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7 Best Porch Ceiling Ideas

These porch ceiling ideas will help you plan your new porch ceiling or redesign your old one. We will walk through different styles of porch ceilings to help you make your decision.

Porch ceiling ideas

With warmer weather here it is time to get outside and freshen up our porches. This is a great time to give your porch ceiling a fresh coat of paint or a whole new look.

An often overlooked design element, these porch ceiling ideas will help you plan a new or soon to be improved porch ceiling. Whether you have a screened porch or an open porch, a beautifully finished ceiling is a great way to make the area feel complete.

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Porch Ceiling Ideas

In all my years of designing homes, I found that the ceiling of a covered porch seems to be the one area that is most overlooked. Think of the ceiling as a fifth wall and treat it with as much attention as everything else. I want to share with you the best porch ceiling ideas.

Okay now, let's do some brainstorming on all the porch ceiling ideas for your front porch ceiling, back porch ceiling, outbuilding ceiling, and so on.

What can I use for outdoor porch ceiling?

  • Shiplap
  • Beadboard
  • Painted Wood
  • Stained Wood
  • Tin Roofing
  • Vinyl
  • Clear

Shop porch ceiling building materials:

Now that we have a list of ideas let's look at photos of different woods, painted and stained.

Beadboard Porch Ceiling

This is our back porch and when we were designing this space I wanted something authentic meaning real wood. I love the old southern style of blue porches and beadboard ceilings so I thought this is the perfect spot for that look.

Ceiling Back Porch Idea

A while back I wrote about popular haint blue porch ceiling colors. I have loads more photos of the porch ceiling painted in sky blue colors. But for our porch, I wanted that feeling of height and the illusion of a blue ceiling that will give you just that.

A popular choice, the beadboard ceiling was very easy to install. It comes in larger sheets so we simply place the board up and nailed them into studs. It was as simple as that but creates an elegant look.

Next is my friend Sara who has another haint blue ceiling porch with beadboard on her front porch.

Haint blue porch ceiling idea

This will give you an idea of what an open porch area looks like with a beadboard ceiling. Isn't Sara's porch so wonderful!

She is all-the-time decorating her porch and has the prettiest flowers around her front door. If you get a chance go check out her Instagram at simplysoutherncottage.

Shiplap Porch Ceiling Idea

Next is shiplap because it is similar to beadboard except the boards are wider. This is my friend Jennifer's front porch. Isn't it lovely!

Shiplap ceiling porch

When they designed their porch she wanted the traditional southern farmhouse shiplap design.

Her home is so pretty and she has loads and loads of photos on her Farmhousewifey Instagram. She also shares lots of home decor tips.

But they used an exterior shiplap material for their porch ceiling and then painted it Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

Painted Wood Ceiling

Next, let's look at other painted wood porch ceiling ideas.

There are so many colors to choose from when selecting paint colors for your exterior. I have made that process easier by narrowing down the most popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors in another blog post.

But today let's look at one example of a porch painted wooden ceiling in a neutral color.

Painted beige wood porch ceiling

If you love rustic farmhouses then you will adore my friend Beth's house and porch. Her home would make the most wonderful bed and breakfast.

Her porch ceiling is constructed with T1-11 with a beadboard design. By using wood tones it looks stained and finishes the whole look. But if you look closely it is actually painted a beige color creating a beautiful rustic look.

I love how it turned out. It fits the style of her home perfectly!

Remember if you love rustic farmhouse decor then go check her out on her Instagram at shady_pines3interiors.

Stained Wood Porch Ceiling

Now if you love stained wood then you will love this porch ceiling idea. Look at my friend Alieta's porch. Don't you love her ceiling?

This is a great example of a stained wood porch ceiling. These are shiplap boards stained.

She is always decorating her porch with ideas that you will love on her Instagram at alietatreasurehunting and website at Alieta Treasure Hunting.

Stained wood porch ceiling idea

And what do you think about her pink door?

She has managed to pick just the right shade of pink. Front porches are the first thing people see when they come to your home and a beautiful porch adds to your home’s curb appeal.

This front door creates a lovely focal point and creates visual interest. You can find out more about her door in my popular front door paint colors post.

Here is the other side of her porch, with a lovely seating area and gorgeous stone pillars, to see how amazing her ceiling turned out.

Stained porch ceiling idea

Tin Roofing Porch Ceiling

Next, let's talk about tin roof porch ceiling ideas. I have two ideas and it just happens that they both are beautifully decorated. First, here is my friend Donna on Instagram at gramsfarmhouse.

She has the coziest outdoor space with a tin roof over it and string lights. This is a fabulous example of a tin roof porch in an outdoor living space. I can imagine sweet, intimate dinner parties on this porch.

Take a moment to look at all her farmhouse decorations. This unique look is so pretty and inviting!

tin roof porch ceiling ideas

A while ago I shared fall porch decor ideas and my friend Chyvonne's outbuilding was featured. This small shed in her backyard is another perfect example of a tin roof porch ceiling.

Isn't it adorable! I love this photo and all her decorations!

Shed porch ceiling ideas using tin roofing

Tin is such a great porch ceiling material. Basically, if your porch has a tin roof, it's a good idea to leave the space between the ceiling joists open and let that beautiful tin roof shine. There are limitless cool porch ceiling designs possible.

If you have room for a hammock on your porch, add one because the best soft rainy day naps on a porch are the ones with tin roofs.

If you love Chyvonne's decorated shed and outdoor area then check her out on her Instagram at burlapandrust.

Vinyl Porch Ceiling Idea

Now let's talk about vinyl porch ceilings. Our house is brick and vinyl so when the builder built our house he put vinyl beadboard on the ceiling on the front porch.

Vinyl porch ceiling idea

The beauty of vinyl is its longevity. It's one of the best inexpensive porch ceiling ideas. It washes up nicely and you don't have to do any touch-up painting. However, did you know you can paint vinyl?

If you want color on your vinyl porch ceiling you can paint it a different color. It's a great way to change up the look of your porch ceiling. We have never painted ours but I have had many clients' vinyl ceilings painted.

On our porch, we kept it that crisp wonderful white color. I love how they gave it a tongue and grove farmhouse wood look.

Clear Porch Ceiling Idea

Next on our agenda is a clear porch ceiling idea. Wait until you see this beauty!

Rachel and her hubby built her a greenhouse during the pandemic all by themselves. Can you believe that? I think that is wonderful!

Look at how pretty her greenhouse turned out.

Clear porch ceiling idea

They used polycarbonate roofing panels in clear. This is a perfect roof for a greenhouse and porch but it would also be amazing on a pergola or any kind of porch. This simple look can give the illusion of more space if you have low ceilings. Especially if you want something that lets the natural light in.

If you want to see more beautiful photos of her greenhouse, click on Rachel's greenhouse to see or check her out on Instagram at rachel_thepondsfarmhouse.

Well, guess what? We have come to an end to my best recommendations of porch ceiling ideas.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have taken a tour of my friend's porches and looked at their ceilings do you have a favorite? It is so hard to decide when you are planning your porch design. There are a lot of considerations when choosing the right kind of ceiling material for your home.

I am currently helping my sister work on a remodel of my parent's old house. You can see all about it in my Instagram stories highlight called Roe House.

Guess what we are working on right now? You guessed it — her porch ceiling.

Since we live in the south we are thinking of doing a haint blue porch ceiling and, if my memory serves me correctly, it has exposed wooden beams so I think it would be nice to leave them white.

Okay, now it is your turn. What porch ceiling idea do you like the most and why?

Once your porch ceiling is finished, take a look at my post about jaw dropping ideas you need for your concrete front porch.

I am so glad you stopped by to visit and I hope you have found this blog post helpful!

Happy Decorating!