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While you're gathering supplies for homeschooling, don't forget to consider these homeschool chalkboard ideas for your classroom. If you're wondering how to make a chalkboard or even what a homemade chalkboard would look like, we have your answers. We are going to include framed chalkboard and individual chalkboards for each student. Are you ready?

homeschool chalkboard ideas

Chalkboards are popular in homeschool classrooms, so we wanted to be sure you know how simple it is to make your own chalkboard. If you want to tackle a frame chalkboard DIY, you will be surprised by how easy it can be and how great it will look.

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If you're on the hunt for homeschool chalkboard ideas that will inspire you to include one in your classroom. You have come to the right place. We have fun and practical great ideas.

Our friends did not disappoint when they created and incorporated their own chalkboards. You might even find yourself adding a chalkboard to your home even if you aren't homeschooling.


If you've been wondering how to make a framed chalkboard, you might be surprised to hear the only hammer and nail you need will be to hang the final product on the wall.


You might immediately picture a giant rolling chalkboard when you think of a classroom chalkboard. We want to change that image in your head. Here are some great hanging and framed chalkboard ideas for your homeschool classroom.


A long horizontal chalkboard for homeschool students, it is hanging on a wall above a coffee station with a coffee machine and some coffee as well.

Sarah, over at Finding Our Own Way, has her chalkboard in the perfect spot. Right above her coffee pot and who doesn't need coffee when teaching!

Chalkboards in homeschool classrooms are great for teaching unit studies and everything that goes along with the concept.


A large chalkboard with a detailed image of a moth drawn on it hanging over a desk.

Are you talented like Sarah, from With His Grace? Then there's no better place to display it than on your classroom chalkboard.

Hop over to her Instagram account so you can see more of the amazing art she uses in her lessons.

If you have an oversized frame with glass, you can chalk paint the glass and end up with a great chalkboard DIY project. Then add a far with hanging buckets below it to store art supplies, chalk, and eraser for your chalkboard.

She also has an inspiring blog post that she wrote about How to Create Learning Spaces. Wait until you see the rest of her homeschooling space. She has all her homeschool supplies neatly displayed on her shelves. Her site is so inspiring!


a long vertical chalkboard hanging with the text MATH, Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen, written

A chalkboard can be a fun and colorful way to encourage your students or kids and brighten up any homeschooling space.

Hanging your framed chalkboard over a pop of color on your wall like Sarah, at Creative School Daze, keeps your chalkboard from darkening up the room with its black color. The bright color is a fun addition to any schoolroom. And we love the shelf idea before her chalkboard. It gives extra storage for homeschool supplies.

Did you know that chalk paint comes in a spray can? If you hate painting with a paintbrush, but spray paint is your thing, you can still achieve a great chalkboard finish.


A large chalkboard that utilizes magnets to hang papers on the board as well as little buckets for school supplies.

This Kat House uses her chalkboard to help keep her schedule straight.

When we were gathering DIY chalkboard ideas, the idea of having a chalkboard that is magnetic seemed genius. You can create this idea by first painting coats of magnetic paint. Followed by painting with chalkboard paint.

This way, you can hang up your daily schedule with magnets like you see Kat has done. Isn't this a great idea for any homeschool area? It also makes your homeschool room organization much better.


A vary tall farmhouse style chalk board leaning against a wall with 3 large crocks sitting at the base of the board.

If you have a framed floor length mirror that you don't use anymore, consider making it into a chalkboard. This will give you a new or vintage chalkboard look depending on your frame.

The idea of being able to pick up your chalkboard and using it wherever homeschool is taking place for the day is perfect. And this idea is great if you have limited space in your home. A mobile chalkboard can be stored when you are done using it or left out on display.

This beauty is at Tammy's house, over at Paisley Pear Home. It fits right in with her neutral decor.


Chalkboard wall

Why not consider a giant chalkboard wall like this homeschool mom, Kristen at Eyes on Family. This homeschool space huge chalkboard has all the space needed to write just about anything and everything. I love how her room has a traditional classroom feeling.

With a huge chalkboard like this, it leaves room for everyone to write with a piece of chalk. It also gives enough space to write multiple subjects like math problems or you can even use it for the first day of school sign.

A wall chalkboard is perfect for small spaces and large. It will make your school year much easier.


Do you have several little ones that might fight over a single chalkboard? Or do you want your kids to have a fun way to practice spelling words? If you're already thinking, how to make individual chalkboards, we have the answer and these are perfect for a homeschool chalkboard.


Having their own chalkboard is a guaranteed way to make a homeschool day exciting.

Chalk doesn't just come in boring white anymore. So, your students will be excited to create, erase and create again.


Slices of a wood log with raw edges are laying in the grass being painted with a black chalkboard paint.

A piece of a tree is a fun and easy way to create your own individual chalkboards. The Cornwall Adventures Toddler made these with a tree that had fallen in a storm which is genius.

Can't you imagine your little one loving to practice math facts or perfecting their lettering on their own board? Their little hands would be so cute writing on their custom individual chalkboards.


3 DIY chalk boards were created here and placed on a buffet. Each was created with the came slices of wood to make 3 identical chalkboards with matching frames.

Jake, over at Great Wood Design TX, is gifted when it comes to woodworking. He made these chalk boards from scratch and they turned out magnificent. What a handy school supply to have around when doing school work.

We agree with him. These will provide hours of fun for kids.


A chalkboard for the first day of school where you can fill in information like the age and name.

Do you take a photo of your kids on their first day back to school? Hillary, from Grace Oaks Designs, made this back to school chalkboard.

It encompasses great things like what grade your child is going into, their age, and what they want to be when they grow up. And this chalkboard sign would make a great last day of school sign too.


Chalkboards don't have to stay framed on a wall. It can go on furniture! What kid wouldn't love writing on the table they're sitting at.


A little children table with 2 chairs, the top of the table was painted with chalkboard paint so that children can draw and write on the surface.

Make your table a chalkboard. You can paint the center of your table with chalkboard paint!

This project was done by our friend Cindy, from the blog DIY Beautify. She shows you step-by-step directions in her post, Create An Activity Table Set For Kids With MisMatched Furniture.

This is a great and inexpensive idea and can be done on a kitchen table too.


Is your mind racing thinking of the frame you could use to hang over a freshly painted chalkboard? Or are you excited to make your child their own chalkboard to use for homework?

No matter how you plan to use your chalkboard or if it will be a homeschool chalkboard for your classroom or just part of your home decor, we hope you feel as excited about these chalkboard ideas as we are.

For more ideas try our favorite homeschool room ideas. And if you need help making a chalkboard we have a homemade chalkboard DIY that will take you step by step.

Happy Decorating!


Wednesday 12th of August 2020

Great idea here! Thanks for including my table and chairs set! I think chalkboards will always be appealing to kids ????

Linda McDonald

Thursday 13th of August 2020

You are very welcome and I agree. As long as there is learning there will be chalkboards.