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How to Make Your Home Feel Welcoming – 9 Cozy Ideas

Today we'll explore how to make your home feel welcoming and share ten incredible ideas for a cozy and inviting living space. Our friends have graciously contributed their insights and experiences, making this a collaborative effort to help you create an environment that radiates warmth and hospitality. Whether you're looking to revamp your existing space or start from scratch, these ideas will inspire you on your journey to a home that embraces you. So, let's dive in and discover the secrets to making your house a haven of comfort and friendliness.

Are you ready for some inspiration? Here you will find ideas on how to make your home feel welcoming from home decor, holiday and seasonal ideas like Easter table decorations, styling bookcases, mantel decorating, and a cozy reading nook. There is more, I promise, so stick around until the end.

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How to Make Your Home Feel Welcoming

Creating a welcoming home can make a big difference in how people feel who live there or visit. So many little details can make a home feel welcoming, like adding cozy blankets and soft pillows. A well-decorated home is what you need for that welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

I want to begin by sharing “welcome home Sunday” a group of talented and lovely ladies who asked me to be a part of Welcome Home Sunday. I couldn't wait to collaborate and share all this inspiration with you. These ideas are a great way to make your home feel welcoming.

Welcome Home Sunday

So what is Welcome Home Sunday?

Well, it is a group that brings you inspiration and ideas. It is not only home decor, but it is anything lifestyle. You know that welcoming feeling you get when you walk into some homes? Whether it's a cozy living room, dining room, or guest room, we have simple ways to create a more welcoming home. The good news is there are many ways to add special touches to create this feeling.

Since spring is peeking into our days, I thought a little Easter tablescape would fit this event, but wait until you see some of these ideas.

I hope you enjoy browsing through all these ideas.

Seasonal and Holiday Welcoming Ideas

To start our tour of welcoming ideas, consider adding seasonal and holiday decorations to your table. This dough bowl filled with Easter grass and vintage bunny adds a little charm to our dining area. Adding little touches of charm to your home with accessories makes it fun and inviting.

Easter centerpiece of a bunny mold, grass and speckled eggs

Another fun seasonal change that makes your home feel welcoming is adding a wreath to your front door. Here is an example of adding a wreath. You can find wreaths on Etsy or in stores like Target.

Tips for Styling a Bookcase

Kristin Lenz from White Arrow Homes offers great tips to style your bookshelf. Her unique vintage boat bookshelf will make your space feel warm and welcoming. She offers insightful tips to add personal touches and make your bookshelf balanced and visually interesting, regardless of the season.

A bookshelf is the perfect place to add little touches that can make a huge difference and don't take much time. A well-styled bookshelf is a great addition to your cozy home.

Master Bedroom Faux Mantel

Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane created a faux mantel in her master bedroom, creating a cozy atmosphere. She provides step-by-step instructions on achieving this gorgeous focal point with a mix of new and vintage materials.

This is such a good idea to make your room feel cozy and inviting. If you have enough room, add a faux mantel to your master bedroom or the room of your choice. Creating cozy spaces makes your home feel welcoming.

Creating a Cozy Place to Recharge: Reading Nook

Jen and Trent with Noting Grace have great tips on creating a cozy reading nook to recharge in your home. With a simple mix of comfortable furniture, cozy throw blankets, and decor, it's an easy way to create a welcoming place to escape the bustle of life and engage in the self-care you deserve.

I'd be spending time in this cozy space.

Welcoming Family Room Design

Amanda Marie with Sincerely, Marie Designs takes us on a tour of her family room. She shares before and after photos of this cozy and welcoming room.

It combines modern and vintage items that are set up to create a living space that's stylish, fun, and functional. Watch for beautiful table lamps, family photos, a beautiful coffee table, gorgeous throw pillows, and more.

This is truly an inviting home.

How to Use Baskets When Decorating Your Home

Kelly with The Tattered Pew offers great tips on using baskets when decorating your home. Whether using them indoors or outdoors, functionally or for decor only, Kelly has you covered.

Her basket tips will help you create a welcoming home. She has gorgeous examples of using baskets to display fresh flowers, plants, or as pantry storage, or even as wall decor.

Baskets are a great way to organize a cluttered space in your home. With their warm colors and natural elements, baskets are an easy way to make any room feel more welcoming and your home cozy.

Creating a Welcoming Home with Art

One of our favorite ways to make a feel warm, cozy, and welcoming is with art. Art can be expensive, so we love to shop in vintage and thrift stores, but our favorite money-saving tip is printable art.

We have an Etsy shop with hundreds of designs to choose from, like this cottage-style print.

Grain sack printable art for spring kitchen decorations

In our kitchen, we change out this homemade clipboard with these cottage designs changing them by season and holidays. It is a fun way to add art and give your home a welcoming feeling.

Click on Life on Summerhill Etsy shop for more designs to add that welcoming feeling to your home.


So what did you think?

Aren't these ideas amazing and fun? There are many simple ideas to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. A sense of warmth in your home can make a big difference when creating a welcoming space.

Bonus idea! I found this gorgeous welcome mat I was able to personalize that I think is the perfect way to welcome people into your home.

welcome mat

This welcome mat is from Cocomats N More and they have so many beautiful welcome mat options for you to choose from.

Which idea inspired you the most? They are all wonderful until I cannot decide which one to try first.

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I hope you are having a great day today, and keep an eye out for more Welcome Home Sunday posts on the web.

Happy Decorating!


Sunday 1st of March 2020

Linda thank you so much for joining us this week! I loved your Easter table ideas!

Linda McDonald

Sunday 1st of March 2020

Thank you, Kelly, and thank you so much for inviting me. This has been a lot of fun!