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Here is how to get organized at home and stay organized. From the basics of organizing your home and where to start to declutter. Organizational skills will make your life easier.  What is it about an organized clean room that feels so right? 

how to organize your home and stay organized by using baskets

Organizational skills will make your life easier which is why I am sharing how to get organized at home and stay organized along with tips on decluttering.

I love to sit down in a space in my house that has been tidied and is neat! This organizing your home where to start guide will have you sitting back and enjoying your neat home too.

How to get organized at home and stay organized

I find myself looking at the same closet or room and feeling overwhelmed.

Can anyone relate?

Let me encourage you.  There is a way to get that room under control.

I have a system that works and has saved me lots of time over the years. I believe that you can do this system too and you will love the end results.

So, where do we begin?


Let's start by calling a friend.

how to get organized at home and stay organized by contacting a friend as an accountability partner.

I bet you didn't expect this to be your first step.

But I think it is pretty darn important especially if your hesitating on getting started.

Find a friend who might be interested in doing some organizing at their house.  Once you have that friend selected, share with each other what room you're planning to do first.

It's important to have someone who will encourage you through this journey.  It also helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of too. However, not everyone needs a partner, so if you decide not to have one, then that is okay too.


Sometimes knowing where to start is the hard part but let me assure you it can be the fun part.

how to organize your home and stay organized by starting with a small project like a messy linen closet

Begin with the room or closet that is the least overwhelming.  Or start with the smallest space.

If you're feeling overwhelmed then starting small might be just the ticket because it will be less intimidating.

A little more manageable.  And you will finish quicker which will give you a sense of sanctification.

This little closet didn't take me long to organize and I used Pinterest to help.

how to get organized at home and stay organized by using baskets

If you're still having trouble deciding which room to start with, discuss it with your accountability partner.  Sometimes it helps to think out loud.


Begin by removing everything in your room or closet.

Oh my goodness, you're thinking!

I have not lost my mind. I promise I have not. LOL!

Start with one item at a time and pull it out and place it in a designated pile.

For example, if it is trash put it in a garbage pile if it is a donated item make a collection if it goes in another room or closet make delivery stacks to that chamber.

Once you have everything in a pile then put the donated items in your car, trash in the garbage can outside, and other items in their spaces.

how to organize your home and stay organized  by using baskets to store books


Here is an excellent opportunity to give it a good cleaning and possibly some decorating. This is a great time to paint too.

If it's a closet, you can do some fun decor in there too.  You might find you like keeping things tidy if there are fresh, fun paint colors and some lovely baskets with cute chalkboard labels.

These fun baskets options will give you some inspiration.

The main thing is to have some fun with this.  And do what makes you feel pretty.

A great place to get some ideas for decorating your space is to go to my Pinterest.  I have lots of boards with an abundance of ideas.

how to organize your home and stay organized by hanging hats on hooks


Here is another fun part!

Now you have removed anything that doesn't belong in the space and left with many beautiful things to put back.  Telling you how to create your plan is the tricky part because not every space is alike.  But think about your space in compartments.  Look at what is left to go into the room and divide it up into families.

For example, if you are working on a linen closet make a stack of king size sheets, queen, full, and twin.  Here is how to fold sheets neatly in another post. See how you will never have to dig for all the pieces of a set ever again. Then make a pile of blankets.

Oh, and those items you may be pulled out once a year put in a pile.  They will go great in the out of reach space.  Mainly, find a home for each item.  If it doesn't make sense to go in that area, then put it in another room.

how to organize your home and stay organized by keeping a list


Whether you plan to decorate or not it is vital to have some organizing pieces to help your items have a home.  If you are working in the kitchen, look at compartments for your silverware or canisters for your cooking utensils.

There are many options out there like these ideas I put together in a post of favorite organizational pieces.

how to organize your home and stay organized by using containers like tall buckets for brushes, decorative bottles for lotion and small porcelain cups.


Now we have everything divided, so let's place it back in its space.

Think neat!

What I mean is take the time to stack it neatly or put it intentionally.   And use those baskets or containers that you purchased as a part of your plan.

Don't be surprised if a holder doesn't work or you need another size.  That has happened to me many times.

how to organize your home and stay organized by keeping clothes folded neatly.


Everything has a new home.

How do you keep it that way?

Well, my rule is that if I pick it up, then it is not leaving my hand until it goes in a designated pile to go to its space or I take it directly to its home.  You spent a lot of time and effort to create this beautiful place then why not enjoy it for an unlimited amount of time.

And don't forget that family meeting where you share with everyone your new strategy for keeping it tidy.  Believe it or not, most of the time everyone else is proud of their new space too, and they will make an effort to keep it that way.

how to organize your home and stay organized by using caddies for shoes

Organizing Homelife

Well, are you in for some organizing homelife?

I know you can do it and once you are finished it is time to reward yourself.

I am all about celebrating!

Invite your accountability partner over to see the result.  Go out and celebrate with your family or friend.  But whatever you do take some time to pat yourself on the back.

You deserved it!

how to organize your home and stay organized by using bowls and trays to store items.

Products from


Remember that closet in the beginning?

Well, I wrote a whole post about that closet and it shows the end result.  Hop on over and check it out. And if you are thinking of organizing where you hang your clothes then you will love organizing clothes by color. It makes all the difference.

Where else would you like to get organized? If your looking for help with your kitchen check out how to organize kitchen cabinets and counters by zones. This post has more tips on organising your home. If you have enough items that you're ready to re-home, check out my post Garage Sale Organization: Your Checklist for Success.

Happy Decorating!

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How to get Organized at Home and Stay Organized

How to get Organized at Home and Stay Organized

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Easy steps on how to organize your home and keep it organized


  • Baskets
  • Jars
  • Frame with hooks and anything that can be used for storage like drawers
  • Crocks



  1. Begin by contacting a friend if you want an accountability partner.
  2. Select a room or closet for your first space.
  3. Write out a plan for the room or closet along with how many baskets, jars, and such you will need.
  4. Remove everything from the closet or space except furniture.
  5. As you remove items sort them into piles of common items. For example towels, shirts, pants and so on.
  6. After everything has been removed clean the closet or room so you begin to build back the design in a clean space.
  7. Next, fold and place the items into baskets or neatly in cubbies and then begin to place the baskets and such back onto shelves.
  8. Use this time to decorate the room by storing items in pretty tins, jars, and such.
  9. And now you are all finished. Celebrate with your friend!

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest


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Tracy @ The UnCoordinated Mommy

Sunday 15th of January 2017

This is so helpful!! I think my first space really needs to be the playroom. There are so many broken and old toys in their and I need to rethink the functional accessories.

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