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Sherwin Williams Escape Gray: The Perfect Nature-Inspired Hue

If you are looking for a calm and relaxing, peaceful and nature-filled color, then Sherwin Williams Escape Gray might be your color.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray bedroom

In today's blog post, we're diving into a comprehensive paint review of Escape Gray, showcasing examples from two inspiring bedroom design projects, and offering ideas on where to use this versatile hue.

We'll also explore key details like LRV and RGB to help you decide if this serene shade is the right choice for your home.

Paint Review of Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

Years ago, my daughter and I painted an accent wall in her bedroom Escape Gray from the Sherwin-Williams company. Needless to say, we both fell in love with this beautiful sage green paint color.

In fact, she loved it so much she has now painted her master bedroom loft in her new home that she and her husband occupy.

Escape Gray gets five stars from us, and we both highly recommend it, especially if you love nature-inspired colors or green. It is the perfect marriage between gray and green and definitely one of our favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

I will share more about those projects soon, but for now, let's get started talking about Escape Gray so you can decide if it is the right color for you, too.

Understanding the Color Profile

Escape Gray is from the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Neutral Nuance Paint Color Collection. Sherwin Williams Escape Gray is a unique blend of gray with subtle green undertones. This combination creates a color that is both grounding and refreshing, reminiscent of misty mornings and tranquil natural landscapes.

Escape Gray is versatile, offering a gentle backdrop that adapts well to various lighting conditions and decorations.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

Psychology of Escape Gray's

Colors have a significant impact on us, and Escape Gray is no exception. This shade is known for its calming effect, promoting a sense of peace and relaxation. The green undertones evoke feelings of being connected to nature, making it an excellent choice for creating serene spaces in your home.

LRV and RGB Details

Understanding the technical details of Escape Gray can help you make an informed decision. The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Escape Gray is 41, meaning it reflects a moderate amount of light. This makes it suitable for both well-lit and dimmer spaces.

The RGB values for Escape Gray are 186 (Red), 190 (Green), and 181 (Blue), which combine to create its distinct, soothing hue leaning more green. Honestly I think it should be called Escape Gray-green because it reads green.

Examples of Sherwin Williams Escape Gray in Bedroom Design Projects

Next let's talk about two applications of Escape Gray and they both are bedrooms but one is very large and the other is a small room which will help you see what this color does in different sizes of rooms in real homes.

Upstairs Loft Master Bedroom

Originally, this upstairs loft master bedroom was painted a burgundy-brown, which, according to my daughter who recently got married, did not feel like it was a bedroom.

We transformed the space by painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Escape Gray, and adding green elements in the bedding, a rug, and long drapes.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray bedroom

The result was a cozier and more bedroom-like atmosphere. Despite the lighter shade compared to the original dark, moody reddish-brown, Escape Gray made the room feel more inviting.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray bedroom

A large thrifted art piece above the bed further anchored the bed in the corner, completing the transformation.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray wall color

But on the other side of room are two dormers. Let me warn you that dormers take way longer to paint then you think. LOL! Anyways, this vintage screen in one of the dormers acts as a storage room wall.

We were also considering a green color that would coordinate with the screen, and Escape Gray checked all the boxes.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray.  A green gray wall color

This color really has a vintage retro vibe and pulled out the green colors in this beautiful screen.

Hannah's Old Bedroom Turned Guest Room

Hannah's old bedroom, now a guest bedroom in my house, is much smaller compared to the large loft she and her husband now share. To make this room unique, we created a shiplap wall out of plywood and painted it Escape Gray.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray on a shiplap accent wall

The aim was to create a cozy space without making it feel smaller. Green, being a nature-inspired color, provides an open yet cozy ambiance. The remaining walls were kept white, drawing attention to the green accent wall.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray in a guest bedroom on an accent wall

This room was decorated with antique vintage finds, giving it a charming cottagecore theme.

Green plywood shiplap accent wall called Escape Grey by Sherwin Williams

Escape Gray is an excellent choice for a bedroom color, regardless of the room's size. It is easy to coordinate with other elements and consistently brings a peaceful feeling to the space.

If you would like to read more or see more photos of Hannah's old room check out this antique vintage bedroom makeover.

Side note: We noticed something interesting about the color when applied in both bedrooms. In the smaller bedroom, it read more green, while in the large master bedroom, it was more of a green-gray retro color. We think it had something to do with the exposure to natural lighting and/or the decorations in the room. To get an idea of the accurate color in your home, you'll want to do a test color by hanging swatches or using paint samples on your wall to see how it looks in different lighting before you paint the entire surface.

Ideas on Where to Use Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

Now let's shift our attention to rooms you can consider using Escape Gray in along with some designer details.

Living Room

Escape Gray is perfect for a living room, offering a neutral yet inviting backdrop that complements various interior styles. It creates a tranquil environment ideal for relaxation and socializing.

Use it on an accent wall, all the walls, trim, and doors, or your fireplace mantel. Your front door would be a fantastic place to paint Escape Gray on the outside or the inside. Wherever you use it I have no doubt it will be pretty!


In bedrooms, Escape Gray fosters a sense of calm and tranquility, making it an excellent choice for creating a restful atmosphere. It pairs beautifully with soft textiles and natural materials.

As you can see in both my examples Escape Gray works beautifully in both small and large rooms.

Home Offices

For your home office, Escape Gray can enhance concentration and reduce stress. Its serene qualities help create a focused and productive workspace. Add plants to your office and you will have a complete nature filled work environment.

Kitchens and Dining Areas

Escape Gray adds a touch of sophistication to kitchens and dining areas while maintaining a warm and welcoming ambiance. It works well with both modern and traditional decor.

Consider using Escape Gray on cabinets, in pantries or as an accent color on an island.


Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with Escape Gray. Its soothing color promotes relaxation, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Outdoor Spaces

Extend the tranquility of Escape Gray to your outdoor spaces. Use it on patio furniture or exterior walls to create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor environments.

Details to See If Escape Gray Is Right for You

Next let's break this color down even more and talk about the effects of lighting, complimentary colors and other elements. Even though Escape Gray would be a fantastic single interior color it is always good to pull together several colors for your home decor.

Lighting Effects

Escape Gray's appearance can vary depending on lighting. Natural light enhances its green undertones, while artificial light can bring out more of its gray qualities. Consider your room's lighting when deciding. Here is a blog post on how to pick the best light bulb types.

Complementary Colors

Pair Escape Gray with whites and creams for a harmonious look. For a bold contrast, consider using navy or dark grays. Here are some great Sherwin Williams colors to consider that coordinate with Escape Gray.

Coordinating color scheme with Escape Gray by Sherwin Williams

Save this pin to your Pinterest for safe keeping while you decide on your Escape Gray paint color scheme.

Finishes and Textures

Different finishes and textures can alter the perception of Escape Gray. Matte finishes offer a soft, velvety look, while glossier finishes can add a modern touch.

Furniture and Decor Pairings

Wooden furniture, natural fibers, and greenery beautifully complement Escape Gray, enhancing its nature-inspired feel and creating a cohesive, inviting space.


Sherwin Williams Escape Gray is a beautiful, nature-inspired color that promotes calmness and relaxation. It is one of my favorite colors to paint with. From living rooms to bedrooms, it can transform any space into a peaceful haven. I hope you've found your latest inspiration!

If you're looking for a new paint color for your home, don't hesitate to experiment with this versatile shade, whether through small touches or full-room applications. Ready to add Escape Gray to your cart? Head to the expert staff at your local Sherwin Williams for all your painting needs. Embrace the tranquility of Escape Gray and let it bring a sense of peace to your home.

We would love to hear about your experiences and see your transformations, so feel free to share your stories and photos in the comments and on social media.

Happy Decorating!