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This school year has some of you searching for homeschool room ideas. You might have a lot of questions. How do I set up a homeschool room? How do you homeschool in a small room? What are some homeschool desk ideas? How do you create a virtual learning environment? We hope to answer all of these and more!

homeschool room ideas that can also be used for virtual and distance learning.
Clever and practical homeschool room set up ideas

When you imagine the perfect homeschool room, you might immediately be overwhelmed, thinking that it needs to look exactly like a classroom at school. We're here to help you rest because it does not need to look that way. The homeschool room ideas that we've gathered together for you will have you breathing a sigh of relief into this school work.

And don't feel alone because many people are searching for homeschool room set up ideas. Our homeschool room Pinterest pin is one of our top pins, which means others are searching too.

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Do you have one or more kids staying home this school year? Are you looking for homeschool room ideas or homeschool desk ideas? Does the idea of virtual learning or distance learning have you searching for a designated space to make that work? Let's jump into some DIY homeschool room ideas.


Whether this is your first time creating a homeschool room or if you are a seasoned homeschool mom, we have something for everyone. If you have a whole room to designate for your homeschool area, you are one of the lucky ones. The possibilities are endless with this option, but here's a couple that we love!


Best homeschool room set up with hanging chair and lots of books on the wall
Hanging chair book nook in homeschool room

If you don't use your formal dining room, you might consider transforming it into your homeschool space as Lauryn Simas did. You can see she has a dining table and chairs as desks to learn at.

Bookshelves are also a great thing to have in your distance learning space. They provide lots of storage for school supplies, art supplies, and school books.

Neutral baskets are great for storing clutter! Using a storage bin helps organize homeschool supplies and makes the room look less cluttered.

Also, who wouldn't love to knock out their reading or study time in a hanging wicker chair?

If you want more great nook areas for your child to curl up with their favorite book, check out these cozy book nook ideas. Isn't this a great example of turning your dining room table into a classroom?


Homeschool classroom complete with world map by The Simple Farmhouse
Classroom-style homeschool room

Laura, from over at The Simple Farmhouse, has a cozy farmhouse classroom set up for homeschooling. A church pew is a sweet place to sit next to your kiddo while they learn and you teach.

Her framed world map adorning the wall, while not necessary for every homeschool set-up, makes for a great teaching tool or just a little decor.

This quiet space has a lot of room and will make a great place for learning.


Pops of color in a homeschool area by Making Main Street
Bright and cheerful homeschool room

If you're all about color, then you'll love the room Ginny, over at Making Main Street, has designed. Her room is mostly black and white and classic, but it has amazing pops of lime green and teal!

Two simple desks in the center of the room, a couple of cabinets, and some wall decor make up this perfect learning space.


It's no problem if you don't have an entire room to commit to a distance learning space. There are still great solutions to add to your home and succeed with your private or public school learning!


Minimalist Distance Learning Area by Harmonie
Homeschool workstation design idea

Harmonie designed this precious area for distance learning. She wrote a blog post on How To Set Up A Distance Learning Space In Your Home.

Isn't this space she designed so cute! It looks like it would fit right into a bedroom, corner of a dining area, or even a living room.

The best ways to create a learning space are a small desk, a little storage, and a little bling. That is all needed for a great learning environment.


Homeschool Learning Niche by Beach House For Six
Closet converted into a homeschool desk space.

Joey, from Beach House For Six, put together this little homeschool work area in a small space niche in her home office. This idea works great inside a closet too.

She gives some amazing tips that will put your mind at ease on her Instagram post.

One of our favorite tips is allowing your kids to have a say in the decor of this dedicated learning spot. Who doesn't love working in an area they were allowed to put a few favorite things in?


Homeschool Nook Idea by The Little By Little Home
Kitchen area homeschool room

This little nook off the kitchen of Leigh, over at The Little By Little Home, is the perfect small area for homeschooling. Instead of using the kitchen table for learning, she has added a narrow table up against the wall in this niche for school.

This is a great example of using vertical space for storage. Look at the shelves over the desk. She kept the floor space more open and went up with storage space.

The lighting is great flowing through the window and gives the inspiration to get the day's work accomplished.

String Edison lights are also a fun addition that gives the nook a great young vibe, adding a warm glow to the study space.


These homeschool desk ideas are sweet, easy, and won't break the bank.

The perfect place for your child to sit while learning is important. This may shock you, but you don't have to run out and buy a school desk for your kiddo. Wanna see what we're talking about?


A school desk made with a filling cabinet, sawhorses and wood planks by A Fireman's Wife
Homeschool desk built with a bank of drawers

Jen, from A Fireman's Wife, made a double desk with a couple of sawhorses, a filing cabinet, and a couple of wood planks for the top. You can find a desk like this from Pottery Barn for around nine hundred dollars or simply put one together yourself for under two hundred dollars.

You might also notice that Jen takes the time to decorate her kid's desks during the holidays. This great idea makes learning fun and gets creative juices flowing!


Homeschool Desks In A Living Area by Little Suburban Farmhouse
Living room homeschool room

Another great way to create a dedicated space is by adding desks to your decor. Setting up a homeschool station looks simple when we check out Amanda's over at Little Suburban Farmhouse.

This homeschool mom incorporated the desks into her living area. Teaching from your sofa sounds like a good life.

The desks look like a table cut in half and attached to the wall.

Also, hanging your child's picture above their desk personalizes their space in a sweet way.


Built In Desk For Homeschooling by Rock That Vintage
Farmhouse style homeschool learning desk area

This amazing built-in desk, complete with a touch of shiplap, was designed by the team at Rock That Vintage.

Shelves and drawers are perfect for organizing your virtual learning area.

It's great to continue your farmhouse look into your schooling space.


These ideas have made creating a homeschool area easy. Homeschool room ideas can come in all different shapes and sizes. No two are the same. Think through the details when planning your space like a chalkboard. Here are homeschool chalkboard ideas to help with that task. There are loads of ideas, from a chalkboard wall to handheld chalkboards.

You can do this! What are you planning to do for your first decorating project in your homeschool room? Share in the comments. I would love to know.

Now, if you'd like to give the area you'll be homeschooling a fresh coat of paint, here are popular Sherwin Williams paint colors with great paint ideas.

Happy Decorating!