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Decorating Your Home for Spring & Easter: Tips and Tricks

Spring is the perfect season to refresh your home decor and bring new life. Decorating for spring can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming. In this blog post, we will guide you through the top tips and tricks of spring decorating ideas and a look at our spring decorations.

Spring decorating ideas

Each new season is a good time to change up your own home decor. Spring is my favorite time of year.

In our house, when the temperature gets warmer and the spring flowers start blooming outside, that is a signal to make changes indoors to lighten things up and invite the sunshine in. Because spring and Easter are so close together, we will change things with spring in mind and add touches of Easter, too.

They go hand in hand here at Summerhill.

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Spring Decorating Ideas FAQs:

When Should I Start Decorating for Spring?

Warmer weather starts here in early-mid March which puts us in a Spring state of mind. Not everyone is so lucky but, I think as Easter approaches, it's a great time to start decorating for Spring for a fresh look. Both Easter and Spring bring to mind renewal and rebirth. Even if it's cold outside, you can bring the spirit of Spring into your home in March or April.

How Can I Decorate my House in the Spring?

Decorating your home for spring doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. I'm going to take you through my four best tips for spring decorating ideas. These include:

  • Choose a Color Scheme
  • Bring in Fresh Flowers and Plants (artificial is great too)
  • Switch Up Your Textiles
  • Add Spring Inspired Decorations

Choose a Color Scheme

To start decorating your home for spring, consider choosing a color scheme that represents the season. Pastel colors like pink, blue, and green create a light and airy feel. You can also incorporate bold and bright colors like yellow and orange to add pops of color.

These are more traditional spring hues, but you can be unique and try something different, like muted pastels or neutral spring colors. No matter your design style, you can bring spring indoors. There is no right or wrong way to decorate for the spring season, so you decide.

Spring decorating ideas using neutral colors

I like to use my home color scheme as a guide. Since my house is neutral and blue, I usually keep it simple and stay along those lines incorporating subtle spring colors of blues and pinks. You will see more later in the post.

Bring in Fresh Flowers and Plants

One of the best ways to decorate your home for spring is by incorporating fresh flowers and plants. Spring is the season of new growth and renewal, making it the perfect time to bring in some greenery.

Spring flowers used as a decorations

You can add potted plants or fresh-cut flowers to your home decor. Toss flowers in baskets, vases, or anywhere you can add them. Fresh flowers and plants are one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in, which will brighten up the mood of your home.

Read my post about the best and least expensive places to buy flowers so you can have fresh blooms all season. Want something that lasts a little longer? Faux flowers are also a beautiful way to decorate for spring.

Switch Up Textiles

Another way to decorate your home for spring is by switching up your textiles. Put away heavy blankets and warm rugs and replace them with lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. Add playful patterns like floral or polka dots to your throw pillows and curtains to make your home feel spring ready.

In the fall and winter months, we typically bring out heavier throws and other cozy and warm textiles, but when spring comes, it is time to switch the pillow and throws to something lighter and brighter in color.

Switching textiles for spring decorations

For example, we have a throw hanging on the back of our living room sofa, and this is a great place to change your throw. If you also enjoy decorating with throws, read my post about how to style with throw blankets.

Add Spring Inspired Decorations (and Easter)

Spring decor ideas wouldn't be complete without some spring-inspired decorations. You can add decorative items like bunnies, wreaths, and vases filled with fresh flowers.

Vintage bunny mold decoration sitting on books inside a dough bowl on a coffee table for spring decorations.

This is where we will switch gears, and I am taking you on a virtual spring home tour. Because what better way to show you spring-inspired decorations than the decor in our house?

Let's start on my front porch.

Spring Decorating Ideas for the Front Porch

We have a small front porch that is so fun and one of my favorite places to decorate. I decided to go with something that would transition from spring to summer this year, so I decorated it in neutrals and white flowers.

You can read about my process in my post about decorating a front porch for spring with a vintage aesthetic.

Spring and Easter small porch decoration idea

Then when it got closer to Easter, I added this cute bunny by the potted plum tree.

Outdoor Easter decoration idea on a small front porch

And made a Dollar Tree Easter wreath for the front door. You can learn how to make this wreath in an inexpensive way in my post on creating an Easter wreath.

Easter egg wreath hanging on a front door for spring porch decorations.

Entryway Spring Decorations

I didn't change much in my entryway except to add this adorable bunny with a basket backpack to our foyer side table and a “new” thrifted basket.

Entryway table spring decoration idea of a bunny with basket backpack and wicker basket

And just around the corner is probably my favorite Easter decoration. I love decorating with this vintage bunny for Easter! He makes a great spring focal point.

Vintage bunny Easter decor

You should see how cute this Easter bunny looked a couple of years ago when I went all out decorating the bench for a spring farmhouse decor idea.

You can easily add Easter or spring decorations without going all out. A few additions in your entryway is a great way to celebrate Easter/spring.

Spring Decorating Ideas for the Mantel

Last year my favorite spring decorations were on the mantel, and I wasn't sure I would love them this year as much. To my surprise, my daughter came up with this design, and I love it!

Fireplace mantel spring decorations of bunny art, window, dough bowl, candles and plants

To make the fireplace mantel look springy, she added a floral herb plant on the mantel shelf and spring flowers to a basket on the hearth. I love this easy spring decor idea!

Spring decoration ideas

Then she layered a vintage bunny oil painting over an old wood window and a rusty vintage bunny to give that Easter vibe. Each little detail speaks to springtime.

Spring decorations added to a fireplace mantel.  Vintage bunny oil painting, rustic metal bunny, old window, wooden dough bowl, candles and plants

Easter Centerpiece and Table

Since we typically eat Easter dinner at the dining room table as a family, I like to come up with something simple as a centerpiece. This year after writing a post on decorating with dough bowls, I was inspired to create a centerpiece with a dough bowl.

In my DIY Easter centerpiece blog post, I shared two different bunnies in the centerpiece, but the funny story is that I changed it again to this white rabbit, and he is the one I kept for this Easter table.

Easter centerpiece with white bunny in dough bowl full of plants and flowers

The rest of the dining room table is simple. The tablecloth is a neutral stripe cotton fabric running down the center of the table.

Easter table decorations

Simple white plate with a ruffled edge salad plate, silverware, and my favorite French bee glasses set the table. Keeping it simple so the centerpiece takes center stage and leaves room for the food to sit on the table.

Easter Decor on Bookcases

In our dining area are two bookcases that my daughter and I love to decorate. While digging through Goodwill outlet recently, I discovered these antique nesting eggs. They looked vintage, so I brought them home to discover they were old and from Germany.

Vintage Easter egg from Germany

I thought it would be fun to sit them in a bowl on the shelves and some eggs in another bowl on the opposite bookcase.

Wood dough bowl filled with Easter eggs on a bookcase

Spring Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

A simple and easy way to add spring to your kitchen is with flowers. When my chamomile flowers started wilting, I dried them on the pot bar over my stove. This brought spring into the kitchen.

Spring decorating ideas for kitchens

I also have a homemade clipboard where I change out printable art for the seasons and holidays. This spring, I changed it to this sweet duckling farmhouse print. There are many other grain sack farmhouse designs that work for spring too.

Grain sack printable art for spring kitchen decorations

And then added this bunny chef to the stove area.

Chef bunny decoration for a spring kitchen decor idea

Connected to my kitchen is what we call the rocking chair room. On one wall of his room is a wall with hooks. This is a fun place to change out the decorations seasonally or during holidays.

Again, my daughter, Hannah, enjoyed playing with the decor here. She removed the winter blanket and hung a pastel-colored block print tablecloth.

Hang a tablecloth in your kitchen as a decoration for spring

Then she added the other bunny oil painting to bring Easter and a basket where we can put flowers we pick from outside or artificial ones as we have pictured.

Vintage bunny oil painting spring decoration in kitchen

On the table, she kept Hamilton, the bunny standing with a knapsack, but added eggs to his basket and another herb plant to the table.

Kitchen spring decorations

Last, on the hutch, I made an Easter egg garland. This was the icing on the cake because my daughter and I painted some of the eggs. This inexpensive DIY suddenly became special, homemade, and unique by painting designs on the eggs.

spring decorating ideas easter egg garland

See how easy it is to add spring to your home decor?


Decorating your home for spring can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following the tips and tricks of these simple spring home decor ideas, you can create a beautiful and refreshing space representing the new beginnings season. If you're looking for more spring and Easter inspiration, check out this post: Charmingly Cute: Decorating with Rabbits.

We hope this blog post has inspired you to decorate your home for spring. I'd love to hear your great ideas for spring decorating ideas. Share your spring decor with us on Facebook and Instagram @lifeonsummerhill.

Happy Decorating!