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Here is an easy DIY boxwood Christmas wreath idea using an old bureau mirror, chalk paint, a boxwood wreath, and chalk. This simple do it yourself decoration can be easily changed for other holidays too.

Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Christmas wreath adds great color and texture to holiday decor. Adding chalkboard paint and a Season's Greeting cannot be more festive.

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What is a Boxwood Christmas Wreath?

A boxwood wreath is a wreath created using stems from a boxwood plant or shrub. The shrub is common in the south and it is easy to clip off small sprigs and attach them to a wire wreath frame.

You can make your own real boxwood wreath or purchase one at a store. Artificial boxwood wreaths look great too. They can easily be found online. Here are some artificial and real boxwood wreaths I found on Amazon.

Now that you know a little about boxwood wreaths let's look at an easy idea to decorate for Christmas.


Chalkboard paint is popular right now. There are many fun things you can paint with chalkboard paint.

Just in the past year, I have painted the inside of my medicine cabinet door so I would be able to keep track of administering meds to the girls when they are sick.

I also painted a coffee table in the high school girl's Sunday school room. Every Sunday we write a quote or verse that relates to our topic for the day. 

There are many brands of chalkboard paint on the market, and so far I haven't bought a bad one.  But for this project, I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint.

Chalkboard paint and artist paint brushes to make a chalkboard


Many years ago my mother-in-law gave me a bureau mirror frame that was just sitting in her attic.  It was painted a dark brown and was sitting there all pretty for someone to revive it. 

My mother-in-law was very crafty, so she loved that I was taking it home and giving it a new life.  Well, many years later it's getting another new life.

I am not changing the white and gold finish I gave it long ago but instead it is going to have its first chalkboard inside.  So here are the steps on how I transformed it into a chalkboard.


Here is a quick run-down of how I painted the chalkboard paint on the wall but if you want more detailed directions I have a post on how to make a homemade chalkboard.

  • Draw around the inside edge with a pencil.
  • Remove the frame
  • Apply blue painters tap about a 1/2 inch on the outside of the line
  • Make sure to score the edge of the tape.  Scoring the tape will keep paint from leaking under it.
  • Start painting with a brush
  • Repeat painting several more times

It will take several coats of paint to complete this phase of the project.  Give it about 4 hours to dry before the next coat of paint.  I let ours dry overnight before I started writing on it–just in case.


Boxwood wreaths are very popular in the South.  I love decorating with them!  But never have I seen a real Boxwood Wreath in town.  So I was very excited when I found this one at Trader Joe's. However, if you are planning to use a real wreath give it a trim with some scissors.

Trimming a boxwood wreath

Then take it outside and spritz it with water.  Your wreath should last the whole month if you put it outside in the evening so it can get some moisture or spritz it every day.

Water bottle to spritz a boxwood wreath for Christmas

Now I have my chalkboard ready, and the boxwood is trimmed.  It's time to hang it. Recently my niece shared with me that not everyone knows how to hang art.  So I have decided to give some tips on how I hung this wreath.


Showing how to hang a boxwood Christmas wreath on a chalkboard

I first measured the width and height of the inside of the mirror and made a dot in that spot.  Then I measured the across the back wire ring of the wreath and divided that in half. 

The last step measures up from the spot you marked on the chalkboard.  That is where you are going to put your nail. 

Sounds simple?  It is! 

But now you are wondering what kind of nail to use.  I would go with a thin nail so as not to make a big hole on your wall and make sure it has a good size head on it. 

Here is a picture to help.

Hammer and nail to hang a boxwood wreath for Christmas

You are ready to hang your wreath.  So go ahead and place the wire of the back of the wreath down onto the nail.  You could stop here but why not use that fantastic chalkboard.


If you decide to draw a design around it, I would like to recommend drawing it out on paper first.  It took me about 30 minutes to come up with what I liked. 

Then I taped my design on the wall next to it so it would be easy to refer to while I was drawing.

Art design to go around a boxwood wreath on a chalkboard

Let me present my drawing around the Boxwood Wreath.  But guess what?  My daughters thought the chalk design I created needed more details, so I added more and the words Merry Christmas. 

Boxwood Christmas Wreath decoration idea on a antique chalkbaord

The magical thing about it being a chalkboard is that I got to try different details and erase them until I found just the right one.

Christmas boxwood Wreath on a vintage chalkboard

Update: I used a regular piece of chalk but now we have found a chalk paint marker to be even better. Here is a post where we used a chalk marker, Southern bridal shower ideas.

Boxwood Christmas Wreath decoration idea


I hope you get inspired to do more holiday projects like this one.  If you decide to do this project and need some help please feel free to contact me.

But in the mean time where have you used chalkboard paint?

Happy Decorating!

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