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Today I am showing you how to make yarn tassels and how to make a rainbow tassel blanket. By the time you are finished, you will be wanting to add make tassels to everything.

How to make yarn tassels for a tassel blanket

Tassels are super popular right now which is why I decided to show you how to make yarn tassels. There are so many wonderful things you can add tassels to like pillows, blankets, and so on.

I have created a DIY yarn wreath with tassels, added tassels to a rug on my front porch, and now a tasseled blanket that is perfect for the beach or pool.

But before we get too excited about adding tassels to everything let me first show you how to make a yarn tassel.

How to Make Yarn Tassels

Did I mention that this is easy? Well, when I made my tassel for our front door layered rugs I shared how to make a rug with tassels. After that project, I thought I will never buy a tassel again.

What supplies do you need to make a tassel?

Okay now that you have your supplies let's jump into the easy step on how to make a tassel.

Step 1: Wrap Yarn Around a Book

Begin by wrapping the yarn around a book or piece of cardboard on the 7 1/2″ side. Wrap it at least 15 times if it is a thick yarn but if it is a thin yarn then turn it 20 or 25 times.

How to make yarn tassels for a tassel blanket using a book

It also depends on the fullness of the tassel you want. If you want a nice fat tassel then wrap more but if you want a skinny tassel then do less. I wrapped mine 15 times.

Step 2: Cut 8″ Piece of Yarn

Next cut the piece of yarn that you wrapped and then cut a 8″ piece of yarn.

How to make yarn tassels for a tassel blanket using a book

Step 3: Tie Yarn Around Tassel

Then lay the 8″ piece of yarn straight on the table and remove the wrapped yarn and position it in the center of the 8″ piece of yarn.

How to make a easy tassel

Next tie the 8″ piece of yarn in a knot around the looped yarn.

How to make a pink tassel

Step 4: Cut the Loops

Next, take your scissors and cut the loops on each side and fold the yarn to form a tassel.

How to create an easy tassel

Step 5: Wrap Top of Tassel

Now cut another piece of yarn to 24″ long. Make a loop on one end of the yarn and place it towards the top of the tassel.

Easy step by step instructions on how to make yarn tassels

Next, wrap the yarn around the top about 1/2″ down and wrap 7 times making sure the loop is hanging out at the bottom. Once you have wrapped the yarn around 7 times take what is left of the 24″ piece of yarn a thread it through the loop on the bottom.

Easy craft on how to make tassels

Then take the piece of yarn that is sticking out of the top and pull it until the loop and yarn hide under the yarn you wrapped around the tassel.

How to make yarn tassels for a rainbow tassel blanket

Next, cut the excess piece of yarn.

How to make yarn tassels for a tassel blanket

Step 6: Trim the Bottom of the Tassel

Next, place the tassel in your hand where the bottom is sticking out the bottom. I like to place it right where I want to trim the bottom of the tassel.

Once you have the tassel in the position you want then take the scissors and give it a good hair cut.

Creating a rainbow tassel blanket and showing how to make tassels

Yay! Now that you have a tassel let's talk about a great place to purchase yarn.

What kind of yarn is used for tassels?

There are so many different types tassels you can make but for the most part, look at the weight of the yarn to determine the fullness of the tassel. A wool or cotton tends to be thicker which will make a fuller tassel whereas silk will make a thinner yarn.

You can also make tassels from embroidery thread which is perfect for tiny tassels.

A great place to shop for yarn is Darn Good Yarn. They have a great variety of yarn types and sizes. If you love making things with yarn then you will love this online shop.

Now that you have tassels made here is how to attach them to a blanket.

How to Make a Tasseled Blanket

To add your rainbow tassels to a blanket, I found this one in the dollar spot at Target, that is already made simply thread the yarn at the top through a yarn needle and sew it along the edge of the blanket. Once you have it through the fabric tie it into a knot or bow.

Adding rainbow colored tassels to a blanket

If you tie it into a bow it is easy to remove if you want to wash your blanket and you don't want to wash your tassels.

Rainbow tassel blanket craft

And you are all finished!

Isn't this a fun project! I love sharing yarn crafts like these DIY bottle brush trees.


Now that you know how to make yarn tassels your options are endless to add decorations to anything.

I found a great place to make yarn tassels is while watching television at night. It doesn't take much brainpower once you have created a few so enjoy some tv and make your tassels.

Once you have your tassel blanket created you can drape it over your sofa at the end of your bed or over a cute bench.

How to make yarn tassels for a blanket that you can use to decorate your home.

Or use it by the pool for a fun Hawaiian luau party ideas.

Rainbow Tassel Blanket

I hope you have found this post helpful. What do you plan to make tassels for?

Happy Decorating!


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