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Here you will learn how to choose the best faucet for your kitchen. After years of kitchen designing here are my go-to tips on choosing the right faucet for your kitchen style.

How to choose the best kitchen faucet

Whether you are getting new cabinets, updating your kitchen, or you need a new faucet you are probably asking how to choose the best faucet.

We are going to talk style and function when choosing a kitchen faucet and believe it or not picking out a faucet is fun when you know what to look for.

Recently we gave my daughter's kitchen a facelift by painting the cabinets. So as we work through what to look for in a kitchen faucet I will use my daughters kitchen as an example.

This post is sponsored by Pfister Faucets: however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to Choose the Best Faucet for Kitchen?

When looking for the best faucet for your kitchen there are certain things you need to look for. Here is a list of what is important.

  • Faucet finish
  • Number of holes on the sink
  • Faucet Height
  • Sprayer
  • Durability
  • Style

Faucet Finish

Before you jump into all the details begin by determining your faucets finish. Common finishes are polished chrome, brushed chrome, bronze, gold, and so on.

How to choose the best kitchen faucet finish for your kitchen

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or working with an existing kitchen see what finishes you already have or have planned. What is your cabinet hardware, lighting finish, hood over your stove if you have one, and appliance finish?

In my daughter's kitchen, her appliances are black and stainless, the hardware is black, and the sink is stainless so we decided to go with black.

Number of Hole on Sink

Next, you need to determine how many holes you have to fill in the sink. If you are getting a new sink then the sky is the limit and you can skip this step.

Matte black kitchen faucet with a deckplate

However, if you are working with an existing sink then you need to know the number of holes. In our case, we had three holes for the faucet and one hole for a soap dispenser or separate sprayer.

Now you do not have to go with a faucet that needs three holes because most faucets have a deck plate you can use to cover the holes. However, make sure it comes with the faucet or you may have to purchase it separately.

So now I know we need either a faucet that will fit into three holes, a soap dispenser or separate sprayer or a deck plate for the faucet.

How tall should your kitchen faucet be?

This is a step that many people do not even know they need to consider. Do you have a sink that is not very deep and a faucet that does not have a long high neck? Then you probably know how challenging it is to wash a deep pot in the sink.

So let's measure how deep you sink is and then measure your deepest pot. I also like to place the pot in the sink and measure from the bottom of the sink to the top of the pot.

Now, this is an indication of how high of a neck you want when shopping. But let me make this even easier. I almost always go with a higher neck on kitchen faucets because you can never go wrong with added space to wash large items.

Tall neck on a matte black kitchen faucet for easy washing of dishes

A high neck on a faucet will make all the difference in the world. My advice look for a high neck.


As I mentioned before you may or may not have an extra hole to fill. If you do you can fill it with a matching soap dispenser or a separate sprayer.

Sprayer attached the to a matte black tall neck faucet

For function, I look to recommend a faucet where the sprayer is integrated into the neck of the faucet so that a soap dispenser can be placed in the extra hole.

As for the sprayer, this one has two features that make washing dishes much easier and quicker. First, it has Hydroblade technology. This means the pressure of the spray will break through any food stuck to the dishes.

The second feature is the Auto-align sprayer. When you are finished using the spray it retreats back into its spot with ease.

I love appliances that make life easier!!


If you have a hard-working kitchen where your faucet will be used a lot then spend some extra and get a commercial faucet or a high-end faucet.

You do not have to compromise style to get a faucet that will withstand lots of traffic. Pfister is one company I like to look at for more durable options for home use. Their higher-end prices faucets are made to withstand lots of use.


Think about what all you will be washing in your sink. Think about how you have washed dishes in the past. If you will be dealing with hard to remove food on dishes then you might want to take your faucet a step up and get one with a stronger spray technology.

Pfister faucet new spray technology on kitchen faucet

If you are more of a rinse and put in the dishwasher kind of person then you may not need this until holiday events or parties.


Last let's talk about what style of faucet to purchase that will fit into your kitchen design.

My daughter's home is a minimalist Scandinavian design. She and her husband like to keep things tidy and organized. We already knew a black faucet would fit but then it was time to look at styles.

Matte black faucet for farmhouse kitchen sink

There are styles from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. In their home, we knew some simplistic would be perfect. Nothing fussy, very functional, clean lines, and sleek.

But what about your kitchen. Are you a cottage farmhouse style person who loves antiques? Then I would look for a retro design. Or if you are a person who is a modern farmhouse then I would look for a sleek design but maybe with a more decorative handle.

If you are looking for the best kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks, you won't have a shortage of options.

The main thing is to look around your space and see what will fit into your design.

Pfister Norden Faucet

So you are probably wondering what kind of faucet my daughter ended up within her home. She decided a black faucet in a sleek style would fit nicely in her kitchen. We needed a three-hole faucet but since sleek was her goal we decided on one hole with a deck plate and a soap dispenser because they both don't like much on the counters.

After working with Pfister we came up with the

One [1] Norden Kitchen Faucet in Matte Black
One [1] SoloTilt Soap Dispenser in Matte Black
One [1] Decorative Deckplate in Matte Black (Model: 961-201B)

This faucet fit in beautifully and it is amazing!!!

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet in a white kitchen


The Pfister Norden faucet was more than we imagined. The style, finish, quality, and function exceeds our expectations.

The neck moves right and left smoothly and it has three different spray functions. One spray function removes hard food deposits which are nice when food is left on pots and pans to long.

The sprayer is integrated but comes out with ease and is long enough to rinse out the sink after cleaning.

And the soap dispenser is different than what we expected but we love it. Most dispenser release soap by pushing down on eh back but this one you tap on the front. We find it even easier to dispense.

I am so glad to be sharing with you this Pfister faucet because overall twenty years of interior design experience I have found Pfister to have the most beautiful designs. They are a great place to start.

Now that you have your faucet dilemma solved you might be wanting more kitchen ideas and I have loads more on my kitchen category on the menu.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Good luck with your faucet shopping.

Happy Decorating!


Thursday 15th of September 2022

Hi Linda. Thank you for your great review of the Norden faucet. I noticed that your daughter's faucet was installed with the handle in front opposed to the usual side of faucet orientation. I'm wondering...was this deliberate and is this front position working for her? I am planning to mount a new pull out faucet on the side of a D-shaped sink due to space limitations. I do like the idea of the faucet handle in front of the fauce and wonder if that would work for me.

Linda McDonald

Friday 16th of September 2022

This is a very good question. She has been very happy with the position of the handle, and this faucet is amazing! I hope this help. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Have a happy day!


Saturday 3rd of October 2020

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