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Best Home Paint Sprayer and How to Paint a Bench

Are you looking to give your old bench a fresh, modern facelift without the hassle of tedious brush strokes? A paint sprayer offers a unique solution to make the process easier and faster. But with so many different models and brands, how can you know which is the best?

In this article, I am sharing how to paint a bench using a paint sprayer and step-by-step instructions for how to use one properly and achieve the best results when painting your bench. With the right knowledge, you can transform your project into a stunning success.

how to paint a bench

Here is a bench refresh and repair that gave this furniture more than a new life.  This upcycled bench, an old twin bed transformed into a bench, has a story from what it used to be to now.  Using the best home paint sprayer, enjoy reading, learn some tips, or get some inspiration for your next furniture project.

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How do you refresh a bench?

Painting a bench is one of the best ways to give it a refresh. I decided to spray paint a bench for my project. It's easy and gives an even coating, especially over uneven surfaces or small cracks.

How to paint a bench?

You first want to clean the bench, sand it, and make any necessary repairs. If the bench is especially dirty, you might consider using a low psi power washer. Once you have prepared the bench, you can prep your paint sprayer and get to work.

Read on, and I'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to paint a bench. If you decide to put your refreshed bench in the backyard or as a garden bench, consider putting a clear polyurethane topcoat after your paint is dry to protect it from the elements and humidity changes.


As I said, this bench used to be a twin bed, but someone decided to give it a whole new life. It's now a beautiful solid wood bench.

They masterfully recreated it into this beautiful seat.  But the story doesn't stop there.

It was purchased by a creative soul and placed on their porch.  What a lovely place for this now bluish-grey bench until the weather took a toll on it, and its front feet started rotting off.

Once the owner realized what was happening, she brought it inside, where it sat until I came along to take it home.


It just happened while I was trying to decide what to do with its feet, I discovered an old Windsor chair discarded on the side of the road.  One of the Windsor chairs received a whole new refinish using milk paint.

Parts of this piece came in handy for the bench's feet.  So we did some measuring, and cutting and then attached them with double sided screws.


Instead of can spray painting or hand painting, I decided to use a home paint sprayer. This project was just the thing to try out my new Studio Plus Wagner Sprayer.

Update: They've since discontinued this specific model, but I found something very similar from Wagner. I also found this amazing sprayer from Wagner that is cordless, which is a very popular option.

Using this paint sprayer was simple, except for an error on my part at the beginning.

bench refresh before

This is the before photo. I love this shade of blue, but with the new feet, I decided to go with white so everything was uniform and a white bench would be easier to decorate for holidays.

how to paint a bench

Here is an after photo. Spray painting furniture gives it a flawless finish. Using a paint sprayer is great for cabinets and doors too.

bench refresh white

Look at that beautiful finish!!! Here is how I got this smooth, professional look with a home paint sprayer.


Here is how I spray painted it, along with some cleaning instructions.

  1. Clean your bench using a drop of dawn dish soap and water, then rinse with a clean damp washcloth.
  2. Sand and dust making sure you have a clean and smooth surface.
  3. Pour paint into a sprayer bottle (I recommend using fresh paint either straight from the paint store or within a day or two)
  4. If the paint is old, stir very well and strain (we had to do this because our color was a couple of weeks old – it was very simple, and we used an old pair of my daughter's tights to strain the paint)
  5. If the paint is thick, turn on the sprayer to number 2
  6. Spray about three inches from the object and move in even motions across the piece and off each edge
  7. Repeat
  8. When finished, pour the remaining paint back into the paint bucket and clean everything with fresh water.
  9. Clean the sprayer with water and about a tablespoon of dawn and run it through the sprayer like you were spraying the paint.
  10. Rinse with fresh water, dry, and store it back into the box for safekeeping.
bench refresh wagner sprayer

It was that easy, except for learning to strain the old paint first.


Well, here is the part that will make you smile.

Instead of leaving this lovely piece just a grey-white, I gave it some jewelry, meaning paint a design.

After spending some time on Pinterest looking at folk art designs, I finally decided on minimal details in the corners.  I also wanted it to have just a little-added color, which did the trick.

bench refresh detail


Have you ever thought about decorating your bench? One of my favorite things to do is add decor to my bench. Here are more bench decorating ideas.

how to paint a bench

In addition to everyday decor on your bench, you can do holiday decorations. Here are a few simple holiday or seasonal decorations, including word art, throw, pumpkin, and bunnies.

Hopefully, as time passes, I will add more holiday pics of this bench.

bench refresh fall

Update: here are more ideas for bench decorating. As you can see, I painted over the blue design.

Fall basket decorations

Here is another fall bench decorating idea. The options are endless.

spring farmhouse decor bench idea

If you want decorations for the every day, then toss some pillows and blankets over your bench, but if you love holiday decor, consider adding themed decorations.


I am so glad you came, and I hope this post helps you overcome any hesitation about using a sprayer.

Try out what I consider the best home paint sprayer.

I kept putting it off, but after I finished my first job, I realized it gave me that look I have always wanted.

Wagner's sprayer was perfect for this project or even a small project. Now I am thinking about spraying my kitchen cabinets.  I cannot wait!

Here are some cabinets painted with a roller to give you an idea of the difference between a paint sprayer vs roller.

If you love using benches in your home decor or if you want a simple bench, then check out my post on how to make a bench using these simple bench plans.

If you're interested in more DIY furniture restoration check out my post about Restoring Wood Furniture Without Stripping.

Have you ever done a bench refresh or spray-painted furniture? In the comments, I'd love to hear your experience and tips on upcycle bench ideas.

Happy Decorating!


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