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Best Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets for Farmhouse Sinks

Are you on the hunt for the best kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks? We have gathered some of our favorite Pfister farmhouse kitchen faucets as well as some best selling farmhouse style kitchen faucets. These will help you polish up the look of our kitchen sink with ease.

Farmhouse kitchen faucet ideas from black to brushed nickel

If you are working on a kitchen reno and are at the point where you're picking out the best kitchen faucet, we'd love to be of help! A traditional farmhouse sink should get a faucet that is not only beautiful, but hard working. We have pooled together the best farmhouse kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks from Pfister.

Recently we painted the kitchen cabinets in my daughter's house and changed the hardware to a beautiful black color. She has a great stainless steel farmhouse sink, but her faucet was old and inefficient. So we decided it was time to change the faucet.

If you're doing something like putting in a new sink, it's a great time to consider adding a beautiful faucet. When we started looking for a faucet, I shared with her a few things to look for. Here are the best things to look for when searching for a good farmhouse kitchen faucet.

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

After years of selecting faucets for clients and spending a “few” days washing dishes. 😉 Here is my best advice when shopping for a faucet.

  • Selecting Color: look for a faucet color that compliments your cabinet hardware. If your hardware is black, consider a black faucet. I really like a nice matte black faucet.
  • Spout height: A taller spout height makes washing larger pots like a dutch oven much easier. Take time to consider your needs when selecting a faucet height, especially if you have a large sink.
  • Single or double handle: A single handle is much easier to work with, but sometimes a double fits the design style better. It is a personal preference.
  • Spray location: Decide if you want a sprayer integrated with the spout or sitting on the sink or countertop. Sprayers integrated on the spout do not take up any space. But if you have a large basin, a side sprayer may work fine for you. Some faucets even have a soap dispenser option.
  • Sprayer technology: Some sprayers have spray options from misting to pressure washing. If you do a great deal of washing, you might want a sprayer with these options. A powerful spray can make your dish washing super easy.
  • Durability: A quality faucet will last you many years. Read reviews for additional information.
  • Style: Your faucet's style should reflect your kitchen style. If you are a modern farmhouse, then look for a modern-style faucet. It all depends on your farmhouse kitchen design.

With so many options out there, the choice can be overwhelming. If you have a gorgeous farmhouse sink you want to get a faucet that complements it. So, we have narrowed down the selection of farmhouse kitchen sink faucets for you. Now you can find a great one with ease.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.


Are you at the place where you're asking what kind of faucet goes with a farmhouse sink?

There are so many great Pfister faucets to choose from that look so nice with a farmhouse sink. You really can't go wrong when selecting a faucet for your farmhouse kitchen sink.


Do you wonder what is the most popular finish for kitchen faucets?

Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel seem to be the most popular finishes for kitchen faucets. However, in a farmhouse kitchen, matte black is high on the list. You need to pick the finish you're happiest with. That could be a sleek design or a matte black finish.

When choosing your farmhouse kitchen faucet, begin thinking of a faucet like you do a pair of earrings that help dress up an outfit. That even includes deciding if you want lever handles or even a more modern design like a touch-less faucet.

Picking out the finish you want for your kitchen faucet can be as easy as looking at the cabinet pulls you have in your kitchen.

If possible, a pot filler is a really convenient faucet to have over your range.


While narrowing down the best kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks, we pulled from our favorites places to shop online or in-person. We started with places like Home Depot and Wayfair and also checked out Amazon. Let's look at what we found.


We've narrowed down the options of the best kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks. Now you get to pick one for your home. Which faucet color and style are you thinking of for your kitchen? Share in the comments what you are thinking.

Pfister is one of my favorite brands as far as style and quality. For many years their design team has designed beautiful faucets. In the most recent years, they have raised the bar on quality. I recommend looking at Pfister kitchen faucets.

If you'd like some great Amazon Finds To Create A Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen, we cover them in that post, or here is another post on how to choose the best faucet for your kitchen.

Since kitchens are where we all spend most of our time, it's a great place to be sure you love them.

Happy Decorating!


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