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Here are Victorian Christmas decorations that will give you ideas to decorate in this ornate beautiful style. Inspiration of gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, wreaths and more.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian

Disney's Christmas at the Grand Floridian is prettier than ever! Each year we love to visit and bring ideas of Victorian Christmas decorations in photos of the large gingerbread house, Christmas trees, and more victorian holiday inspiration to decorate your home for the holidays.

Victorian Christmas Decorations at Disney's Grand Floridian

Christmas at the Grand Floridian resort is filled with victorian Christmas decorations. Starting at the entrance outside beautifully decorated garlands are a hint of what is to come inside.

Christmas past, as well as 2019, bring beautiful and charming ideas. In this post are photos from years past followed by new photos of 2019.

The Grand Floridian Christmas Decor Ideas

While visiting Walt Disney World in 2016 I had an opportunity to observe holiday decorations from different time periods and different locations around the world. The Grand Floridian exhibits their Victorian Christmas decorations with such class!

Christmas trees filled with victorian decorations of bows, bird cages, flowers and more.

There are many elements to their design that make it the turn of the 20th-century. Some details they used are Victorian Bird Cage Ornament, White Poinsettia Garland, Lace Ornaments, and Cream Velvet Ribbon just to name a few. 

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian using swags on walkways.

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Victorian Gingerbread House Ideas

Another great feature of the resort is the life-sized gingerbread house. The picture does not adequately capture the size, scale, and detail of this wonderful piece. But this year I captured some photos towards the end of the post that might give you a good idea.

Life size gingerbread house adorns the lobby at the Grand Floridian.

I wish I could filter in some of the delicious gingerbread aromas from this real gingerbread house.

It is so large that several cast members are inside offering gingerbread cookies to the guests! 

So, let me encourage you to add a Gingerbread House Centerpiece or Gingerbread Men Ornaments to your Victorian Christmas decor. Remember, it's always good to think about all the senses when decorating.

For fun this year we decided to write a whole post on decorating with gingerbread houses. You will not believe some of these gingerbread houses. True works of art just like Disney's Grand Floridian gingerbread house.


For the most part, the Christmas decorations at the Grand Floridian do not change too much except for details and the gingerbread house. You will see details change when you visit unless maybe decorators change things around just enough where you think you are seeing something new.

How Tall is the Disney World Grand Floridian Christmas Tree?

One thing that will give you chills is how tall the Grand Floridian Christmas tree stands.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a 40' tall tree in the lobby adorned with large velvet bows, glass balls, birdcages, swans and much more.

Standing 40′ tall in the center of the lobby and filled with loads of Victorian Christmas ornaments. You will be awed by its splendor.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian.

This impressive tree is dressed up with pink velvet and lace large bows.

Victorian Christmas tree decorations and inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian

Beautiful swans, flowers, and dazzling glass ball ornaments. But this is not the only Christmas tree inside the resort.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with smaller trees on the upper floors.

You will find smaller Christmas trees on other floors that are mini versions of the main tree.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with decorated trees.

These Christmas trees are also filled with pink, white, and blue-grey tones of poinsettias, hydrangeas, velvet bows, birdcages, and much more.

Christmas Garland Decorations at the Disney Grand Floridian

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with swags.

The railings along the staircases are wonderfully ornate so when Disney adds the garland they become dreamy! Just like the Christmas trees, Disney repeats the bows, ornaments, and flowers.

Repeating designs truly make great decorations.

Victorian Christmas themed decorations

If you look closely in this photo will see where they added swags to the railings on the floors above. This photo also gives you a peak on where they put the gingerbread house.

Disney World Life Size Gingerbread House

This year I decided to bring you lots of photos of the gingerbread house. It is amazing that everything on the house is real except for the frame inside and it stands at 14 feet. Here are a few photos of the overall design.

Victorian Christmas themed event

Disney sure does know to impress!

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house.

Disney bakers start baking for the house long before we think about decorating for Christmas. The staff spends over 400 hours of baking and 160 hours constructing the house.

Around the beginning of November, they bring in the house frame and the bakers start applying all the gingerbread shingles, siding and details. This would be fun to watch.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house.

The details on the house are what make its design. Each flower, candy cane, wreaths and such add all that Disney magic.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house with details.

In addition to adding some of Disney's more popular characters, there are hidden Mickeys on the house. I was told there are 20 hidden Mickey's on the house this year.

Here are a few I found.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house filled with hidden Mickeys.

I love how they added heart-shaped gingerbread cookies to the corners of the home and real trees and flowers around the base of the house.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house.

So if you are wondering how long Disney has been doing this giant gingerbread house? Well, a plaque over the serving area tells us the first one was in 1999. That makes this year their 20th anniversary.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian with a gingerbread house.

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Christmas Wreath Inspiration at Disney's Grand Floridian

Victorian Christmas wreath decoration at Disney Grand Floridian

There are wreaths all over the Grand Floridian inside. I love how they even added them to the upper floors. Just like the trees, they are filled with similar ornaments and bows.

Now that we have covered the inside here are a few shots on the outside before we close.

Victorian Christmas inspiration at Disney Grand Floridian.

I love these charming white deer throughout the grounds of the resort.

Victorian Christmas decorations at Disney Grand Floridian.

Poinsettias are planted everywhere which brings the rich Christmas colors to the beautiful white Victorian structure.


So to finalize our Victorian Christmas Inspiration, let's think about some details to pull off your design. Don't just look in the Christmas decor section at the store but look for items in other areas.

For example, look for White Lace Pillows with Pink Velvet Pillows behind them to put on your sofa and a Bird Cage as a table decoration. And when shopping for a poinsettia to go on your front porch think pink or white.

And don't forget to repeat patterns like adding the same flowers from your Christmas tree to your garland. And don't forget a gingerbread house. Those magical little treats bring so much charm to your decor.

Well, 2019 is about to come to a close and in a blink of an eye, we will be looking at Christmas 2020. I hope to bring you more ideas next year from the Grand Floridian resort at Walt Disney World. Or maybe we will pick another resort to bring ideas. You can also find more ideas in my blue Christmas decorations idea with hints of vintage Victorian post.

Update: Because of the Covid we didn't visit the Grand Floridian this year to bring your more Victorian Christmas Ideas. We did visit Disney during the holidays and included some photos in my Life on Summerhill Instagram Disney Highlights.

Have you ever decorated Victorian for Christmas? If so what were some of your tree decorations?

Happy Decorating!

Juanita Roush

Wednesday 25th of December 2019

I keep my Victorian tree up year round in the dining room. I have pink ribbon edged in lace and cabbage roses with wjite lights.

Linda McDonald

Thursday 26th of December 2019

I love that you keep your Victorian tree up all year long. I can picture how beautiful it is. Thank you for sharing!