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It is that time of year when school is beginning and a hint of fall is in the air.  With cooler weather coming, some outdoor fall decor ideas and some pumpkin decorating ideas will almost do the trick, but we have a little something s'more as a treat in this post, so read on to see.

Outdoor fall decor

Outdoor Fall Decor

Okay,  I am not too good at keeping secrets so here is the little treat I have in store for this outdoor fall decor post.  This week is National S'mores Day so what better way to celebrate than with family, some pumpkin decorating ideas and more?

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Outdoor fall decor

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas & S'More

Let's start with planning your fall decor. As always you will need to come up with some outdoor fall decor ideas and smores bar ideas. A few great places for inspirations are my fall posts from last year like my Pumpkin Centerpiece Post, and my Fall Home Tour.  And for a great recipe for your s'mores try my friend Mel's campfire sugar cone s'more recipe. Look at how delicious her s'mores turned out!

Campfire smores using sugar cones, marshmallows and chocolate chips


Outdoor fall decor

Now, this part is rather simple. Take a galvanized tub and turn it upside down.  If your fire pit area is on a slope like ours, use some old magazines under one side to level it up.  Then add some raffia or hay around the base of the tub. I only needed two small bags of raffia for this project.

Outdoor fall decor using a small white mum

Next, add the tray and one small mum.  I went with white because I wanted a more non-traditional fall look and white wouldn't conflict with my neutral colors.

Follow this step by folding some burlap around the base of the mum.  The burlap is tied once.  The texture of the burlap holds it on nicely.

Outdoor fall decor and serving smores using sugar cones

Now, add a kitchen towel that fits your outdoor fall decor, and it is time to start adding edible items like these sugar cones.

Outdoor fall decor

Add a bowl of marshmallows.

Outdoor fall decor graham crakers

Followed by some graham crackers for those traditional s'more lovers.

Outdoor fall decor chocolate chips

And of course some chocolate.  Use chocolate chips for the sugar cones or bring in some chocolate chunks for the traditional s'mores.

Outdoor fall decor

And last, toss in a candle for when it gets darker. It will help light the area for grabbing ingredients and the autumn leaves scent adds another layer to your fall vibes.

Fall decor

Outdoor fall decor pumpkins, galvanized tub, and a smores bar

Now on to the fun part – adding the accessories!  Give your space that old fashion pumpkin patch look.

Outdoor fall decor

Sprinkle in some pumpkins.  You can use real ones or artificial ones like I have in the photo.  I painted some of the pumpkins with milk paint I had left over from my chair painting project and then added some felt pumpkins for additional texture.

Outdoor fall decor

Now toss in an apple basket and some traditional fall flowers like this lovely mum.

Outdoor fall decor crock

Add a safe and clean place for your marshmallow skewers like this crock and your s'more bar is complete. Now let's talk about the seating.

Outdoor fall decor and pillow

To make your fall campfire area feel even warmer and cozy add some pillows like this one by Faith and Chloe Designs. She customized this pillow with our last name which was like the ice cream on the apple pie. Just perfect!!!

Outdoor fall decor

Well, now we have all the pumpkin decorating ideas completed.  Our humble fire pit area is dressed up with fall decor and ready to celebrate National S'mores Day!

Before we call our friends over to celebrate here are some more posts that will make your day even better.

For a great post on preparing campfire s'mores safely hop over to Cub Scout Ideas and read How to Safely Make S'mores with Cub Scouts.

And if you're not feeling like making s'mores over the fire try this AWESOME Jello Pudding S'mores Pie by my friend at Not a Super Mom.


So now that you have some s'mores bar ideas for fall it is time to create a shopping list.  Here is my list so you can see what I needed to throw this outdoor fall decor event and s mores bar.

Celebrate National S'mores Day

Outdoor fall decor eating a sugar cone smore

All the friends have arrived and this s mores bar brings a smile to everyone's face.  Our sweet little friend is going to show you the steps to make a finger-licking campfire s'more similar to my friend Mel's.

Outdoor fall decor and smores bar

Begin with roasting your marshmallow.

Outdoor fall decor roasting a marshmallow

Now spoon some chocolate chips into the cone.

Outdoor fall decor

Gently fold your roasted marshmallow into the cone.

Outdoor fall decor

Next take a big bit and enjoy all that sweet tasty goodness.

Outdoor fall decor

And don't forget you have some traditional s'more items, so why not try one of them too?

Outdoor fall decor

Now it is time sit back and relax and enjoy family, autumn and National S'mores Day!

Outdoor fall decor
Outdoor fall decor


It doesn't cost a great deal of money or time to create an easy fall atmosphere for your National S'more Day event.   Simply gather your items, set them up in a matter of minutes, and enjoy all the treats and folks who come to celebrate with you!

Happy Decorating!

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Beth Havey

Friday 24th of August 2018

So lovely, fun and so American. Now I have to go eat lunch!!

Candi Randolph

Friday 24th of August 2018

I love your staging of the campfire, fall decor and s'mores ingredients. Very well done! And I am going to have to try that recipe, too...fantastic idea using the ice cream cones :)