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Join us on a tour of Christmas farmhouse tiered trays. They are stunning and allow you to feature some fun characters. If you don't already have a tiered tray, this post might leave you adding one to your Christmas list!

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray

There is no limit to what you can display on your farmhouse tiered tray. At Christmas time that doesn't change. Here are some ideas for your tired trays to add some festive cheer.

Why are Tiered Trays so Popular?

We all know that tiered trays are perfect for displaying your decor. You may wonder why tiered trays are so popular? When did the trend start? It goes back to the 19th century when afternoon tea served as a bridge between lunch and dinner. Tiered trays were used to offer tiny sandwiches and cakes. They were a great way to serve due to their elegant design space saving size.

How Do You Style a Christmas Tiered Tray?

Rae Dunn pieces are popular on tiered trays, as well as gnomes, Santa, vintage items, mason jars, small candlesticks, and cute marshmallow mugs. Also, pops of greenery are easy-to-find decor items that will add a farmhouse aspect to your farmhouse tray.

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays

We are going to not only show you some fun holiday decorated farmhouse tiered trays but we are going to share what makes them special and tips on how you can create one too.

Hearth and Hand Christmas decoration ideas for tiered trays.

Gingerbread Village Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray by Sweet Rose and Wren with gingerbread houses and christmas trees

Does your family decorate gingerbread houses every Christmas? These are beautiful on this farmhouse tiered tray by Sweet Rose and Wren.

The neutral colors on this tiered tray will warm your heart and your home. These beautiful hues will be easy to add to any farmhouse decor. The little gingerbread houses are the perfect size for a tiered tray. And the containers on the bottom tray are perfect for little treats.

Our Apple Candle Village would be a great choice on any tiered tray, check them out!

Traditional Christmas Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray by The Quaint Bungalow with vintage santa mug and candy

Vintage Santa mugs and candy on this Christmas tiered tray will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Adding splashes of berries and flocked greenery make this tray super festive. The Quant Bungalow has really delivered a beautiful white three tier tray with a beautiful distressed look.

Copper Christmas Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray by Blessed House of Three with copper mugs, bells and the cutest marshmallow mugs

Finding items that are small enough but great statement pieces can sometimes be challenging.

Cindy at Bless House of Three has done amazing! This is a great example of modern farmhouse styles at work. Mixing copper mugs, a miniature copper scale and white jingle bells create a perfect look. The Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby are perfect places to find cute little additions for your favorite tiered trays.

We have also fallen in love with the cute marshmallow mugs! You might be seeing more further down in the post.

Welcome to the Neibaurhood

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray by Welcome to the Neibaurhood with Rae Dunn and Gnomes

Mistletoe, gnomes and Rae Dunn are cheerful additions to this tiered tray packed with joy.

Wooden tiered stands with natural elements are great options to add to your rustic home decor. Splashes of red and green tie together this Christmas farmhouse tiered tray by Welcome to the Neibaurhood.

Hot Cocoa Bar Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays by On Daisy Hill Drive with hot cocoa station supplies

Hot chocolate is a must when the weather is chilly. So, set up a cocoa tiered tray with all of the perfect fixin's like Jerri at On Daisy Hill Drive has done.

Adding Rae Dunn pieces and cute marshmallow mugs with a Santa hat warm your heart before you begin sipping your cocoa.

Vintage Santa Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays by Sylvia Cook with Rae Dunn mugs, gnomes and santa vintage mugs

We are adoring these vintage Santa mugs that Sylvia at SLCook52 has on your white tiered tray!!! Antique Santa mugs are so popular and including all of them with some cheerful Rae Dunn really makes this tray fun!

You cannot ever have enough of these mugs!!!

Adding these precious beauties will transform any coffee bar into a festive Christmas tiered tray.

Get the Look

Christmas Peppermint Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays by Tag Interior Designs with Rae Dunn pieces, gnomes and a countdown to Christmas

Peppermint strip decor on this Christmas tiered tray will make you feel like you're in candy-land. Tags Interior Design brings the love of Rae Dunn to a tray in a delicious way.

Cheer, holly, and jolly are great words from Rae Dunn to describe this holiday season that is filled with cheer.

Winter Wonderland Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays by Lori's Place grey and white themed

Loris Place holiday white three-tiered tray allows you to feel as if you're in a winter wonderland where snowflakes are falling. There are so many things to love about this tiered tray.

The grey and white colors, keep this tray looking classy. The adorable gnome dangling his legs from the top tray and what a great idea to add snowflakes around the tray and on the counter.

What a wonderful snowy inspired tray!

Marshmallow Kitchen Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Trays by My Rustic Retreat with the cutest marshmallow mugs

Do you spy more cute marshmallow mugs? We cannot get enough of these adorable tiny little happy creations.

We've never dreamed of accessorizing a cocoa mug but adding a hat on these little guys adds a merry feeling to your decor. We love the larger day of Christmas sign. Adding something larger to your tray will help break up the busyness to add wonderful style.

My Rustic Retreat did an amazing job creating this lovely kitchen Christmas three-tiered tray.

Red and Green Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

Galvanzied 3 tiered tray filled with red and green Christmas farmhouse decorations

This yummy red and green tiered tray makes me smile! It belongs to my friend Shiela at There are so many wonderful things going on in this galvanzied tiered tray.

Since her tray is in her kitchen she has decorated it with all kinds of treats from gingerbread men to jars of marshmallows. I love how she has included bottle brush trees and look at the jar to the right with a little snowy gingerbread village inside.

Everything about this is adorable and it has delicious written all over it!

Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Tiered Tray

Christmas Farmhouse Tiered Tray by House on Wren with green bottle brush trees and mini wooden house signs

Lori's Christmas farmhouse tiered tray wraps up our post.

Her addition of green and white bottle brush Christmas trees and farmhouse wooden signs bring the holiday spirit to this two-tiered wooden tiered tray.

House of Wren has really delivered a peaceful vibe in this tiered tray. Each piece is placed with symmetry in mind and she has used the design element of repetition to bring a lovely design.


If you find yourself still needing a little help with Styling Tiered Trays, we have you covered on our post. Looking for more tiered tray inspiration?

We hope you have enjoyed this Christmas farmhouse tiered tray tour. And that you have been inspired with some great ways to add some festive cheer to your home with some cute easy projects. What was your favorite farmhouse tiered tray? I'd love to hear in the comments. We've loved sharing it with you!

Happy Decorating!

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