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The best farmhouse DIY Valentine's day decorations for home!  These creative Valentines day ideas will make eyes flutter and fill the hearts of those you love.

Valentine's day decorations for home using fresh flowers

I am excited to share the best DIY Valentine's day decorations for home. I hope these inspirations and directions will fill your house with farmhouse style love decor.

Best Farmhouse DIY Valentine's Day Decorations for Home

Probably one of the simplest holidays to decorate for is Valentine's day.   All you need is some pink or red, sprinkle a few hearts and write the word “love” and you have Valentine day decorations for home.

But like me, it helps to see some inspirations.  So, here is a round-up post of our best DIY creative Valentines day ideas created by Life on Summerhill.


A great place to start your Valentine decorations is on your front porch. I like to keep it simple and inexpensive so I created this heart shaped wreath from a Dollar Tree wreath.

Farmhouse DIY Valentine's Day Decorations for front door

All the materials came from Dollar Tree or dollar stores. For more instructions see how to make a heart shaped wreath for Valentine's day.

Now in addition to adding a wreath to your front door think about adding simple love elements to your porch.

Because my front porch is small I like to keep the decor on a smaller scale. with a chair, bucket full of roses, and a few more details. Here are more cottage farmhouse style Valentines porch decor ideas.

Farmhouse DIY Valentine's Day Decorations for your front porch


A fun garland to make and cheapest is this sweet, delicate doily heart garland.

Valentine day decorations for home heart garland

This doily heart garland DIY is simple to follow, and it makes a great project to do with little children.

Hang it on your mantle, hutch, window, or just about anywhere for some Valentine's day decor.

How to Make Valentine's Day Tiered Tray

Next on the agenda of love decor is this soft and sweet Valentine's day table decoration tiered tray.

Valentine day decorations for home tiered tray

Fill it with meaningful treasures and messages of how much you love those who mean the most to you.

This DIY Valentines tiered tray is full of creative Valentine's day ideas like the heart free printable that is on the tiny picture frame.


Every February should have a beautiful Valentine's table decor idea.  And here is an idea to get your creative juices going for a romantic table for two, larger gatherings and we even have an idea for the whole family.

Valentine day decorations for home tablescape

Sprinkle some of those leftover doilies on the table, add something sweet on each table setting, and then a centerpiece that can be used for any holiday.

The best part about this Valentine table idea is that there is another post that will show how to make the farmhouse flower wooden box centerpiece.

Now that we have a fancy idea let's look at kid-friendly family Valentine dinner ideas.

family Valentine dinner ideas using cupcakes and table setting

Wait until your loved ones, little and big, see this love day table. And the best part is the family activity and cupcake mentioned in the post. I mean really! Isn't this the most wonderful cupcake you have ever seen?

More details on family Valentine dinner ideas.


If you do not have a tiered tray then no worries because anyone can style this homemade Valentine tiered tray.

Valentine day decorations for home tiered tray

You will not believe how easy this project is to make and all you need are some kitchen items and some Valentine's day decor to create it.

And if you love decorating tiered trays then you will love this sweet handmade air dry clay heart bowl.

Display of an easy DIY heart shaped bowl

This is so easy to make and I have simple to follow directions in my how to make clay bowls post. It is just the right size for a tiered tray and will look adorable filled with heart candies or rose petals.


For one more idea, we have the help of other amazing people.  This roundup is comprised of some sweet messages written beautifully on chalkboards.

Valentine day decorations for home chalkboard

These photo ideas are straight from our house to yours, but I promise there are many more that will make your eyes go googly.

Valentine's day printable poster book page framed on chalk board with pink heart doily garland

Valentines Free Printables

And last here are our free printable's which make excellent cards, art, place setting decorations and more.

The creative ideas are endless.

Valentine day decorations for home free printable

If you love a more farmhouse look, then you will enjoy the next Valentine tobacco basket printable.

Valentine day decorations for home free printable

To download any of these designs subscribe to my newsletter and then you have access to the whole library. There are more Valentine free printables but if you don't find the right piece there check out Life on Summerhill Etsy shop for more downloads to print.

I also have an Etsy shop full of inexpensive printable wall art. There are many more fun pieces for Valentine's day in the shop that can be used for art, cards, or little notes.

Digital printable wall art watercolor floral spring bible verse on Etsy

And other holidays plus everyday pieces. It is a fun great place to shop because everything is cheap and there are lots of ideas.


Now it is your turn to do some Valentine decorating.

Valentine day decorations for home

Start on your porch and then in your main living areas and find spots to add a little decor like heart accessories, tiered trays, flowers, or garland.

And don't forget a unique tablescape if you are cooking something special for dinner.

Valentine day decorations for home are easy to incorporate.  And the best part is the smile on the face of those you love!

Happy Decorating!

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