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Recently I thought about making my own candles and in the process of doing my research, I learned what ingredient to look for in clean burning candles so I thought you might like to know too.

What ingredients are in clean burning candles

Have you ever thought about what ingredients are in clean burning candles? In fact, have you ever even thought about what ingredients are in a candle?

I imagine most of us pick out our candles based on how delightful they smell and look. Well, at least that is what I used to do.

I have always loved the look and smell of candles but recently I received a candle from an Etsy shop and she brought it to my attention the clean burning ingredients in her candles.

So I did my research and found a whole new world when it comes to non toxic, clean burning, plant based, vegetable base candles. After reading and learning I have a new way of thinking when it comes to buying or making my own candle.

Here is what I have learned about what to look for when purchasing a safe candle.


There are three main things to look for when shopping or making a candle.

Okay, so let me explain a little more about each of these three ingredients to look for in clean burning candles.


What exactly do I mean by a pure natural base. Well, the wax in the bottom of all candles is made up of something from paraffin to soy. When shopping for a candle look for 100% pure wax like soy, coconut, palm, and beeswax. Palm wax is supposed to be the cleanest burning of all of them but any natural base is good unless you are sensitive to it or allergic.

I found a good article on Healthline that talks about are candles bad for you. It sounds like based on research that most candles like paraffin do not emit enough in the air to be toxic but I think each person has to decide on their own.

I think the fewer ingredients and natural ingredients are much better than anything I cannot read but again it is not good if you are allergic or if it bothers your skin.

So for me, I will be only using, palm or beeswax in the future and that is because I know based on what I eat that they bother me the least. And you might have noticed I didn't mention coconut wax candles. Well, apparently a 100% coconut wax candle is not possible so if I go with coconut it will be a mix of pure coconut and beeswax or palm if there is such a thing.


Here is another area where you need to carefully read the ingredients. Not every essential oil candle is alike. If it says essential oil fragrance then apparently, according to what I have read, this means there could be other ingredients in the essential oil.

However, if it says only essential oils, cold-pressed essential oils, or if the maker made their own fragrance from fruits and flowers then you are good to go. Keep in mind that just like the wax consider your allergies and even if it is not good for your pets.

Remember there are some essential oils that are harmful to pets. I found this list of essential oils that are toxic to pets and it will give you a list of what you shouldn't use in your home if you have dogs and cats.


We are down to the last thing to look for when shopping for a candle that burns clean and that is the wick.

Basically, look for a wood wick or a cotton wick that has not been soaked in anything. From what I can tell you can burn a candle with a simple piece of wood or piece of cotton.

Best wicks for clean burning candles

This candle I received has a wood wick. It is my first time trying a wood wick and I love it. It makes me feel like I have a tiny wood burning fire in my house.


Now that you have a better idea of what you want in a candle consider making your own. I found many videos on YouTube but my favorite is Lisa's at Farmhouse on Boone DIY beeswax candle.

How to make beeswax candles
Photo courtesy of Farmhouse on Boone

Lisa makes it look so easy and after doing all my research and watching her video I have been inspired to make my own candles. I cannot wait to show you an easy way to make clean burning homemade candles.


Before I got into researching candles I used diffusers to bring a delightful smell into my home. I love diffusers that emit water vapors filled with lavender oil. I particularly like using them in the winter. It really helps with my sinuses.

But I have recently discovered another great diffuser and that is a non-electric diffuser by Ellia. It basically works with a wick that is soaked in your favorite essential oil and that wick creates a lovely aroma in your room.

This is a great alternative to candles the only thing you might miss is that tiny little flame flickering in your home. If you are sensitive to candles then try this sweet little non-electric diffuser is perfect for you.


We are all finished with a clean burning candle lesson but I cannot leave you hanging without a few ideas on decorating with homemade candles.

One of my favorite candle decorations are these candles made from oranges. Yes, these are real oranges that I converted into candles. They are so easy and I share all the details on how to make a candle from an orange.

how to make a candle from an orange

I also use this same candle making trick with apples. I made an adorable apple candle village with these candles.

Apple candle village

You can decorate your mantle with candles and centerpieces on table settings. Candles look fabulous as accessories. If it is a large bowl candle it can stand alone as one accessory but if it is a smaller candle then try pairing it in odd numbers with other accessories but make sure you light it to keep it safely away from anything that can catch on fire.

And after learning about candles I decided to make my own candles. Here are directions on how to make a teacup candle. I used beeswax and I promise it is so easy.


Remember I am no expert on candles but after doing my own research I wanted to share what I have learned on the path I plan to take when it comes to candles.

From now on I plan to purchase 100% pure base candles like beeswax with simple cotton or wood wick and cold-pressed essential oils. I also plan to stick with scents that are not harmful to our kitty.

Clean burning candles

But probably the main thing I will do is air out my house more because not just candles can add VOCs into your house. Fresh air is so good for us. I also will be using the non-electric diffuser more because it doesn't burn anything which means no fumes in the air.

I hope this post has helped you shop for a better candle in the future.

Happy Decorating!

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Ellen Day

Sunday 14th of March 2021

I have been making candles since 2008. I'm no expert by any means. I have always used fragrance oils. I'm going to do my own research and find out about them. Thank you for the information about the different waxes. I've been out of the game for a couple of years now. I really need to catch up again.

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 16th of March 2021

You're welcome! I am glad you found this information helpful!


Saturday 13th of March 2021

Thank you so much. I lam going to make this one fir my home.