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Charmingly Cute: Decorating with Rabbits

Since spring is here and Easter is coming soon, it is time to add a few bunnies to your decor. Today, I am sharing ideas for decorating with rabbits.

Decorating with rabbits

To begin our adventure in decorating with rabbits, I have a confession to make. I love decorating with bunnies. They embody the playful spirit of spring.

Whenever we go shopping, those cute little bunny rabbits call my name. So, when I decided to give you ideas for decorating with bunnies, I knew this would be an easy blog post to write.

Bunnies are perfect for spring decor and Easter decorations. Let's hop over and check out some creative and easy bunny home decor ideas.

Decorating with Rabbits

To begin with, I want to share that all my bunny rabbit decor was purchased over many years, one or two each spring and Easter. I like to incorporate these bunnies in a classy way so that they blend into our decor and speak spring and Easter.

However, with some of my rabbit decorations, you will notice that they stay out all year long, which means you will find ideas that do not necessarily speak spring and Easter.

So, if you don't have any cute cottontails, keep reading because I will share some inexpensive ideas, crafty ideas, and high-end pieces. Let's say there is a little for everywhere here.

Rabbit Themed Wall Art

An early piece of my collection is this vintage rabbit art. This bunny decoration stays out year-round because it doesn't necessarily say Easter or spring.

So, consider looking at art for my first idea for decorating with rabbits. You can hang it on hooks as I did in our kitchen sitting room.

Vintage bunny oil painting spring decoration in kitchen

Consider moving your rabbit art around each spring. It gives you a fresh new look without spending any money. Here is where I moved the art from from the kitchen sitting room to the living room.

Rabbit decorating ideas using bunny art on walls

You can also make your own bunny art. Here, we used one of our printables from Etsy and created handmade paper to print it on. The cool thing about this Etsy download is that we will customize it to what you want it to say, or you can leave it at Summerhill Inn.

Make a rabbit sign for decoration

Bunny Fireplace Mantel Decorations

Now, let's turn our attention to the heart of the home—the fireplace mantel. Seasons and holidays are great times to spice up your mantel decor, and bunnies make the perfect decoration.

Decorate with rabbits on a fireplace mantel

This first example is a rusted old piece of yard art I found while thrifting in Nashville, TN. Because this rustic bunny is so thin, it doesn't take up a lot of space and is perfect for layering on a fireplace mantel.

Rustic rabbit on a fireplace mantel and bunny art.  Decorating with rabbit ideas

Did you know having more than one type of rabbit in your designs is okay? Here is an example of using my favorite rabbit art and the rustic metal hare. You can see how I pulled this look together and more in my post Decorating Your Home for Spring & Easter: Tips and Tricks.

Next is where I used a figurine as a spring Easter decoration. This little guy is a whimsical addition that always gets moved around, and I love to dress him up for holidays—more about using bunnies in holiday decor at the end.

Decorating with rabbits on a fireplace mantel

Hamilton, the name we gave him, sits nicely on our mantel amongst other decorations, including my favorite bunny art.

Decorating with rabbits on a fireplace mantel

That is an idea for using multiple bunnies on the mantel or near it, but here is our most recent creation. Isn't he adorable?

Anthropomorphic rabbits art on fireplace mantel

This year, our design is even more vintage with this anthropomorphic rabbit. My daughter Hannah, the graphic designer behind our Etsy shop, created a set of clothes-wearing rabbits. These designs are a perfect addition anywhere in your home and great for keeping out year-round.

Victorian cottagecore rabbit art of bunny in clothes

This little chunky guy has Victorian cottagecore nobility written all over him. We couldn't develop a name for him, but later, I will share more anthropomorphic art with names.

Remember, when decorating your mantel with rabbits, use different types of rabbit decor, such as art, figurines, vintage treasures, and thrift bunnies.

Rabbit Themed Throw Pillows

Changing your throw pillows is a fun and easy way to welcome in the new season.

I used a store-bought pillow and made bunnies using a cookie cutter and air-dry clay. Then I painted them with blue acrylic paint and white flowers.

Last, I made holes to turn them into buttons and sewed them onto the pillow cover. I also used some hot glue to keep them in place. Aren't they adorable?

Keep in mind that this is a decorative pillow. The bunnies will break easily if it is used.

Bunny Bookcase Decor

Bookcases are fantastic places for decoration including bunnies. Here is where I moved the thrifted rustic bunny to this spot.

Decorating bookcases with rustic rabbit decor

You can also layer him on the bookcase like I did on the mantel.

Another idea is to use bunnies as bookends, as I did here in my niece's bedroom remodel.

Rabbit bookend on bookshelves in childs room.  Bunny decor idea

This brass bunny was perfect for holding up her favorite books. So consider bunny rabbits as bookends or buy ones that are made to be bookends, like these I have had for years.

Decorating a Bench with Rabbits

Having a bench around your home is a fun way to include decorations and be functional. During holidays, I like to change the pillows, add flowers or greenery, and other decorations like this stand-up Peter Cottontail.

Decorating with rabbits for Easter in the entryway

This stand-up rabbit is another favorite piece, and he only comes out during spring and Easter.

Because my bench gets moved from the entryway to the hall, Peter Rabbit goes with it whenever it is moved. In the next photo, you can tell I used the color blue in my decor with the pillows.

Decorating with rabbits for Easter in the entryway

Think about making your own large Easter rabbit. You can use our Etsy printables, cut one out, and place it on thin plywood. Before you know it, you will have the cutest decoration.

DIY Bunny Centerpieces

Probably the most popular place to put bunny rabbit decorations is on your table centerpiece, and I have some great ideas for you.

Easter centerpiece DIY idea

This first rabbit centerpiece is easy to make. All the directions are in this Easter centerpiece DIY. This DIY shows you how to build the base, and then you can change out the bunny or any decorations. The next photo shows a different bunny.

Decorate with rabbits centerpiece ideas

You can easily change the decoration, whether you want one with color or keep your bunny centerpiece neutral.

Easter centerpiece with white bunny in dough bowl full of plants and flowers

Another fun rabbit centerpiece is the vintage idea. Fill an old dough bowl with white Easter grass, and place a rabbit candy mold in the center.

If you don't have a candy mold, you can use rabbit decorations. Last, add flowers or Easter eggs around the bunny, and you have the easiest vintage bunny centerpiece.

Decorate a table with a rabbit centerpiece of dough bowl with white Easter grass, pastel eggs and a bunny candy mold

My next table centerpiece idea using bunnies is a picnic centerpiece. This gold rabbit is nestled amongst all the goodies at the tea picnic. Isn't he cute?

Adding cute decorations like gold bunnies to your tea party decor

Last, let's not forget about place-setting centerpieces. I love this idea because it includes a chocolate Easter bunny.

Consider incorporating chocolate Easter bunnies into your decor during spring and Easter. I first layered plates with a pink and white ticking kitchen towel for the centerpiece. Then, I sat some Easter grass on the top plate and topped it with a chocolate bunny tied with a white grosgrain ribbon.

It's like little Easter baskets at each setting. A place setting like this makes everyone feel special!

Decorating your table with rabbits with a chocolate bunny place setting centerpiece

Decorating your Kitchen with Bunnies

Don't forget your kitchen when decorating with rabbits. There are so many fun places you can use bunnies, like in your window seal, hanging on hooks, or as a functional piece like this guy.

Decorate your kitchen with a rabbit spoon holder

I used to have him out year around, but now he visits during spring and Easter. If you can find a rabbit that holds your spoons, then consider adding this piece.

Another idea is to use our printable art on a homemade clipboard. All you need is a piece of wood and a fancy gold clip, like this one I found on Amazon.

Victorian cottagecore pet portrait art

Now print out any rabbit design from our Etsy shop, print it, and add it to your clipboard. This is a fun place to change your decorations seasonally and on holidays.

It just happens we are watching the Downton Abbey series, so this dignified character has been naming Mosley. LOL!

Some great rabbit printables are this set of vintage rabbits, this farmhouse bunny, and this floral bunny.

Rabbit Table Decorations

Next, let's move over to table tops such as entryway cabinets and end tables.

Our first example of decorating with bunnies is using a rabbit in an accessory ensemble. If all your items are ordinary, place your bunny out front to be the star of the show.

Entryway table spring decoration idea of a bunny with basket backpack and wicker basket

Next is another fun DIY where you can make wooden bunnies from round balls. These little rabbits are easy to make. They are the cutest decorations, using gold foiled chocolate eggs and a vintage plate.

DIY wood bunny candy dish decoration

Not only do you have cute decorations, but everyone will enjoy sweet treats. For more details on this do-it-yourself project, check out DIY wood bunny.

Coffee table decorations with rabbits

Next, don't forget your coffee table as a place to decorate with bunnies. Remember the candy mold? Well, for this spring decorating project, I placed him on some old books next to a wooden bowl full of Easter eggs.

Decorating with rabbits on a table is easy. Any bunny will do, and you can easily add them to other decorations, place them on top of decor such as books, or sit them in bowls and such.

Bunny Planter Decor

Now, let's head to my porch to look at bunny decor ideas. This first example is last year's spring porch, and again, we used those adorable wooden bunnies.

Wood bunny planter decorations outdoors

This simple planter decoration is so easy. After you make your wooden bunnies, you only have to tuck one into your planter with your spring flowers.

If you want something larger, consider a concrete bunny rabbit.

Spring and Easter small porch decoration idea

There are many concrete bunnies for sale, and if you find just the right one, place him in front of your planter and tie a bow on him.

Decorate planters with rabbits. 
 Outdoor Easter decoration idea on a small front porch

With two ways to add rabbit decor to your planters, you can easily give your porch that precious charming design.

Bunny Decorated Rugs and Doormats

Since we are discussing porches, consider adding a rug or doormat with bunny art.

This year, I added this adorable folk art rabbit doormat to a vintage oriental rug for my daughter's bridal shower decorations. The porch was full of flowers, and using an enchanted garden theme, this bunny doormat was the icing on the cake.

Layered rug rabbit decoration.  Bunny doormat with oriental rug layered under it

Luckily, this doormat works perfect for spring and Easter, too.

Layered rug rabbit decoration.  Bunny doormat with oriental rug layered under it

So consider bunny rugs when decorating your porch or inside your home.

Bunny Decorations for Other Holidays

Last, I bet you never considered using bunnies in other holiday decorations than for the Easter season. I have one guy, Hamilton, who dresses up for holidays and seasons. Let's look at a few.

To begin with, Hamilton the rabbit statue was included in the fall decorations on our mantel. Since he is fashioning a rustic basket backpack, it's an easy way to decorate for each season. I thought a pumpkin was just what he needed for autumn.

Decorating for fall with rabbits on a fireplace mantel

He also got a new ribbon added to his already dressy ribbons. But he gets a whole new makeover when Valentine's Day rolls around.

For Valentine's Day, Hamilton moves to the side table, bringing a bundle of fresh roses and getting a new tie.

Decorating for Valentine's with rabbits

Dress in velvet red Hamilton is ready to deliver as a table decorations.

And last is the 4th of July, where Hamilton is decked out with American flags.

Decorating for 4th of July with rabbits

He is so much fun to decorate. Consider a bunny rabbit you can decorate for holidays; if you have kids, they will have a blast joining in on the fun, too.

Final Thoughts

See how much fun it is to decorate with rabbits. The ideas are endless, and I hope to add more bunnies as I continue to add to my collection. They bring a touch of joy to the spring season.

Do you have any bunny decor, or do you want to start collecting some? If so, I would love to hear if you have an idea on how to decorate with rabbits in the comments or share your favorite you see here in this blog post.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and come away with many ideas. Thanks for coming!

Happy Decorating!