knife to remove more orange. I have used both.

Step 5: Press Tea Light

Next, place the tea light over the hole and gently press down. Make sure to press on the wax and not the silver part. If you press on the silver part it will bend and not look as pretty.

I have also tested taking the wax out and placing the wax in the hole. It didn't work out very well while it was burning. The candle in the silver tea light container lasts a very long time and is much safer.

Step 6: Finished

Can you believe that creating a candle from an orange is this easy? Now it gets even more fun. You can add more than one orange candle to your table designs. Here is a photo of our outdoor tablescape.

Candle from an orange using a tea light and decorating a table with the orange candles.  this table has a tropical centerpiece with pink followers and greenery placed into a clear vase that also has small oranges in the water.  Around the centerpiece are orange candles with tea lights inside.

And you can do this project with other fruit as I did here with apples for Christmas. There is step by step photos of creating this village in this how to make an apple candle village post.

Candle from an apple using a tea light and painted to look like a Christmas village.  There are two apple's with tea light candles carved down into the top and tiny little doors and windows painted on the apples to make them look like a little village.  There is snow and small trees around the apple village.


Now that you know how to make candles from fruit what natural candle do you want to make first?

Also, this is a fun project to do with your elementary and older kids. You can do the cutting and they can do the scooping and placing the candles. Kids also love painting on the fruit as we did here with the apple candle village.

If you love decorations from nature then you will like this how to dry orange slices tutorial. In the end, there are different ways to decorate with dried orange slices.

You know I think this how to make a candle from an orange post has inspired me so much until I might create a new fruit candle.

Maybe pumpkins would be cute!

Happy Decorating!


Saturday 13th of March 2021

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