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This “Dashing Through the Snow” free Christmas printable decor idea is a fun way to add charm to your holiday decor or create a unique gift for someone who means the world to you.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait until Christmas morning? When I was growing up we traveled to my grandmother's house to spend Christmas which is what inspired me to create this Christmas printable decor idea.

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Christmas Printable Decor

Decorating is one of my favorite Christmas activities. Christmas decor printables are an inexpensive and easy way to bring Christmas cheer to your home. This vintage Fiat Christmas free printable will make your holiday decorations shine. This cute little red car with a Christmas tree is such a fun reminder of the joy of Christmas time.

It will help you save money on your decorations, holiday cards or even gifts.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow free

With so many possibilities here is one idea to bring some joy to your holiday decor. So put on some Christmas music and make some hot chocolate while we make some Christmas home decorations.

Getting Started

This project only took a few simple steps. To begin, you will need to print this Vintage Fiat “Dashing Through the Snow” free printable and grab some fun accessories like small trees and candles.

Download Free Printable

Simple click the image to subscribe to my website and receive the free printable to print.  There are lots of other printables in the library including my Peace on Earth free printable from last year.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow free

Select a Frame

Next, purchase or re-purpose an old frame.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow decoration

Products from

I found this frame at Target.  I used the color white but black or natural wood would work too.

How Do I Print out my Printable Image?

You can print the image on your home printer on regular printer paper or with card stock or you can take the file to your local printing shop and have it printed there.

Cut the Printable

Now if needed use the glass inside the frame and lay it on top of the printable.  Trace around the edge and then cut the printable with scissors.

Place Printable Inside Frame

Follow the last step by placing the printable inside the frame without the glass.

Attach the back to the frame making sure the printable is secure inside.

I had to use a white piece of paper behind the printable because the back piece was black.  I wanted the printable to have a nice full white look, and the paper allowed it too.

Add Twine

Now add some twine around two edges and tie a bow.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow holiday decorations

Display your Framed Free Printable

It is the time find a special place for your printable.

Look for something in your house that incorporates some snow and the color red.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow free printables with flocked tree, felt beads and holiday candle

Products from

This little tree had a red base and I flocked it to have lots of snow to go with the printable title, “Dashing Through the Snow.”

Additional Accessories for your Christmas Printable Decor

Next, add a few more accessories to pull everything together like this tree.

Christmas printable decor displayed with flocked tree, candle and felt beads

Candle and felt beads.

Christmas printable decor displayed with Antique Candle works candle and felt beads

You can find the candle at Antique Candle Works, and the beads came from Etsy.

Christmas printable decor displayed with Antique Candle works candle and felt beads

There are so many fabulous accessories on Etsy to add to display with your free printable. I love looking for new and interesting festive decor. Can you see why this printable is one of my favorite things? It makes me want to gather the whole family for a little Christmas party where we eat Christmas cookies and sing Christmas carols.

Christmas printable decor Dashing Through the Snow Fiat with holiday tree

Where Can I Find More Christmas Printable Decor?

Use this vintage fiat “Dashing Through the Snow” free printable to create Christmas cards, decorations, or make gifts with the design. Looking for other Christmas wall art? Check out this roundup of amazing Christmas free printables for more inspiration. Printables are a great way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year without breaking the bank.

If you don't find what you're looking for there, check out my Etsy shop. It's full of beautiful winter themed and Christmas prints. It's the perfect place to find to printable decorations of different designs for a festive gallery wall. I can't think of a better way to decorate on a budget.

Also, if you need gift tags for your beautifully wrapped presents and bags check out these farmhouse style DIY Christmas printable gift tags.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Printable Decor

I had so much fun decorating with this printable. See how easy it is the create something so meaningful, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Like I said before the possibilities are endless. Try this Christmas printable idea to add a warm holiday feeling to your home decor this holiday season.

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Printable art is so versatile. Do you have a favorite way to display Christmas printables? I'd love to hear your decorative printable ideas in the comments. And remember to becoming one of my email subscribers for access to even more free printables. Merry Christmas!

Happy Decorating!

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