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Here I will show you how to decorate with old Christmas decorations. Adding sentimental or purchased old pieces will make your holiday decor feel warm and cozy.

Decorating with old Christmas decorations

We all have old Christmas decorations from pieces that belonged to family to thrifted to vintage antiques. No matter if you have new old pieces or ones that grandma made here are ways to incorporate old decorations with new holiday decor

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Many times we are given old Christmas decorations that belonged to the family and it is very special but it doesn't fit into our Christmas design.

Decorating with old Christmas decoration like sled and books

Or you find a piece at a thrift store that calls to your heart like this sled I used on our outdoor Christmas porch and this book I used in decorating with favorite Christmas books. You purchase it because it reminds you of your childhood but it doesn't go with your holiday color scheme.

This post will help you find a way to incorporate those treasures into your current design or transition you to a new Christmas color scheme so your old decorations fit into your interiors design without breaking the bank. You can definitely combine your vintage decor with the latest trends.

Whether it's a tree topper, mini tree, candle holders, perpetual advent calendars, wooden beads, ornaments, or DIY Christmas decorations, it can be incorporated into your modern Christmas décor to create a cohesive look with a personal touch.


In our house, we have lots of old holiday decorations that we love. Some belonged to family while others we have had for many many years so now they are old.

We love our Christmas decorations to coordinate with the colors of our home. Not everyone likes this idea but I thought since we are transitioning to a new color scheme this would be a great time to show you how to incorporate old decorations into your new holiday decor.

We don't have an unlimited amount of money to make this transformation but that's not stopping us.  Here are 5 things we plan to use to transform our old Christmas decorations into a new look that works with our current living room decor.


If you don't want to put your old or vintage Christmas ornaments on your tree, you can always display them in a pretty bowl or use them as part of a centerpiece in the dining room to make your Christmas dinner extra special or on your coffee table. The holiday season is a time to be creative.


Every Christmas home should have ribbons in its decor.  There are so many places where you can use ribbons with old Christmas decorations. 

Changing the ribbon on your tree can completely change the look of your tree.  You can go from a classic style with a white/gold ribbon to a rustic nature tree with warm plaid. 

Ribbons are also great for hanging old holiday pictures, hanging vintage wreaths, or tying a bow around a statue in your nativity scene. Pick a ribbon that fits with your vintage Christmas decorations to transform your new color scheme.

You can also mix Christmas lights in with your ribbon for a bit of sparkle. I love how string lights can change the feel of a room. Or wrap the ribbon around flameless candles.

Christmas Decorations Burlap Bow

Here is where we tied a ribbon around an old sled we found at a thrift store to pull it into the color scheme on our back porch. It makes you think of a winter wonderland. We love getting creative with our outdoor Christmas decorations.

Vintage Christmas sled


We love holiday pillows with cute Christmas designs on them!!!  This is a big way to change colors to bring in your antique holiday decorations. 

Make sure whatever new holiday pillow you purchase has the color of your chair, bed, or couch in it.  We love taking solid color pillows and then adding a new accent pillow to bring the two colors together.

Your accent pillow can easily bring in the color of the thrifted Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations Deer Pillow


It is so important to include greenery or floral items into your Christmas design. 

Borrow from outdoors! The options here are endless and cheap. Outdoor decorations don't always have to stay outdoors. LOL! Go pick out pinecones, boxwood cuttings, or whatever fancies you and bring it inside. 

stems of greenery added to holiday decorations

There are tons of crafty ideas on Pinterest to do with natural elements and seasonal decor.  Our favorite pinecone idea is to spray paint them gold.  We first saw this at my mother-in-law's home on Christmas a long time ago.  She had them sitting in a beautiful solid colored bowl on her coffee table in the living room.

Christmas Decorations Boxwood Wreath

We love to hang greenery or florals wreaths on windows using the same ribbon throughout the house to tie it all together. Here I show you how to hang wreaths on windows. A Christmas wreath will also look amazing on the front door to welcome your guests with holiday cheer.

How to hang a wreath on a window with ribbon


One of our favorite things to do when holiday decorating is to find seasonal accessories that fit my style and decor.  A great place to start looking for Christmas accessories is with family. 

Share with your family that you are working on changing your holiday color scheme and ask them if they have any old decorations in those colors that they don't want anymore.  You will be surprised at how many people have a box in their attic of decorations that don't work now. 

But if that is not an option then take some time to browse around and look for anything that would fit nicely on your bookcase, end table, or hanging over a mirror.

Christmas Decorations

This bird is new but he fits nicely into many of our old pieces. He's perfect for a side table. It really makes a home feel cozy to mix old and new pieces.


Here is an area that I am going to pour my soul out.  Years ago my sister, who just passed this year, bought me a Thomas Kinkade print of a house at Christmas.  Every year I pull this beautiful piece of art out and hang it on my fireplace. 

I just never knew how much that piece of art would mean to me one day.  So if you have something that doesn't fit your decor but it means the world to you then go for it and use it.  Lucky for me this piece works. 

But there are so many other ways you can change your look with art.  Like wooden letters painted and hung with a ribbon or cute printables that you can frame yourself.

Christmas Decorations


Some of the best Christmas decorations are the ones with an interesting past. There are so many memories wrapped up in our Christmas decorations until it is almost impossible to start completely over but if you follow these five items you can transform your vintage decoration into a whole new look. 

And it will bring the holiday spirit to your home. Nothing creates a festive atmosphere for your holiday guests like heartfelt decor.

Did you like that word vintage?  It makes our new design sounds so fancy.

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