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Sometimes Halloween decorations can be scary, dark and downright disturbing. So we wanted to bring you a different option. Country Halloween decor that you would be happy to show off.

Country Halloween decor ideas for your home including tiered trays filled with pumpkins, Rae Dunn, trolls, black, gray and white beads, gingham wrapped candles, spooky rolling pins, witch's brew sign, white pumpkins.

In looking up Halloween history, it was shocking to find that Halloween has been celebrated for a couple of thousand years. In North America, it was first observed in 1911.

As you can imagine, the look of Halloween has changed over the years. We think it's time to bring a country Halloween decor look to a rather dark holiday.

Kind of like we did last year in our thrilled but not spooky Halloween decor ideas.

Our friends have done just that, and we want to share with you their beautiful creations using gnomes, Rae Dunn Halloween decor, and more.

Country Halloween Decor

What makes a country Halloween decorations? Well, if you stir in a little country decor with Halloween decor you will get country Halloween decor. Here is a list of things you can use to create a country Halloween decorating.

  • Rae Dunn Halloween decor
  • Vintage or distressed items
  • Farmhouse Halloween signs
  • Gnomes
  • Tiered Trays
  • Wood bead garland
  • Pumpkins
  • Jack-o'-lanterns
  • Scales

Think Rae Dunn, vintage, distressed, and farmhouse to get your creative juices going. Now let's look at what a few of friends came up with.

Halloween White Jack-o'-lantern Decorations

This year I created the Jack family, as we call them. This was an easy DIY dollar store Halloween decoration. Anything chalk painted falls under the country Halloween category so these Jackolanterns fit the ticket.

White chalk painted dollar store pumpkins with a face on bookcase

They moved around all season long. Here they are on my bookcase but we used them on a tablescape too. They are so fun to decorate with.

Halloween Tiered Tray by Design Style By Marci

Country Halloween Decor by Design Style By Marci with a witch's brew tiered tray including a gnome, cute marshmallow and wooden beads

This Halloween tiered tray includes cute decor like the witchy gnome, a cute marshmallow mug, spooky and haunted rolling pins and so much more.

Tiered trays can be centerpieces on a dining room table, decor in a living room or they can adorn a kitchen countertop. Dressing one up for Halloween is perfect country Halloween decor.

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Farmhouse Halloween Mantel Decor by Stager Roz

Country Halloween Decor by Stager Roz with a decorated living room and fireplace mantel

We have featured Roz many times with her amazingly decorated tiered trays, but we found this peek at her Halloween decorated living room and were equally impressed.

Taking cheesecloth and making webs out of them is genius. Black and white pumpkins and wicked decor here and there tie this room together with perfection.

This could be a country Halloween haunted house. LOL! For more mantel ideas try these Halloween mantel ideas.

Halloween Party Decorations by Bee Tree Design Co.

Country Halloween Decor by Bee Tree Design Co. with web chargers on a adorably decorated dining table

Christina's dining room table encompasses everything farmhouse Halloween decor is made of. A buffalo check table runner is a show stealer. Spider-covered pillar candle holders and web plate chargers are creepy yet adorable for a Halloween dinner.

If you love her Halloween table setting then yo will love these Halloween table decorations and our outdoor Halloween party table.

Halloween Tiered Tray by Me & Mama

Country Halloween Decor by Me & Mama with a gnome filled Halloween three tiered tray, Rae Dunn mug, pumpkins and more.

Eryn makes the adorable gnomes that are on her tiered tray. These gnomes have taken over the best of farmhouse and country decor. They are perfect nestled on a tiered tray. Witchy gnomes are great for Halloween decor especially if you would like not so spooky decor.

Living Room Halloween Decorations by Our Cozy Cottage

Country Halloween Decor from Our Cozy Cottage Black & White

A classy black and white look is easy to create in your Halloween decorations. Buffalo check is chic and carried from holiday to holiday. We wrote about the trend of buffalo check in Christmas decor.

If you're looking for some vintage Halloween decorations and having a hard time finding some, incorporating an old scale with pumpkins is adorable.

Entryway Halloween Decortions by Craft Me Up Decor

Country Halloween Decor from Craft Me Up Decor With Bats, Silhouettes, Pumpkins, Ghosts & A Vintage Window

Bats, spooky silhouettes and spider webs can still be used in the classy look of Halloween. Jaesie's decor is perfect!

Farmhouse pieces are enhanced in this look and the different gourds used are striking.

Rae Dunn Halloween Decor by Love Beauty Farm

Classy country Halloween Decor from Love Beauty Farm Tiered Tray and Coffee Mug Rack

We couldn't leave out tiered trays and Rae DunnThe black and white pumpkins, hocus pocus and pumpkin patch signs are fun in a farmhouse.

All of the Rae Dunn pieces would make your coffee time spooktacular for sure!

Halloween Centerpiece by X O Rita 87

Classy country Halloween Decor from X O Rita 87 Dough Bowl, Burlap Table Runner, Black & White Pumpkins and Skeletons

Rita has assembled great items in this dough bowl!

From pumpkins to sprigs of lambs ear, to the hair-raising skeleton hands all come together to create a classy Halloween centerpiece for her table.

Halloween Tree by Farmhouse 165

Classy country Halloween Decor from Farmhouse 165 in Wooden Crate with Glass Jug and Branches with Bats

If you don't want to break the bank while decorating for Halloween, here is a nifty idea for you.

Cut bats out of black construction paper and attach them to twigs you find in your yard.  Instead of placing your batty creations in a flower vase, try putting them in a glass jug.

Making a classy Halloween vignette out of your creation in a wooden crate with some pumpkins you have already on hand won't break the bank, but will be eye-catching.

Halloween Coffee Station by On Walden Home

Classy country Halloween Decor from On Walden Home Coffee Station with Rae Dunn

If you want to set up your coffee center for Halloween, grab some ideas from Jaime's home.

From her many Rae Dunn pieces to her chalkboard with a witchy message, to her letter board, funny black cat wearing a witch hat, down to her precisely colored garland, Jaime has you drinking in the holiday.

This is the perfect trendy fear-inspiring look!

Classy Halloween Decorations

Classy country Halloween Decor from G G Luvs Dunn Rae Dunn and Witches Tiered Tray

We haven't forgotten about those of you that like Halloween witch decorations!

This tiered tray topped with witchy legs sticking up out of a Rae Dunn mug add a “just about to cackle” to this display.

And don't you love the black bat and ghost spilling candy out for all to enjoy!

Halloween Coffee Station Decor Idea

Classy country Halloween Decor from Audreys Rae Dunn Collection Coffee Station

This set up is sweet (pun intended)!

If ever there was a set up that could get you through an evening of passing candy out to trick or treaters, it's this one for sure.

The coffee fixings are galore, and there isn't just candy for your tummy, there is plenty of eye candy with all of the country Halloween decor.

Rae Dunn Halloween Table Decor by Mrs Goodsell

Classy country Halloween Decor from Mrs Goodsell Rae Dunn and Black & White

The witch legs here will leave you with a giggle and a feeling that she dove into Halloween decor head first!

There are some great black and white Rae Dunn pieces, and the banner is the work of a master decorator.

Halloween Rae Dunn Decorating Idea by Oops I Dunn It Again

Classy country Halloween Decor from Oops I Dunn It Again Tiered Tray with Rae Dunn

This tiered tray looks easily transformed from a fall tiered tray like those we featured. Just changing out a couple of pieces on each level gives you the new look of a different holiday.

These country Halloween decor looks like it is full of yummy treats and a couple of tricks.

Country Halloween Rae Dunn Tiered Tray by Pammy & Poppy

Classy country Halloween Decor from Pammy & Poppy Tiered Tray Rae Dunn

Our friend Pam didn't disappoint when she put together her tiered tray Halloween display!

Her use of fall leaves and Jack ‘o Lanterns bring color and a smile to all.

Black, white and orange are classic and can bring the vintage feel to Halloween decorations.

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Hopefully, you've been inspired to add some country Halloween decor to your home.  I know we have been inspired.  In fact, it got us motivated to do some Halloween decorations.

Click DIY Harry Potter Halloween letters to see what ideas we stirred up.

Just a couple simple tweaks from your fall decor, and you will be ready for trick or treaters on October 31st before you know it. Add a little classy halloween decor here and a Rae Dunn Halloween decor there and you are all ready.

Happy Halloween!

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Friday 30th of September 2022

Where can I find the black bat spilling out candy? I’ve looked everywhere ????

Linda McDonald

Saturday 1st of October 2022

I found one very similar on Mercari. Click this link to check it out. If it is sold by the time you go to the link, search black bat sponge holder in Mercari. There are several just like it.


Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Very cute Halloween tiered trays. Do you know where the "31" wooden sign is from in the one that is called GG Luvs Dunn?? I see these signs on a lot of the trays but not sure where to find them. Thanks so much!!

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

GG Luvs Dunn's Instagram no longer exists but here is a 31 wooden sign through another Instagrammer that has loads of cute Halloween mini signs.

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Saturday 21st of September 2019

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Saturday 31st of August 2019

Really great collection of Halloween decor. Thanks for the post!

Linda McDonald

Monday 2nd of September 2019

You're welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it.


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

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