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Are you done with winter? Are you ready to add a field of spring decorations to your farmhouse? Our trees down here in Florida are already snowing pollen down everywhere. So, we're ready to bring spring into our home and inspire you to bring spring to your farmhouse too.

Spring decor ideas

When you think of bringing spring decorations to your farmhouse, what comes to mind? Pastels? Flowers? Bunnies? Well, those are just a few things we want to show off that our friends incorporated in their spring decor.


In Hosea 6:3 it says, “He will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.” We're ready for spring rains. To wash away some of the pollen and to help the flowers grow. 

We know St. Patrick's Day falls three days before the true first day of spring, but we just couldn't resist kicking off this spring post with this adorable St. Patrick's Day tiered tray by Crisp Collective.

Everyone seem as crazy as we are about tiered trays from our Christmas tiered tray and our Valentine Tiered Tray posts to the post where we showed you how to style your own tiered tray.

But, enough about our posts, let's gawk at Bethany's tray for a minute. She brings so many kisses of the Irish holiday to this tray. With the “Kiss Me” mini sign to the hints of green and don't you love the “pots of gold?”

A Bushey & A Peck
Spring to Your Farmhouse A Bushey & A Peck

Nothing says it's spring, like fresh-cut flowers. Isn't this setting stunning and romantic?

Tulips freshly cut and laid on a down comforter. Don't you want to bring that image of spring to your farmhouse like A Bushey and A Peck?

Spring Wreath Decoration

Spring to Your Farmhouse Aratari At Home

Pastels are another way to bring spring decor to your home. And this wreath with sweet pinks, peaches and greens whisk us right into spring.

By being hung on this rustic gate, it looks as though an entrance to a meadow. Aratari has created a lovely decoration for spring.

Spring Mantel Decoration Ideas

Spring to Your Farmhouse Bless This Nest

Confession time. We shared Carissa's kitchen recently when we were checking out some farmhouse inspirations. We're just a tiny bit obsessed with her style!

Check out her blog where she talks about her fireplace mantel. The flowers in the oversized vases and the dandelion painting are just a few things of hers we're obsessed with for spring.

Another great way to decorate your mantle for spring is with flowers.

Decorate a mantel with spring flowers

We added flowers to our mantle and added a ribbon. This is an easy way to add a touch of spring. All you do is use two bouquet sprigs and lay them end to end and then tie a ribbon in a bow and place it between the stems.

I used floral wire to make the bows and tucked it under the stems. There are more instructions and ideas in spring farmhouse decor.

Spring to Your Farmhouse C Schreier Designs

This mantel by C Schreier Designs with an old window frame and a boxwood wreath is a sweet introduction to spring in this home. The pair of topiary's and the grey bunny bring so much spring into the decor.

And the sweet chic “Bless The Lord Oh, My Soul,” sign is a great nod to the farmhouse style.

Spring Garden Farmhouse Decor

Spring to Your Farmhouse Clare & Grace Designs

Something about the watering cans hanging in this vignette brings the quote from Anne Scott-James to mind, “There is more pleasure in making a garden than in contemplating a paradise.”

Are you the type of person that can't wait to get your hands in the dirt when the first sign of spring comes? All of the greenery in this room feels like a spring garden paradise by Clare and Grace Designs to us.

Spring Accessories

Spring to Your Farmhouse Eunice R Veiga

The idea of a mama bird nesting and looking after her soon to hatch eggs in spring is captured perfectly by Eunice here. This vignette with blush hydrangeas is so elegant. The promise of spring coming is felt for sure in this nook.

Adding spring accessories to your farmhouse is simple. Pick up a few spring items from the store and nestle them with your accessories you already have at home.

Spring to Your Farmhouse Finishing Touch Decor By Jenny

Can't you just imagine that cute little bunny running through a meadow of tulips in the springtime? Finishing Touches by Jenny has created another idea using spring accessories in her decor.

Spring Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Spring to Your Farmhouse My Houston House

Are you shocked you've made it this far through the post and haven't seen one Rae Dunn item? Wait no longer! Stephanie's coffee rack has been adorably decorated for spring.

With a flower garland and delicate spring blossom plates she has brought spring into her kitchen without making a lot of changes.

Spring to Your Farmhouse Ring Factory Farmhouse

Another great garland idea is this Happy Spring design by Ring Factory Farmhouse. Shiplap and a Happy Spring banner bring such a breath of fresh air and say farmhouse!

The bunnies, nest and chippy lantern are so shabby chic. Well done Tiffany!

Farmhouse Spring Tablescape and Centerpiece

spring farmhouse decor ideas

Another fun way to add spring to your farmhouse decor is with a table centerpiece. This is such an easy project. Simply add a dough bowl, any color easter grass, a bunny in the middle, and eggs all around him.

Spring to Your Farmhouse Rustic Reclaim

It takes talent to take a rustic toolbox and add tulips and make it into the most gorgeous and inviting tablescape we've seen for spring.

Crystal at Rustic Reclaim's table is sure to make anyone who sits down at it, feel like a guest of honor. A tea party or Easter brunch looks likes it's in the works.

Spring Decorating with Pillow Covers

Spring to Your Farmhouse The Glam Farmhouse

Changing out your pillows to add a spring feel in your home is simple just ask The Glam Farmhouse. Finding a pillow cover with beautiful pastel flowers or maybe even just a solid color to add a kiss of spring.

Flowers are always a must and pink roses are a favorite.

Spring Chalkboard Decor Ideas

Spring to Your Farmhouse The Real Shannon Qualls

Isn't the promise on this chalkboard just so sweet?!? Decorating your chalkboard for spring is a fun and inexpensive way to change out your holiday decor.

Also, look at Shannon's candles and floral arrangements on the mantel scream spring are around the corner. The light coming in from the window will warm a soul!

Spring farmhouse decor chalkboard art

We also love decorating our french country chalkboard here at Life on Summerhill. Out of all our designs, this one is my favorite so far.

To create a chalkboard design for spring start by looking for ideas on Pinterest. Once you find a design you like start transferring it to your chalkboard.

Spring Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Spring to Your Farmhouse Willow Bloom Home

Don't forget your bedroom when you are adding spring decor to your home. We love Willow and Bloom Homes added spring touches. Simply add flowers to your decor.

Breakfast in bed on this sweet wooden tray, complete with a Rae Dunn Dream coffee mug, sounds heavenly. The white and green hydrangeas in a galvanized bucket are the perfect nod to spring. Doesn't this make you want to add spring to your farmhouse?

Spring Tiered Tray Ideas

Spring to Your Farmhouse The Quaint Bungalow

We're purposely wrapping up this spring decor post with spring tiered tray ideas. Why do you ask? Because we have a great tiered tray surprise in the works for you for next week.

Are you as excited as we are? Until then, let's admire Rita's tiered tray. With precious bunnies and greenery and a wink to Rae Dunn and this St. Patrick's day tiered tray idea!

Spring to Your Farmhouse Crisp Collective

We know St. Patrick's Day falls three days before the true first day of spring, but we couldn't resist kicking off this spring with this adorable St. Patrick's Day tiered tray by Crisp Collective.

Get The Look


Time flies and we can't believe spring is peaking around the corner. We'll be buying swimsuits soon and planning summer vacations. But let's not wish time away. Soak in the sun rays and enjoy adding some spring to your farmhouse with all these beautiful ideas

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 9th of February 2022

I absolutely love your fireplace decor. Your style is so dreamy!

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

Thank you! These are all very talented decorators.


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